Why My Gas Fireplace Fan Won’t Turn Off [Reasons + Solutions]

The major reasons for the gas fireplace fan won’t turn off include issues with the thermostat, the remote control not working, and overriding the remote control instructions. 

gas fireplace fan

Also, blower motor malfunctions, setting the limit switch to “Manual”, or, at times, a bad fan limit switch are some of the leading culprits for a fireplace blower fan constantly running issue. 

Today, we have come up with all the solutions to these problems. Stick right here to know more.

How Long Does It Take Time To Turn Off A Gas Fireplace Blower

When the fact is about the fireplace blower turning off timing, it requires, on average, 10-20 minutes to complete the process. Basically, the fireplace blower is not like a light bulb that will instantly turn on and off. 

The blower mainly continues its operation through the temperature set in the thermostat.

When you switch on your fireplace, the firebox begins to heat up. About 20 minutes later, the fan sensor switch heats up, detects the set temperature, and activates the blower.

Now, if you are turning off the switch, the blower will keep running as the fireplace needs time to cool down. About 10-20 minutes later, the temperature reaches a certain level, and the blower completes the turning-off process itself. 

But in case the blower does not stop running at that time, it is a bit of a concern, and you need to fix certain responsive factors ground it to a halt.

Is It Okay Or Normal If My Gas Fireplace Fan Not Turning Off

“A blower fan that won’t turn off” is the most common gas or wood fireplace problem people deal with. If you have a newer gas fireplace system, the fact is not a big issue as it is designed to run continuously. 

But the problem starts when you have turned the system off, but the blower won’t quit and working 24/7.

A prolonged running fireplace fan will not only cause it to fail too soon but also might cause wear and tear on your fireplace unit.

Plus, you may experience slightly higher electric bills if you ignore this issue. A fireplace featured with a standard fan motor uses about 400 watts per hour. 

So, if per kilowatt-hour costs 12 cents on a national average, you can imagine running your fireplace fan longer time will make the electric bills skyrocket. 

So, thinking about all the above factors, you need to take immediate action whenever you are facing that the blower keeps running on all day.

Why My Gas Fireplace Fan Won’t Turn Off [5 Easy Solutions]

Before you call a professional, there are a few well-proven troubleshooting steps that may apply to fix the blower issue. Let’s take a look at the table below table highlighting all the probable reasons with quick fixes. 

Probable ReasonsPossible Solutions
Set the fan limit switch from “MANUAL” to “AUTO” and then waited 10 minutes. Replace the bad fan limit switch.Replace the dead batteries of the remote. Replace the batteries of the receiver box.
Overriding the remote control instructions.Switch off the rocker switch and check if the slide switch on the receiver is moved to the “ON” position. Slide it to the center or remote position.
Wrong thermostat settingSet the thermostat from “ON” to “AUTO”, then wait for 4-5 minutes. Turn down the temperature and then wait for 10 minutes. Replace the bad thermostat wiring. If you are getting the thermostat faulty, it’s better to replace it.
Incorrect adjustment of the fan limit switchSet the fan limit switch from “MANUAL” to “AUTO” then waited 10 minutes. Replace the bad fan limit switch.
Blower motor issueReplace the stock blower motor relay. Contact a professional to handle the task.

Well!! The table mentioned above is a glimpse having some effective steps to make the blower turn off. Now, take a look below to get details instructions. 

1. Remote Control Not Working

Depending on the gas fireplace type you own, the fireplace is operating either with the remote or a receiver. If your gas fireplace blower is not turning off, it is sure that the remote control is not responding.

remote control not working

The remote might not be working because either the batteries do not have enough power or are installed incorrectly. So, it’s worth testing the batteries, and may need a fresh set if it has the dead one. 

Follow the solution down below to fix your gas fireplace remote.


First, locate the receiver box from the control cavity of your fireplace. Take the old batteries out of the receiver box. Then put the new batteries back in place. Ensure the wires of the receiver box are secured tight to the terminals.

Now take the batteries out of your remote control as well. Put the new batteries in the remote. Makes sure the batteries are installed correctly. Once done, turn off the gas fireplace fan using the remote. If still, the fan is not turning off, proceed to the next step. 

2. Overriding The Remote Control

You have fixed the remote control issue, and now it is working well. But in case the remote control is still not responding, there might be an overriding issue. 

overriding the remote control

There are a few switches in the fireplace, and if you have turned on any of them, it will prevent the receiver from receiving the off signal from the remote control. This circumstance is known as remote control overriding.

In situations like these, you have to check and turn off that switch to get back your remote control in function. The needed process will be:


  • First, locate a rocker switch from around your burner. Check whether it is in the “ON” position. Turn the switch to “OFF.”
  • Now, look at the receiver box. Here you will find a slide switch on the box. If it has been moved to the “ON” position, slide the switch back to the center or remote position.
  • After confirming all the above conditions, your fireplace remote control should be back in control. Then you will find the transmitter and remote control communicate electronically.

3. Wrong Thermostat Setting

In case of fireplace blower is not turning off, the wrong thermostat setting may be to blame now. The blower of the fireplace is mainly controlled through a thermostat or a wall switch. 

wrong thermostat setting

The blower is wired to the thermostat. When you have set the temperature on the thermostat, the blower of your fireplace will run based on that. 

It will turn off when the room temperature reaches the set temperature. Then it will turn back on when the temperature drops below a certain level. 

Now, if the thermostat is set not properly or due to bad thermostat wiring, it may lead to the blower not turning off issue.

So, adjusting this to the correct temperature is essential to solving the problem easily. Or when your thermostat is faulty, then you should replace or add a new gas fireplace thermostat.


Go through the step-by-step procedure to adjust the temperature;

Step 1: Locate The Thermostat Setting Panel

Go down to the basement where your fireplace is placed. Now, open the fireplace control panel and find the thermostat setting panel.

Step 2: Set The Thermostat To Automatic

Next, you need to check whether the thermostat setting is set to manual or “ON”. When it is set in the ON position, the blower fan will continue to run regardless of if it is in a heating cycle or not. 

Anyway, shift the mode to automatic. In this mode, you can set the room’s temperature and allows the blower to come on and cycle off.

Step 3: Lower The Thermostat Temperature

Now, it is time to set the temperature. Use the dial or buttons on the thermostat’s interface and set the temperature lower than the current reading. It should be 3 or 4 degrees lower than the current temperature.  

Step 4: Wait For 10 Minutes To Turn The Fan Off

Wait for 10 minutes, and the fan will automatically turn off when the temperature matches the assigned reading. 

If still, the fan fails to stop, be sure the bad thermostat wiring is now the culprit. Shorted thermostat wiring allows the fireplace blower to keep running. Otherwise, the thermostat is faulty. Reach out to a professional to replace the thermostat

4. Non-Operational Gas Fireplace Fan Limit Switch

After solving the thermostat issue, and in case you see the fan is running in the same way, a bad fan limit switch is now the concerned fact.

It is an essential switch located in the fireplace blower assembly, which is designed to activate and deactivate the blower at the appropriate times. 

non-operational gas fireplace fan limit switch

It turns on the blower when there is a call for heat and turns off after ending a heat cycle. Now, if your blower fan is constantly working, there could be any of the following problems:

  • The switch is set to “Manual Override.”
  • Faulty fan limit switch

Follow the below steps to adjust the settings of the limit switch,


  • First, locate the switch first. You will find it inside the panel cover of your fireplace. 
  • Once you’ve located your fan limit switch, check the position of the switch. If the switch is set to the “MANUAL” mode, it will force the blower to continue running, no matter whether there is a heating cycle or not. 
  • Pull the switch out or push it to “AUTO”. Then wait for up to 10 minutes to allow the blower to stop running.
  • After setting the fan limit switch is set to AUTO and it continues to run, the fan limit switch might be bad that needs to replace. 

5. Defective Fireplace Blower Motor Relay

In a few cases, a faulty or stuck blower motor relay is the leading reason for the blower continuously running. In the blower motor, the relay mainly supplies the power to the fan to circulate warm air. 

Through the on/off switch, the fan motor relay’s reactions start and end after completing the heat cycle. Now, if the fan relay is stuck, the fan motor starts behaving abnormally. 


Step 1: Inspect the Motor Connectivity

First, you have to inspect the motor to check the connectivity. You might find a loose wire. This will indicate the problematic spot right away. Take much precaution as the fan is running. 

Step 2: Call a Professional

At times, the issue is related to a stuck fan relay that needs replacement. It will be better to call a certified technician to repair the heater fan motor for you. Once the repair is done, you will have a functional fan again.


Follow the below precautions before performing any of the solutions. It will save you from serious accidents.

  • Do NOT touch or open the unit door while it is functional.
  • First, turn off the gas valve as well as the fireplace. 
  • Wait for the unit to cool down, then carefully open the door to inspect.

Can I Run My Gas Fireplace Without A Blower

Yes, definitely!! You can run your gas fireplace without a blower as long as your fireplace is a vented model. Gas or wood fireplaces are installed with a fan named a blower. The blower is an essential part of the fireplace. 

Basically, when the fan turns on, it takes air from the room. Then the air warms up in the fireplace and pushes back into the room. This increases the temperature of the room over time. 

But not all fireplaces are designed with blowers or fans. If the fireplace is a vented model, it can run even without a blower feature. This type of fireplace uses outdoor air for combustion rather than indoor air. 

But in the case of a vent-less fireplace, you can’t use the fireplace for a longer time as there is a risk of exhaust buildup in the room. You need to install a blower but expect to pay extra.


When does a fireplace blower turn off?

When the temperature has reached the assigned level, the fireplace blower will turn off. If it is still on, then there might be an issue.

Can I clean the fan blades by myself?

Yes, you can clean the fan blades all by yourself. However, keep in mind that you need to cool down the fireplace first.

Does your room temperature manipulate the fan speed?

Yes, the temperature sensor of your gas fireplace takes the room temperature and the temperature of the unit. Then, it compares those. It adjusts the fan speed accordingly.

Can I manually turn off my gas fireplace fan?

Yes, you can do that. However, we recommend the settings remain automatic. It will allow the fan to act according to the fireplace’s temperature.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our tips and tricks to solve the ‘gas fireplace fan won’t turn off’ problem could save the day for you. If you are still facing problems regarding the fan, call a certified technician to have a closer look.

Also, if you have any other issues, feel free to share those with us in the comment section below. We’ll come to you with possible solutions in no time. 

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