Green Mountain Grill Temperature Fluctuation [7 Easy Fixes]

When the fact is about the operation of a pellet grill, temperature fluctuation is the most common complaint of it. The problem starts when the grill ignites but is unable to reach the desired temperature.

green mountain grill temperature fluctuation

The major reasons for green mountain grill temperature fluctuation include wrong placement of the heat shield, incorrect pellet feeding, poor air circulation, and bad pellet quality.

Also, opening grill lid too often while cooking, defective thermal sensors, and faulty combustion fans are highly responsible for this issue.

Anyway, while resolving the problem, we have to concentrate on the heat shield first. Read through our article to get a comprehensive guide on this fact.

Green Mountain Grill Temperature Fluctuation [7 Easy Fixes]

All the responsive factors and the corresponding solving methods are discussed here. Check out the complete details on the green mountain grill temperature adjustment.

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1. Wrong Placement of the Heat Shield

A heat shield is referred to as a heat deflector on a pellet grill. The main function of a heat shield is distributing the heat evenly across the smoker.

This equipment sits over the firebox from where it distributes heat between the left and right sides of the grill chamber. Anyway, the wrong assembling of the heat shield creates a temperature issue in the unit.

 If the heat shield doesn’t install at the correct distance from the wall and is misplaced by less than half an inch, the temperature fluctuates. So, at the first troubleshooting stage, you will have to check out and place the heat shield correctly.


  • First of all, locate the heat shield over the firepot.
  • Now, slide the shield very carefully and place it on the warmer side of the grill.
  • Make sure you are doing it so precisely and moving the shield 1/4-inch at a time.
  • This time, check out if the “V” of the shield bottom should be centered over the firebox.
  • While adjusting with the rod, make sure it is adjusted to the “0” spot. 
  • While moving the shield, move to the right if the temperature is higher. On the contrary, if the grill runs cooler, move it to the left.
  • This placement will ensure even heating through the unit.
  • Hopefully, the temperature will start to become stable at the accurate level. 

2. Incorrect Pellet Feeding

Incorrect pellet feeding or malfunction from the auger system is another leading reason behind green mountain grill temperature problems.

There may have one big possibility that you are using too many pellets for feeding. Sometimes, sticking a lot of pellets dust mixed with the pellets and jammed auger creates obstacles to maintaining the temperature. 

Building up food particles, rust, and wet pellets blocked the auger tube. Anyway, because of lots of pellets in your firepot, the flame may go out. This time, the grill tries to reignite, and that fluctuates the grill temperature.


  • Check out the firepot and make sure that it is not overflowing with pellets.
  • Also, no pellet leads to temperature issues. Refill the hopper with sufficient pellets.
  • Besides, make sure there have no dust or ashes on the firepot and pellets.
  • Unblock the auger’s intake if it is jammed by pellets. For this, turn off the unit first.
  • Also, ensure a proper startup while cooking.

3. Poor Air Circulation

To maintain a good temperature level on the pellet grill, good airflow, and ventilation are same needed. Pellets need oxygen for proper ignites.

If there is a lack of airflow, it fails to ignite, affecting the temperature of the unit. Let’s note the reasons for poor air circulation first:

  • Use a larger pan on the grill.
  • Clogged vents or air supply inlets
  • Blocked burn pot with ashes and pellets

Follow the below instruction to fix the poor air circulation issue on your grill.


  • Use a pan that doesn’t cover the grill. There should have at least an inch gap between the grill and the edge of the pan.
  • Now, if you are using foil, make sure it is not sticking over the edge of the drip tray. As because it also disrupts the airflow.
  • Check out the burn pot as well. Remove the clogged debris from there.
  • Besides, ensure that the air inlet of the grill is unblocked and there has good ventilation.

4. Opening Lid Frequently

If you are opening the grill lid too frequently, it leads to temperature fluctuations. It is essential to keep your grill lid closed as much as possible to maintain the temperature level.

When you cook food on a grill by closing the lid, the hot air coming from the heat will be unable to escape from the grill.

It will help to move the air in the chamber more evenly. The repeated opening and closing of the lid too often creates a temperature issue.


Avoid frequently opening and closing the grill lid while cooking as much time as you can. It will provide the best control over the temperature. Also, it will assist in preventing temperature fluctuation issues from the grill.

5. Bad Pellet Quality

Low-quality wood pellet is another major reason for occurring temperature fluctuation issues. Expert says that low-quality wood pellets produce excessive ashes in the unit. It interferes with the sensor function. A sensor helps to regulate cooking temperatures. 

Anyway, for the malfunction of the sensors, it is hard to hold a steady temperature. Apart from this, bad quality pellets burn too faster than normal and lead to sawdust.

Quick breaking of the pellet is another major reason for temperature fluctuation. Anyway, this time, you have to ensure the use of good-quality pellets.


  • Always use better pellets that will ensure clean burning.
  • Now, check out the firepot or at the end of the auger. You are noticing a nice sheen and a good snap when breaking the pellets in the firepot. Then make sure the pellets are good. Otherwise, replace the pellets with good brands. Best brands pellets contain only wood and have no artificial binders. 
  • Besides all this, you have to care about the pellet storage as well. Keep the pellets in a dry and sealed bucket. Also, the storage place should be dry.  

6. Green Mountain Grill Thermal Sensor Problem

A faulty thermal sensor or malfunctions from the thermal sensor is the root reason behind temperature fluctuations in the pellet grill. The thermal sensor basically ensures the correct operation of the control board at the various heat range levels. 

The incorrect position of the thermal sensor leads to its bad operations. Let’s have a glimpse of the possible reasons for the green mountain grill thermal sensor problem.

  • Blocking sensor with aluminum foil wrapped with grease tray
  • Wrong placement of the grease tray
  •  Bent, chipped, or seemingly broken sensor
  • Damaged thermal sensor


  • First, take a look at the grease tray and aluminum foil. It should not block the sensor. Ensure the correct position of all those by following the manual instruction.
  • In the case of a defective sensor, go through a green mountain grill thermal sensor replacement.

7. Defective Combustion Fan

If still, the temperature is fluctuating even having a fine ignition, the last possible reason is damaged combustion fans.

The Green Mountain pellet grill has featured two combustion fans. The main function of the fan is to ensure good airflow from the unit. 

Sometimes, the fan blades break or bent, which restricts the normal operation of the fans. It causes insufficient airflow inside the grill.

Lack of proper ventilation is one of the main reasons for temperature fluctuations.


  • Locate the combustion fans and check them out in-depth.
  • Replace the defective fans to resolve the issue.


Why isn’t my Green Mountain Grill smoking?

If your grill fails to smoke properly, be sure the problem is created by the firebox. Either the burn pot is defective, the grill fan not working or it is overloaded with pellets. A jammed auger is another main reason for this.

What does the OUL error code mean on the Green Mountain pellet grill?

The OUL in the green mountain pellet grill mainly indicates malfunctioning from the electrical components. For faulty power supply, the unit catches this issue. Restart the grill to resolve it. 

How to fix the “FAL” error code on the Green mountain pellet grill?

FAL is the error indication of the ignition system failure. There have surely failed the igniter component. Clean the ash from the firepot and ensure the correct feeding of the pellets. 

Wrapping Words:

Hopefully, now you know all the responsive factors on green grill temperature fluctuation. We can expect our complete guide on green mountain grill troubleshooting has helped you a lot resolve your grill issue.

 Still, if you have any questions regarding any fact, don’t hesitate to let us know through comments. We will rectify your queries ASAP.

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