Why Greystone Fireplace Won’t Turn On [Reasons + Solutions]

Your Greystone fireplace won’t turn on due to an issue with the power supply, a tripped circuit breaker, faulty wiring, or internal malfunction.

Whatever the problem, you need solutions. Mostly, you can simply fix the fireplace start-up issues by resetting them. Even if you get the E02 code repeatedly, you should follow our guide to solve it.

greystone fireplace won’t turn on

Fortunately, we have come up with a comprehensive guide that will definitely help you to fix your heater, not turning on the issue instantly by yourself.

So, read between the lines…

Why Greystone Fireplace Won’t Turn On [Reasons + Solutions]

Here, we’ll explore the details of each reason why your Greystone fireplace isn’t turning on, and figure out their simple solutions. So, let’s get started…

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1. Power Supply Issues

A malfunctioning power supply is a primary reason for your Greystone fireplace not starting up. Because the fireplace must have a good electrical connection to turn it on. 

To begin with, your fireplace is still turned off due to insufficient voltage with the switches, a non-plugged wall socket, or the power switch isn’t in the incorrect position. 

Secondly, your fireplace won’t start up if you have a problem with your wall socket. It may be damaged, frayed, or blown out because of faulty wiring. In this case, no option for your fireplace won’t work without having enough electricity.

Whatever the case, it is not a problem with your fireplace, but it is simply a problem with an electrical issue or the system you are using.


  • First, ensure the power cable and power switches are plugged into the wall socket. If the power cord is unplugged, your fireplace won’t switch on until you turn it back on.
  • Now, turn on your fireplace with a low-temperature setting.
  • If the tips don’t work, test the wall socket with a tester to see if it gets blown out. And, try another wall socket to confirm that the socket is performing functionally. Hopefully, your Greystone fireplace will be run as usual.

2. Faulty Wiring

Faulty or damaged wiring is one of the major culprits that prevent the Greystone electric fireplace from turning on as usual. The problem could be caused by an overstressed power cord or an electrical surge.

Sometimes, an overload may hit on your wiring by the power grid company. When a surge of electricity goes through an electric line, the breaker can’t bear the additional electrical flow. So, this excess flow causes a short circuit or loose/bad wire connection to the electric panel. 


Check the fireplace’s electric panel if there is any defective wiring. If it is needed, change the wire and tighten up the connections. 

Manually, the wiring requires a minimum wire gauge of 16 AWG. Finally, you won’t face this problem while turning on your Greystone fireplace.

3. Tripped Circuit Board

A tripped circuit board is the next reason your Greystone fireplace is not switching on.

From our previous troubleshooting experience, your circuit board may be damaged due to the surge of electricity or by any means. The circuit board will start malfunctioning if the excessive load goes through the board.

remove the back access panel

Actually, there must be a good connection to the source of the main electrical panel to turn on or operate your Greystone fireplace. After all, it is a verified report that the overpowering surge has taken out the electric control board.


  • First, turn off the appliance and unplug it. Then, let it cool down completely, at least for 10 minutes. 
  • Remove the back access panel.
  • Now, it is good to check your board. Reset the circuit board, plug it back in on position, and restart the units.
  • Keep a sharp eye to use a circuit tester to test the areas to inspect if the circuit parts are really having voltage.
  • If there is no voltage at all, replace the unit entirely. Because this is not a serviceable part at all.
  • Watch the below tutorial that will help you how to replace your fireplace with a tripped Circuit Board
  • If you are under warranty, contact your Greystone customer service provider to inspect the tripped board. This step will save you money.

Note: According to the manual instruction, there is an average 120 Volt and 15-Amps circuit to run the fireplace.

4. Remote Control Issue

Once, you started your fireplace smoothly, but the next day it would not turn on. This trouble may happen when your remote control stops functioning or operates poorly.

remote control issue

Plus, you will face a problem if the batteries in the remote are too low on power. You won’t be able to run your fireplace when this little source of power doesn’t operate properly.


  • First, make sure that the fireplace’s power supply is adequate. If the electric supply lines are fine, then the batteries in your remote should be replaced. Verify the power cord is in the right position to operate the remote.
  • Remember, if it is needed, change your remote control. Keep in mind the accurate setting of when you are changing it.
  • In order to change the setting of your fireplace remote, you should hold down the timer button on the remote for just 3 seconds. Because this process couldn’t affect the other electronic parts of your fireplace.

5. Blown Switch

The switch of your Greystone fireplace can get dirty, broken, or corroded due to use over the years.

The above issues may cause a loss of voltage at the switch. That’s why an insufficient voltage is not enough to allow the fireplace to turn on.

For example, a wall switch helps to send the electric signal to the fireplace to open valves and gas to light the pilot.

When the switch gets blown or damaged by any means, it fails to supply electricity and prevents the fireplace from starting up.


  • First, ensure the power switch is in the on position and the wall switch is working correctly. If it is in the off position, simply turn it to the on position. 
  • If the problems are not solved yet, remove the switches with a screwdriver. Then, investigate the switch if it is dirty. If you find any dirt and debris, clear them out completely. You can test the accuracy of the voltage. 
  • There is overheating protection mode in every fireplace. Normally, it will turn off automatically if the fireplace gets too hot.
  • Check if the overheat protection mode is in the ON position. Just turn it on and reset your fireplace. Watch the below video to reset your fireplace easily.
  • After all, if you find the switch has been broken or damaged anyhow and you are unable to fix the switch problems, call a professional to repair or replace it.

6. Clogged Vent

A clogged vent is another culprit for why your Greystone fireplace heater keeps turning off. When the power supply is fine but the fireplace is not turning on, it might have something clogging the venting lines. 

In this case, there is mostly an overheat protection mode that prevents triggers from overheating. If it gets tripped, it consequently shuts down the trigger automatically because of creating excessive heat. However, you can simply fix the issue.


  • First, turn off the fireplace and let it cool down thoroughly. Unplug it for at least 10 minutes and then turn all the controls off before plugging it back on. During this time, you can check the light bulbs that are attached at the back, behind the bottom panel.
  • Check the venting lines if they get obstructed in any way. After finding any that are clogged, clean them completely. 
  • Now, try to restate the unit. Hopefully, your fireplace will start again.
  • However, if you continue to have this issue, it is wise to contact the manufacturer to work with additional troubleshooting. They will help you to maintain or replace the unit quickly and safely if needed.

7. Defective Thermostat

When the power cord is fine but your Greystone fireplace won’t activate because the thermostat is not calling for enough heat. If the dial is not set to a temperature above room temperature, it won’t turn on.

Because a thermostat allows you to keep your Greystone fireplace at a constant self-temperature.


  • Make sure the thermostat is getting sufficient heat and the breakers or fuses are supplying power to the fireplace.
  • Set the thermal dial above the temperature of the room. If it is set too low, your fireplace will remain turned off automatically. Besides, there is a manual panel on the top of the Greystone unit to turn it on.
  • Lastly, you can contact your customer service provider if you are still under warranty. If the tips don’t work, the unit needs to be replaced. As the thermocouple is not a serviceable part.

Greystone Fireplace Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is the key to keeping your fireplace safe and sound. Follow our guided tips before maintaining any parts of this appliance.

  • Turn off all the controls panel and unplug the power supply.
  • Let it cool down for 1–15 minutes before performing any maintenance.
  • You need to maintain your display screen with warm soapy water. Avoid using any kind of abrasive glass cleaner while wiping your display.
  • Set up your fireplace in a confined room.

So, take care of your fireplace as you want to use it hassle-free for years.

Contact Greystone Fireplace Customer Care

Already we have pointed out every reason why your Greystone fireplace is not starting up. Yet, if you face any other troubles to fix them, don’t hesitate to contact your Greystone fireplace. manufacturer/ customer care from where you purchased the fireplace.

They will investigate the internal and external issues and fix them safely or you can replace anything if needed.

Phone NumberCall us toll free N0-(574) 971-4491,  24/7,(8 a.m. to 5 p.m).
Customer CareVisit Customer Care


How to set the temperature on your Greystone fireplace heater?

You need to hit the reset button on the fireplace until it shows the auto function. Then, hold the button unless it beeps, and turn the dial to decrease the temperature setting. Now, set your desired temperature.

Why does my electric fireplace keep shutting off?

Overheating is the reason your fireplace keeps shutting off. Your fireplace needs enough airflow to run. If your fireplace gets too hot, it will shut down automatically.

How long does an electric fireplace heat up?

An electric fireplace is a great way to heat your room. It is proven that an electric fireplace can increase the temp of a confined room by 13.5 Degrees F or 7.5° C within 4 hours. Temperatures range from 32 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit on average. 

What causes the fireplace light remains on even though the power switch is off?

There are probably reasons that there may be loose connections on the breaker board or blown switches. You can simply reset your fireplace to fix the lighting issue.

How to turn off an electric fireplace?

First, turn off your fireplace and heat setting switches. Then, turn off the main power switch and the switches of the wall socket. Finally, remove the power cable from the wall socket.


Now, all the reasons are clear to you why your Greystone fireplace is not turning on. Hopefully, you won’t face any start-up issues with your fireplace at no time. Here, you’ll be able to fix it by yourself if you follow our above guide.

Then, if you encounter any more problems except those listed above and fail to resolve them, let us know in the comment box. We will reach out to you with possible solutions ASAP.

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