Furrion Thermostat Problems [5 Easy Solutions]

The common Furrion thermostat problems are the wrong thermostat settings, faulty thermostats, thermostat shutting off and showing error codes and flashing like ‘E3’, and ‘Lo’.

All these issues can create your thermostat to malfunction. In such cases, you need a Furrion thermostat troubleshooting guide. 

Not to worry, the troubleshooting process is pretty simple. Today, our experts have narrowed down the reasons for this complaint and provided some worthy solutions with 7 more Furrion thermostat error codes solutions. So, miss the article at your own risk!

Furrion Thermostat Problems [5 Easy Solutions]

Follow the following simple solutions to fix your thermostat mishaps ASAP.

1. Wrong Thermostat Settings

Many Furrion users face this silly problem daily. The basic principle of a heating device is that it will only work if the temperature of the environment or the water is lower than your requirement.

In many instances, temperature settings are the main culprit. Whereas, the customer is going nuts! Whatever the case is, follow the instructions properly to eliminate this silly issue.


  • Inspect the front display panel of your heating appliances. Detect the current temperature settings. For example, your Furrion Fireplace can operate between 65 Degrees Fahrenheit and 95 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If the temperature is higher than the set temperature, the heater or fireplace won’t work. So, set the thermostat temperature lower than the temperature.
  • Now, for some Furrion heaters, you can use Auto temperature control. In this feature, you will have to set the desired temperature. Your heater will operate automatically to control the temperature. 

2. Defective Thermostat

Now, if your thermostat sensor is found to be faulty, you can’t do anything about it. Sometimes, the wiring might be loose or burned out. In such cases, you can repair those.


  • Inspect the sensor properly. If the exterior of the thermostat appears to be burned or damaged, you will have to replace that. Contact the Furrion customer care for spare parts. 
  • If you find broken wires or loose connections, fix them to eliminate the problem. Recheck the connections and other components thoroughly. Contact a technician or Furrion customer support for better inspection.

3. Thermostat Shutting Off

Overheating can be a major issue for triggering the protection protocol. The protection protocol turns off the thermostat and shuts the heater down.

In such cases, you will have to let it cool down and reset the system. Different Furrion heating appliances require different resetting approaches. For example, here is a complete process for resetting your Furrion Fireplace.


  • Turn off the fireplace if it’s running. You can use the front control panel or the remote control. Let the fireplace cool down completely.
  • Now, take out the plug from the wall socket.  Let the fireplace sit down for at least 15 minutes.
  • A possible reason for overheating is restricted airway. Locate and eliminate the factors for the restriction.
  • Make sure that no object is within the 6-inch radius of the air vents. Do not cover the air vent with objects or cloth. 
  • Turn on the fireplace back again. Hopefully, it will start working again.

4. Furrion Thermostat Flashing ‘Lo’

In the case of your Furrion thermostat flashing ‘Lo’ on the display panel, you will have to reset your thermostat. The reason for flashing such a message is low temperature.

Either the temperature of your environment is too low which exceeds the range, or the thermostat is positioned in an incorrect manner. To find a remedy, follow the solution below.


  • Turn off the heater first.
  • Then wait for 10 to 15 minutes as your Furrion heater cools down completely.  Inspect the thermometer positioning.
  • If the thermostat sensor and positioning are unharmed, turn the heater back on, it will start working again.

5. Furrion Thermostat Showing ‘E3’ Code

Furrion RV Gas water heater often faces temperature mechanical sensor malfunction.

In such cases, the thermostat panel will flash the ‘E3’ error code. Follow the simple solution to get rid of this problem.


  • As your water heater is overheated, it affects the mechanical temperature sensor. In such a scenario, the sensor becomes temporarily faulty. The solution is to cool it down.
  • Let cold water run inside the heater for 15 to 20 seconds. It will cool down the sensor. If any major damage is not done, then the heater will start working properly again.

Safety Precautions

Before heading to any sort of Furrion heating appliances troubleshooting, you will have to maintain a safe and healthy procedure. Follow these important steps every time before working on your Furrion electric thermostat.

  • Always pull the plug out of the wall socket and leave the Furrion heating appliances to cool down for at least 15 minutes. Make sure that the power outlets provide the right electricity. Ensure that the plugs are properly connected.
  • Don’t cover or restrict the airway to prevent fireplace overheating.
  • Don’t use wet cloth or cleaning solutions to clean the interior of the fireplace.
  • Always keep the children away from the fireplace. Make sure that there is no object within the 6-inch radius of your electric fireplace.


What is the maximum temperature of the Furrion Electric Fireplace?

The maximum temperature of your Furrion fireplace is 95 Degrees Fahrenheit. It can cover up to 550 square feet. 

Can you buy replacement parts for the Furrion Electric Fireplace?

You can order replacement parts directly from the Furrion fireplace manufacturer. You can also contact your nearest dealer to find the right parts for your fireplace.

How can you reset a Furrion Electric Fireplace?

Pull out the plug and leave the fireplace idle for at least 15 minutes. Reconnect the plug when the fireplace is completely cooled down. Turn on the fireplace again.


We are hopeful that now you can solve your Furrion thermostat problems by following our guide.

However, you might also face other issues regarding your Furrion thermostat. Then you can reach out in the comment section. Our experts are always here to help you.  

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    • Hi Duane

      Generally, AC doesn’t operate due to tripped circuit breaker. First, check whether a tripped circuit breaker is the main reason behind the issue or not. If yes, simply reset the system in the circuit board. If it doesn’t work, take help from a technician to solve the problem.


      • I’ll start by saying, I’m a/c refrigeration tech with 35 years in experience. The issue is that the tstat is reading temp from a remote sensor is in the return above the filter. It does not read the temp at the tstat. And that is a problem. Most tstat allow you to go into setup and choose to use remote sensor or sensor on tstat. I’ve seen the true temp at the tstat and the temp in return sensor as much as 10. deg off. I just purchased the FACR15SA-PS-AM with the FACW12PA-BL TSTAT. I’m ac guy and I can fix any issue. But I do regret my purchase. I would have went in another direction If I had know. I’m a 73 deg person. I’ll I want, is to walk up to my tstat and set it to 73. And for the price I paid for this unit I should not have to set my tstat 60 deg to hopeful get it to 75 deg. And that is only if the freeze senor doesn’t cut it off at 76 deg room temp

  1. Our camper in new, we have used it twice. The first time we camped the heat setting worked. This morning the option to click heat is not even showing up. Why is this happening and how do we fix it?

  2. My AC works fine, but I have the thermostat set at 68 and it ran all night, woke up and it was 51 and still running. Thoughts?

    • Hi Brian

      First, check your HVAC system(heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and find out whether it works or not and fix it if you get any defects. If everything is okay, then make sure that your thermostat is calibrated because an improperly calibrated thermostat could be the reason behind the issue.

      If it also doesn’t work, take help from a technician.

      Wish you all the best.

  3. My thermostat will not power on. I installed a complete furrion ac system in my camper. Everything should be wired correctly and I have correct voltage (12v) coming from control box to thermostat. I I thought the thermostat was faulty so I ordered a replacement. This one will not power up as well, so there must be a problem somewhere else. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Tommy

      As you have replaced a new thermostat and you have the same issue, it would be wise to contact the Furrion customer support center for a physical check-up.

      Wish you all the best.

  4. My Furrion T-state had the code LO for about a week. After that it went completely blank. Now it will not power up at all. My battery is fully charged. What could/should I check for first?


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