Greystone Fireplace Troubleshooting Guide [9 Easy Solutions]

We know how annoying it is when you’re enjoying the atmosphere and warmth of your Greystone fireplace and, right at that moment, your fireplace stops working! No more now, as we’re here with a complete Greystone fireplace troubleshooting guide for you!

The common problems with a Greystone electric fireplace include:

  • The fireplace not turning on
  • Not producing heat
  • Blower not working
  • The fireplace is beeping
  • Displaying error code E1

Plus, the fireplace keeps turning off, the non-operational remote control, and the too dim flame are some of the frequent problems that users face.

Whatever the problem is, you’ll need to figure out the actual causes of the issues and then take action based on the reason. Most often, resetting the unit is enough to fix the issue.

Let’s dive right into our comprehensive guide, outlining all the problems and solutions to verify why the Greystone fireplace is not working. 

Greystone Electric Fireplace Problems [Quick Solutions]

Before moving to the details, let’s walk through a quick table, explaining all the probable reasons for each Greystone issue with their recommended fixes:

greystone electric fireplace problems
Fireplace Problems Probable Reasons Recommended Fix
Fireplace Not Turning On> Faulty power supply
> Damaged wiring connection
> Tripped circuit breaker
> Blown-out switch
> Activated overheat protection device due to overheating 
> Plug your fireplace into a well-working wall outlet
> Reset the breaker switch if it’s tripped
> Look for a damaged wiring connection in the unit and replace it.
> Clean out the venting line to prevent the overheat protection device from tripping.
Fan Not Working > Faulty wiring connection to the blower or blown fuse
> Clogged blower motor
> Defective fan assembly
> Remove the clogged dirt and debris from the fan shaft.
> Test the fan motor manually and replace it if needed.
> Ensure the correct voltage is going through the fan assembly.
Beeping sounds from the fireplace > Damaged internal parts
> Weak remote control batteries; Dirty unit
> Track down the worn-out part of the fireplace and replace them.
> Remove all the clogs from the vents and blower motor.
> Ensure the remote and the receiver are in good working condition.
Greystone Electric Fireplace E1 Code> Damaged circuit board > Replace the bad circuit board.
Fireplace Not Heating> Faulty power supply
> Blocked venting 
> Bad heating element
> Plug in the unit correctly.
> Unblock the vents from the accumulated dust.
> Replace the bad heating element.
RV fireplace keeps turning off> Wrong thermostat setting
> Tripped circuit breaker
> Dirty heating element or blocked venting 
> Reset your fireplace.
> Set your thermostat to a higher temperature setting.
> Clean out all the clogs from the vents and heating elements.
The fireplace light stays on> Malfunctioning the On/Off switch on the remote control> Try to turn off the unit manually.
> If it shuts off, replace the bad remote.
The simulated flame is dim or not presenting > Incorrect flame setting
> Malfunctioning “Flame Wand”
> Burn-out LED light
> Reset the flame 
> Inspect the flame wand for any loose connections and fix them.
> Replace the bad LED strip.
The RV fireplace remote control not working >Dead batteries > Replace the battery.
> Replace the defective remote control.

Greystone Fireplace Troubleshooting [9 Easy Solutions]

Here we’ve disclosed all the common problems with Greystone electric fireplaces in detail, highlighting all the responsive factors and their effective solutions.

No matter what Greystone model you have, the below comprehensive Greystone RV fireplace troubleshooting guide will be enough to guide you with the right instructions:

01. Greystone RV Fireplace Won’t Turn On

If your Greystone fireplace not turning on, an interruption in the power supply is the root cause. As the electric fireplace runs on electricity, you need to ensure a good and stable electrical power connection to operate it. If not, your fireplace won’t start up.

greystone RV fireplace won't turn on

The major reasons for faulty power supplies include:

  • Defective wiring connection 
  • Frayed or blown-out wall socket
  • The power cord isn’t plugged in.
  • Tripped circuit breaker 
  • Non-functional remote control
  • Blown switch, and so on.

Also, there is an overheat protection device in the unit that tends to trip when the unit is overheating uninterruptedly. In this instance, the venting lines might be clogged by dirt and debris, leading to overheating of the unit.

Don’t get in trouble by seeing the above reasons. The solutions are easy enough to perform. Here you go:

How To Fix:

If you suspect your Greystone electric fireplace is not turning on due to overheating, turn off the unit and let it cool down thoroughly for at least 10 minutes. Your fireplace should turn on. If not, troubleshoot the issue as below:

  • Start by inspecting the power supply connection to the fireplace unit. First off, verify that the power cord is plugged into a well-working wall socket. Find the damaged or frayed wiring if there is a problem with the wall socket and fix it.
  • Also, check the fireplace’s electric panel for any faulty wiring connections or blown switches. Tighten the loose wires or replace the damaged switch.
  • A tripped circuit board where the fireplace is connected can also be the reason. If so, simply reset it to return the unit to normal function.
  • Last but not least, you shouldn’t miss inspecting the venting lines for any clogs. You will need to clean it and try to restore the unit. Expecting your fireplace to start again.

02. Greystone RV Fireplace Blower Not Working

Almost every electric fireplace, including the Greystone, has a built-in blower motor that is designed to bring in cooler air and force it over the heating element. But some of us face trouble with our fireplace from time to time, and in most cases, the blower is the culprit.

The most common reason for the non-operational blower motor of a fireplace is the buildup of dust and debris around the fan and motor. Over time, due to a lack of proper maintenance, it’s common for the blower to collect a large amount of dust.

Other major reasons include:

  • Faulty wiring connection
  • Blown Fuse
  • The fireplace isn’t plugged in properly
  • Or the bad fan motor is the culprit itself

How To Fix:

Here is everything you need to know to deal with your Greystone electric fireplace fan not working issue:

First turn the unit off, unplug your fireplace from the power connection to stop the electric supply to it. Wait for some time to cool down the unit completely. Now, remove the front cover of the fireplace and get access to the fan assembly. 

remove the front cover of the fireplace and get access to the fan assembly

Inspect the fan blades and motor for any accumulated dirt and debris. Take a soft cloth or brush and clean the fan blades. You can use a vacuum cleaner attached to a brush and hose to clean the fan assembly. Or, use compressed air to blow out all the hard-to-reach places.

When done, try to turn the fan blade manually with your hand. If it feels hard to turn, spray the fan bearings with WD40 to make them run smoothly.

If following these steps doesn’t solve your problem, test the power supply to your unit. Check for blown fuse and faulty wiring connection. Fix or replace the damaged wires. Also, make sure the unit is plugged in so well. 

In most cases, the issue is more likely related to a bad fan motor that needs replacement. In this case, you may head over to the manufacturer for the Greystone fireplace parts.

Like if you have Greystone Model WF2613R, contact the manufacturer and ask for replacement Greystone wf2613r parts

03. Greystone RV Fireplace Beeping

If your Greystone RV fireplace is making noise while in operation, be sure some of the internal parts of the fireplace are wearing out. It is more likely related to the bad blower motor and needs your attention.

greystone RV fireplace beeping

If not, it might be a clear sign from the remote control receiver of the fireplace that it may be faulty. Or the batteries of the remote control itself are getting weak, alerting you with a beep sound.

How To Fix:

Start by inspecting the remote control batteries to see whether they are dead. If so, you’ll need to replace it. Next, verify the operation of the remote control receiver of the fireplace. If it is faulty, replace it with a new one.

In the next step, check out the fan motor for accumulated dust on the fan shaft. Also, if the fan is stuck or not working, you will receive an alarming beep sound. Remove the stuck debris from the fan assembly and inspect its operation manually. If it’s defective, then buy a quality fireplace fan or fan motor and replace it.

Blocked venting can be another major source of the beeping sound. If so, remove the obstructions from the venting lines. Besides all these, you may hear a beeping sound if there is something wrong with the fireplace element.

In this case, find the worn-out parts of your unit and replace them with the help of a professional. You can contact Greystone electric fireplace customer service as well for better assistance.

04. Greystone RV Fireplace E1 Code

The Greystone electric fireplace E1 code is the error indication of a malfunctioning control board that needs to be replaced. This error code is something that should not be ignored when you see it pop up on your controller’s screen.

malfunctioning control board of greystone RV fireplace

How To Fix:

As the Greystone error code is related to the damaged circuit board, you will have to replace the faulty board and install the new one. You can do it by yourself if you have a replacement Greystone fireplace circuit board in your hand.

In this instance, you may follow the below effective video. If you are technically inclined, we’d recommend hiring a professional to complete this replacement task.

05. Greystone RV Fireplace Not Heating

After turning on the fireplace, you may find that your Greystone electric fireplace won’t heat at all. Don’t worry! You’re not alone with this issue. Almost all electric fireplaces equip a conventional space heater to produce heat. It’s a common phenomenon that the heater is not turning on or blowing cold air.

greystone RV fireplace not heating

Well! The problem is more likely related to degradation in the power supply to the unit. Either the fireplace is not plugged in correctly or there might be a loose wiring connection.

Besides all these, you may have a tripped circuit breaker. Obstructions in the inlet or outlet are another major concern if your fireplace is struggling to heat properly.

Coming up next, if you are in the same trouble, here are the complete instructions for you to resolve the issue.

How To Fix:

First off, head to your fireplace thermostat and check out the temperature setting. The best chances are that the temperature in your fireplace is not set high enough. In this case, alter your fireplace’s thermostat and turn it up about 5 degrees.

If your fireplace’s thermostat is on the highest setting but there is no heat, then you might have power supply issues there. To check that, make sure you have turned on the power switch on your unit.

make sure you have turned on the power switch of your unit

Connect your fireplace to a well-working wall outlet, and it’s better to avoid an extension cord for plugging in. Plug the device directly into the outlet. Check your breaker box as well, and flip the switch if it was tripped.

After that, inspect the unit for any faulty wiring connections. Fix the loose connections or replace the worn-out ones.

In the next step, verify the vent passage of your fireplace, as it has become blocked with dust and debris over time. If so, vacuum out the dust, and your fireplace should start heating.

If not, the bad heating element is the root culprit for this issue, and you need to replace it. Call a pro to help you.

06. Greystone RV Fireplace Keeps Turning Off

If your Greystone electric fireplace is failing to stay on, then chances are the unit is overheating and tripping the overheat protection device. It is a common factor for the user after using the fireplace for a longer time.

Besides, the biggest culprit for an electric fireplace overheating is airflow. If the airflow to the fireplace is blocked, the system fails to pass the heat out of the unit. All of that causes the appliance to get too hot and shut down randomly.

Other significant reasons to consider are as follows:

  • Wrong thermoset setting
  • Malfunction from the circuit box
  • Accumulated dust or dirt on the heating element
  • Connecting the fireplace to an overloaded power outlet
  • The motor is experiencing problems

How to Fix:

Let’s start with the simple fixes. First off, reset the unit by unplugging it from the power connection for a few minutes. Next, head over to the thermostat setting and check if it reaches the temperature you have set. If so, you’ll need to turn the thermostat up and choose a higher setting.

Now it’s time to inspect the circuit box in your house. Make sure everything is as it should be, and if needed, reset the tripped breaker switch.

reset the tripped breaker switch

If the fireplace is still turning off, check whether it is overheating. Chances are too much dust and lint are gathering in your unit and blocking healthy airflow.

If that is the case, you need to clean your fireplace. Remove all the stuck debris from the venting lines, heating element, and blower motor. Plus, ensure that the fireplace is not too close to an object that prevents normal airflow.

Last but not least, connect your fireplace to a well-working power outlet and avoid using an extension lead for plugging in. After doing all the above steps, your fireplace should run as before. 

07. Greystone Electric Fireplace Light Stays On

If your Greystone RV fireplace won’t shut off, mainly due to malfunctioning of the remote control, There is a higher possibility that the On/Off switch on the remote control isn’t in position.

Plus, the batteries on the remote control are dead, and you are trying to turn off your fireplace with it. In some cases, a tripped circuit breaker can also be the reason.

How to Fix:

Whenever you struggle with your fireplace not turning off, inspect the remote control first and make sure the On/Off button on the switch is in good working condition. Also, verify that the batteries are not dead, which is dimming the operation of the remote control.

When all is done, shut off the unit by unplugging it from the power connection. But if the light is still on, put a switch on the line and turn it off manually.

You will find this feature on 26″ Greystone Item # GR54FR. Check your own Greystone RV fireplace manual for this feature.

08. Simulated Flame Is Dim Or Not Presenting

If the flame of your Greystone electric fireplace is too dim or not present at all, be sure the loose wiring connection in the unit is one of the culprits to blame. Loose wiring leads to the flame not moving and prevents the fireplace logs from glowing or the heater from providing heat.

Besides this, incorrect flame setting or a malfunctioning flame wand on the back of the heater can also be one of the big reasons for this. Either there is a loose connection to the flame wand or it’s not functioning at all.

How to Fix:

Start by inspecting the flame setting of your fireplace. Reset the flame. Next, remove the holding screws from the back panel and remove the panel from the connection.

At this step, check the flame wand to see whether it is loose from the bracket. If so, secure it. Also, verify the function of the flame wand driving motor. Contact Greystone technical support in case you notice any functions there.

greystone electric fireplace light bulb

Last but not least, check the condition of your Greystone electric fireplace light bulb and replace it if needed. In this instance, you can contact customer service for the Greystone fireplace bulb replacement parts.

09. Greystone Fireplace Remote Control Not Working

If your Greystone RV fireplace remote control is not operating, the best chances are the batteries are low or dead at all. Plus, there may be any damage from the corrosion that explains why certain buttons are not touching the contacts. This can also happen if you drop your remote control.

greystone fireplace remote control not working

Dropping the remote control has a heavy impact on the function of the remote or, at times, messes up the radio frequency that it is programmed to.

How To Fix:

First off, inspect the remote control transmitter and receiver, as both are battery-powered. Make sure they have a good charge and there isn’t any corrosion in the battery compartment. If needed, replace the battles following the instructions in the manual.

If the batteries are good, check whether the problem is with individual buttons, especially the On/Off switch. To test this, turn on the fireplace manually and see if the other button works. Besides all these, you may have an internal wiring malfunction that is causing your remote to malfunction. If that is so, you’ll need to take the remote to a technician to have the wiring repaired.

How To Reset A Greystone Electric Fireplace?

To reset your Greystone RV fireplace, here are some simple steps to follow:

Step #1: First off, turn off the unit and unplug it from the power connection.

Step #2: Wait for up to 10–15 minutes to allow the unit to cool properly. This will be highly effective if your fireplace is overheating.

Step #3: After that time, plug your fireplace back into the power connection and turn it on.

Tips To Maintain Greystone Electric RV Fireplace

Here are a few effective maintenance tips you can follow to prevent any problems and keep it running efficiently:

  • First of all, you’ll have to ensure the proper cleanliness of your fireplace. Take a soft cloth dampened in soapy water and wipe out the exterior. To clean the inside, use a host-attached vacuum cleaner and remove all the accumulated dust. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or spray liquids on any part of the appliance.
  • Before using the fireplace, always inspect all the wires and plugs of the unit to figure out any worn-out parts. And then take possible troubleshooting action based on the damage. Never use power cords that have been frayed out, no matter how briefly you are planning to use your fireplace. This step is crucial, as it can be a serious fire hazard.
  • Avoid placing anything near the fireplace that could be an electrical hazard and its power connection, like fish tanks, sinks, and water heaters. Also, keep any flammable objects away from your fireplace.
  • Always plug your electric fireplace into a wall outlet that can support the electrical load of your unit. The heater is for use on 120 volts. It’ll be far better not to plug anything else into the same outlet as your fireplace.
  • Along with the above steps, you’ll have to maintain your display glass well. Use a lint-free, soft cloth dampened with soapy water to clean the glass. In this instance, you need to know the proper Greystone fireplace glass removal process for better cleaning. Generally, the glass is held by a trim plate, which you need to remove. Simply pry it open using a small pry bar. Once it is removed, the glass will easily come off.


What to do if my electric fireplace comes on by itself?

If your electric fireplace comes on by itself, check the thermostat dial and set it to the lowest setting. As chances are, the room is below the temperature you have set on the dialer that turns the unit on to reach the room at that set temperature.

How to fix it if my electric fireplace won’t light up?

If your fireplace isn’t lighting, first make sure it is plugged into a well-working wall outlet and turned on. Next, inspect the lighting elements inside the fireplace for any signs of corrosion or damage. Replace them if needed.

Why is my Greystone electric fireplace making a clicking noise?

The clicking noise on the fireplace is a clear sign that any of the components of the unit have worn out. Also, it makes a clicking noise when the thermostat dial is set to the current room temperature.


Well! That’s all here for Greystone fireplace troubleshooting. While operating an electric appliance, it’s quite common that you may face several issues with your fireplace. Dealing with the problem will not be a big deal if you know the actual reasons for that issue and the corrective actions associated with it.

If you have a Greystone fireplace on any model, our above guide will be enough to troubleshoot any apparent issue.

To prevent Greystone fireplace problems in the future, you need to be properly concerned about the maintenance of this appliance. The good news is that the fireplace is a low-maintenance appliance, and you won’t require much more to keep it in working condition.

So, follow all our suggested safety and maintenance tips and ensure you and your family stay warm for the upcoming winter.

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