Furrion RV Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

The most typical problems of the Furrion fireplace are not turning on or turning it by itself, the remote not working, the fireplace not heating, and the flashing red light on the display.

Plus, constantly turning off and blinking error code 88 are also some of the major problems of this fireplace.

furrion rv fireplace troubleshooting

Don’t get anxious if you face any of the above issues. Just go through the below Furrion RV fireplace troubleshooting guide sensibly and get the best solution to each problem.

Furrion RV Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

We have included the most common Furrion fireplace problems throughout this article. Also, we break down the problem by the suggested methods of our expert team. Without any delay, let’s get started. 

1. Fireplace Won’t Turn On

If your Furrion RV electric fireplace doesn’t show any sign of power, there are several reasons for causing this problem. First of all, there may be a problem with the outlet where the fireplace is connected. 

Sometimes, if there is not enough power supply, your Furrion fireplace won’t turn on. Faulty wires tripped circuit breakers, or damaged enteral components will not let the fireplace turn on.

Don’t get panicked. Just go through with us by following the suggested steps. After that, your problem will definitely sort out. 


The following solutions can fix the issue when you notice your Furrion RV fireplace has no power:

  • First, plug the fireplace into another working wall socket or outlet where enough power is provided. Make sure that the outlet is fully functioning.
  • Turn on the fireplace. If still, the fireplace is not turning on, the problem is on the fireplace now. 
  • Check all the connected wires. Replace it if there are any faults or damages. Make sure all the wires are tightly connected.
  • Also, verify that your fireplace is located in a place where there are no obstacles. 
  • If needed, inspect the fireplace and clean out the component properly.
  • Lastly, check out the circuit breaker. If there is tripped of any switches, fix it. 

2. Fireplace Turns On By Itself

If your Furrion electric fireplace turns on by itself, be sure the thermostat is the main culprit behind this. When the room temperature dips below the comparatively set temperature, it turns on automatically.

Also, faulty power supply short-circuited wiring leads to this issue. In some cases, malfunctioning of the remote control lights the fireplace itself.

There may have been a stuck button, dead batteries, or a defective remote interface. Anyway, here are all the effective procedures to get rid of this problem:


  • Start by checking the major factor of thermostat temperature. If the room temperature falls below, set the thermostat temperature as low as possible. There should be coherence between the two settings.
  • Then, replace the batteries of the remote mad find out any type of faults of the remote. Repair them quickly.
  • Now, make sure there are no defects on the power supply like switches, circuit boards, and wires.
  • Finally, check all the visible wires of the fireplace. Replace or repair all the worn-out, burnt-out wires to prevent miscommunication between the remote interface and the fireplace receiver. 

3. Furrion Fireplace Keeps Turning Off

There have a few major reasons behind the Furrion electric fireplace keeps shutting off an issue like:

  • Your unit has overheated
  • The fireplace’s thermostat temperature has been wrongly set
  • Blocked inlet or outlet of the fireplace
  • Clogged heating elements.

No worries. We have included the fixing methods as well. Look through below to get that:


When you find your Furrion RV fireplace won’t stay on, try the following solutions:

  • Start checking the venting system of the unit. Always place your fireplace in a confined space and free of any obstacles.
  • Now, look at the inlet and outlet of the heating area. Remove clogs if there have.
  • Besides, don’t forget the heater also. Ensure it is properly cleaned and debris-free.
  • They have the possibility of overheating protection n mode activated. Turn off your fireplace for a while and turn it on again.
  • Always set the thermostat temperature higher than the room temperature to prevent the thermostat from malfunctioning.  

4. Furrion RV Fireplace Not Heating

It’s also the most common problem in the Furrion RV fireplace. There stand several major reasons for causing such problems in the unit.

The main reason would be the defective heating elements. Also, incorrect temperature settings on the thermostat or a faulty thermostat itself trigger such issues.

 Blockage in air vents or the lack of air overheated the unit. If so, the safety protector will activate and immediately shut off the heating elements. Anyways, follow some straightforward ways to prevent this problem:


  • Cleaning is first. Make sure there are no obstacles in the inlet or outlets of the unit.
  • Remove the blocked debris from the air vents for fluent air flowing.
  • Secondly, come to the thermostat. Set the temperature higher than the current room temperature. Besides, don’t forget to check if it is actually working or cycling or not. If not, inspect it and check the inside.
  • Now, verify all the heating elements from inside of the fireplace are well working especially the combustion blower. There may burn out elements that need to be replaced.
  • Finally, reset the fireplace to turn off the safety protector.

5. Furrion Fireplace Remote Not Working

Before going to the solution facts for the fireplace remote malfunctioning, you have to figure out the possible reasons for causing this problem. There are several typical reasons responsible for this. Have a look through some of these:

  • Lack of energy
  • Dead batteries
  • Faulty battery buttons
  • The power button is not working
  • Not programmed properly
  • Interference radio frequency

Many of us will prefer to replace the complete remote control. But before, it will not be a bad deal to try out some practical steps:


  • Before replacing the battery, inspect the area where the batteries are connected. Clean out the area properly. 
  • Then, change the batteries of the remote control. Dead batteries will lead to the remote malfunctioning.
  • Now, check the power supply of the fireplace as well. If there is all okay, go to the next steps.
  • Ensure that you are operating the remote control at a maximum of 20feet far away from the fireplace. Otherwise, the fireplace will fail to receive the signals.
  • Also, check if the internal wires of the remote are well functioning and if there is no loosen or damage.
  • If all the above fails, the final step is replacing the remote control with a new one.

6. Furrion Fireplace Flashing Red Light

Sometimes it is seen that when you are trying to turn on the Furrion fireplace, it starts flashing red light. It is a common phenomenon in any electric fireplace. If there are any obstacles in the ventilation system, the problem will start.

Also, if there is any problem with your Furrion fireplace proximity sensor, you will face this issue. Anyway, follow the below step-by-step procedures to fix the issue.


  • First, turn off the fireplace and unplug it from the main socket.
  • Then, check out the sensor of the fireplace. You will find the sensors in the upper left corner of your electric fireplace.
  • Cut and remove all the mesh wires around the sensor. 
  • Then, pull out the air chamber of the fireplace. Now blew air into the sensor lenses to remove all the debris inside them. The blocked sensor leads the unit into protection mode.
  • Ensure that there are no obstacles at least 6 inches from the air vents.
  • Reassemble the unit and plug it into the socket.
  • Turn on the fireplace, and your problem should be fixed.
  • If not, contact the Furrion fireplace manufacturer.  

7. Furrion Fireplace Error Codes 88

The first and foremost reason for the Furrion RV fireplace blinking 88 in the display is overheating. When the blower fans of the fireplace become overheated, it shows the same code constantly. To hit through this issue, follow the below-step process. 


  • First, check the inlet and outlet area of the fireplace. Remove all the blocked dirt and ensure enough air flows through them.
  • Now turn off the fireplace ad unplug it from the wall socket. 
  • Leave for 20-25 minutes to reset the circuit board by itself.
  • All of the above will let the fireplace cool down and trigger the overheating issue.
  • Then plug in the fireplace and turn it on. Hopefully, you do not see that annoying error code again on display.


Why does my Furrion fireplace keep beeping?

When your electric fireplace keeps beeping, there is a sign of faulty batteries that need to be replaced. Malfunctioning remote control signal receiver, loose wiring, or sometimes the entire defective fireplace component leads to this issue. 

How do I reset my Furrion RV fireplace?

To reset your electric fireplace, turn it off first. Then unplug it for about 20-30 minutes. After that period, plug in the fireplace and turn it on. Your fireplace is being reset. 

Final Verdict:

We have included the solution to each problem in such a way that it will lessen reading out the Furrion fireplace manual. We hope that our comprehensive guide has become enough helpful for you to troubleshoot your fireplace problem. 

If you still have any queries, don’t be late to ask us through the comment box. We are always ready to help you out. 

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    • Hi Craig

      Your Furrion RV Electric fireplace can be turned on by itself due to an incorrect thermostat setting that power up the unit automatically if the temperature of the room is decreased below the thermostat setting. Also, a problem with remote control or faulty wairing could be the culprit behind the issue.

      To solve the issue, check the thermostat setting on occasion. Make sure the thermostat setting is reasonable with your room temperature. Plus, don’t forget to check the wiring connections, remote control, and receiver status and replace the batteries of the remote if needed.
      It would be a trick to unplug the unit when you are not using it.

      Hope you will get the solution.


  1. We checked for loose wires, the breaker, and unplugged and plugged back in but still won’t come on, it won’t do nothing

    • Hi Tina

      Make sure that you plug the fireplace into another working wall socket or outlet where enough power is provided and fully functioning. If it doesn’t still work, take help from a technician or Furrion support center.

      Wish you all the best.

  2. My furrion wall heater stopped working and I have tried all the things suggested on this site and it still will not come on. Is there anything else I can check. If not where is a service center near Arlington Tx?

  3. Is there a way to calibrate the thermostat? I can turn on the unit and the temp reads correct temp for the room 64 for example so I set the temp to 68. I get up in the morning and the thermostat reads like 88 and the room is actually like 55 per my room wall thermometer.

    So why is the unit reading 88 and then the unit will not turn on all night?? Then it just gets cold in the trailer. The unit is a 2021 trailer.

    • Hi Shaun

      Yes, you can calibrate your thermostat. To do this, set an accurate thermometer on the wall next to your home’s thermostat. Then, wait for 15 minutes & check both devices’ temperature readings. Compare them. When you get the difference is three or below three, your thermostat is ok. But if the temperature reading difference is above three, your thermostat may need to service.

      Well, to solve the issue, follow our solution guide on Furrion fireplace error codes 88 section in the article.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Have a great day.

  4. My Furrion electric fireplace comes on for less than a second an then off. Either with the remote (and new battery) button or directly on the unit. I have turned the breaker off for several hours, but have not pulled the unit to unplug it.

  5. My Furrion fireplace works fine if I turn it on using the buttons on the fireplace and running it either on high or low setting. The problem is if I use the remote to turn it on and use the remote to set a temperature such as 75 it runs a few minutes and the the heat shuts off and the red light starts blinking.
    Thanks and any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    John R

    • Hi Jerome

      Yes, you can try to get a control board online like Amazon. Alternatively, you can contact the owner’s customer support center or your local dealer.

      Best of luck!

  6. Hi there, After seeing the 88 code, we followed instructions to reset it. While I still had it out from the wall, I plugged it back in and turned it on to make sure it had reset- then saw and smelled the smoke coming from the top where the fan is… is the fireplace fixable or just needs to be replaced?


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