Furrion Fireplace Won’t Turn On [4 Easy Solutions]

Our clients often face several issues with their Furrion Electric Fireplace. Perhaps, the most complained issue is that the Furrion Fireplace won’t turn on. 

The possible reasons for this mess are power supply bugs, loose or damaged wiring, a faulty thermostat, and last but not least, overheating.

These problems may seem very minimal. But, one of these can indeed take your breath away!

Don’t worry, in this article, you will be exploring all the solutions to your Furrion Fireplace issues. So, stick right here throughout the discussion.

Furrion Fireplace Won’t Turn On [4 Easy Solutions]

As you are now aware of the issues behind the mishap, let’s head to the solutions ASAP. 

1. Power Supply Failure

Power supply failure is perhaps the most frequent culprit behind the hiccup. Your Furrion Fireplace will not light up when the plug is not connected properly.

Another possible reason for not getting proper power is the voltage. You will have to ensure proper electricity to run the fireplace. Whatever the case is, follow these instructions to solve the issue.


  • Check the plug properly. Ensure that the plug is connected properly with the wall connector.
  • Make sure that the power feed is of 120 Volts and 12 Amps. A standard electric fireplace like Furrion Electric Fireplace requires 120 volts of power. 
  • Also, look into the circuit breaker in case of an accidental trip down. Turn it if necessary.
  • Make sure that the power cable is not damaged or overheated in any circumstances.

2. Wrong or Lose Wiring

Electric Fireplace like Furrion has a lot of wiring and electronic components. In many cases, these wires can get fried or damaged.

Resulting in accidental shutdown or permanent damage. However, rest assured, you can solve this all by yourself. All you need to do is to follow the said solution.


  • Pull out the plug and disable the fireplace before heading toward inspection. Running a fireplace can be very dangerous and may cause serious injuries.
  • The most crucial part of solving this specific issue is to locate the damaged area. Look for burned marks or naked wires. 
  • If you see a damaged wire, fix it or replace it with a new cable. Make sure that you have connected the new wiring properly. 
  • Always follow accurate wiring guidelines. If you are unsure about the wiring orientation, call a technician for expert help.

3. Defective Thermostat

Now, you can’t determine a defective thermostat unless your Furrion Fireplace stops working. Sometimes you can get jumbled for wrong thermostat settings. Whatever the case is, these solutions will save the day for you.


  • First, check the thermostat settings. Our experts have encountered numerous incidents where consumers have wrong thermostat settings. 
  • Make sure that the thermostat temperature is set above room temperature.
  • After changing the settings, if the thermostat is still not responding, then check the wiring of the thermostat.
  • If every connection is proper, then your thermostat is most likely damaged. In such cases, you will have to call a technician for further help.

4. Overheating

You might face Furrion Electric Fireplace overheating issues. The fireplace will stop working in such cases. To solve this problem, you will have to find the cause of overheating.

The potential causes for overheating include clogged or blocked airways, extensive runtime, and faulty blowers. Eliminate these causes by following the said instructions.


  • Make sure that the fireplace has a proper airway. Do not cover the ventilation. Maintain a distance of at least 6 inches to ensure proper airflow.
  • Clear out any debris or dirt from the air vents. It will clear the blockage of the ventilation.
  • Make sure that the blower fan is circulating hot air properly. Do not use your Furrion Fireplace for extensive hours. 
  • When the fireplace is overheated, perform a manual reset, solve the causes and restart.

How To Reset A Furrion Electric Fireplace

You can reset a Furrion Electric Fireplace by following these simple steps.

  • First, unplug the Furrion Electric Fireplace from the wall outlet.
  • Leave it for at least 15 minutes, until the fireplace cools down completely.
  • Plug it back in and turn on the fireplace. In this way, you can manually rest your Furrion electric fireplace.


How can you turn on your Furrion Electric Fireplace?

You can turn on a Furrion Electric Fireplace from the control panel or the remote control. Simply turn on the fireplace using the On/Off button. Adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature.

How many years does a Furrion Electric Fireplace last?

With good maintenance and great care, your Furrion Electric Fireplace can last up to 20 years.

Can you control Furrion Electric Fireplace with a Remote Control?

Yes, you can control your Furrion Electric Fireplace with remote control. You can turn it on or off, and adjust the thermostat with the remote control.

Final Words

Your Furrion Fireplace won’t turn on unless you follow these easy solutions. You can now fix these issues all by yourself. In addition, if you are facing other problems with your electric fireplace, then reach out. 

Our elite team of experts is always here to help. You can share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below. Till next time, stay warm! 

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  1. Furrion RV fireplace will not turn on with either the remote or the button on the unit. Receptacle tested and it has 120VAC. Unit was unplugged for 30 minutes and still won’t turn on.

    • Hi Dave

      Your fireplace may not turn on for one or more reasons like power supply bugs, loose or damaged wiring, a faulty thermostat, or overheating. First, try to find out the main culprit behind the issue and then fix it by following our solution guide in the article.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from a technician.



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