Lennox Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Common problems for an Electric fireplace include fireplace not heating, not turning on, switches on by itself, keeps shutting off, won’t light up, making a clicking sound, squeaking as well as keeps beeping. 

While experiencing such difficulties with Lennox electric fireplace, there is the Lennox Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting method.

And here we are with that troubleshooting guide to help you so that you can repair the unit by yourself. So, let’s scroll down to fix your fireplace issue…

Lennox Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Here are several typical difficulties, their causes, and easy solutions for you. 

1. No Heat But Heater Is On

When you notice your Lennox fireplace not heating, then think the culprit is the heating element. The heating element may have burned out or got faulty. A loose connection can be another reason your fireplace is not heating though it’s on.


There is an isolated switch on Lennox electric fireplace that deactivates the heating portion. Check that switch is on but the fireplace is not heated. 

A heating component might have burned. Check the user’s manual to see if this is under Producer’s Guarantee first. Disassembling an electrical fireplace could invalidate the Producer’s Guarantee.

Inspect electrical wiring as well as search for any connection that is loose. Make certain that the wire toward the thermostat is correctly attached.

This wire could be disconnected from the connector. You could re-solder the wire to the connector. This is a simple solution and It must take a maximum of 5 minutes.

2. Fireplace Will Not Turn On

The main reasons behind your fireplace not turning on are:

  • The power cord might be bent, 
  • The fuse might be blown
  • And the breaker switch may be tripped


Check your fuse box otherwise breaker for any switches that have tripped. Inspect the fuse on the electric fireplace and substitute if necessary. Try another wall socket.

3. Fireplace Flame Effects Is Not Working

Your electric fireplace flame won’t work if:

  • The bulb is faulty
  • And the issue is with the motor


  • If you find the lightbulb has gone away, replace it with a new one to fix the flame issue. 
  • And in the case of the motor, it needs to be repaired. If the repair doesn’t work, you have to replace the motor. 

4. Fireplace Clicking Sound

The electric fireplace’s noise is often the result of the heating coils expanding. Other reasons for a clicking noise include a shift in room temperature, loose components, poorly lubricated or congested components, dirty or defective blower fan, or flame rod damage.


The first item to check while trying to silence your fireplace is the blower assemblage. Switch off the fan merely to see if the sound stops. If this does, the fan might be unclean, or you might require to have the blower assemblage substituted. 

If the sound continues, you might be dealing with a sparkle rod dispute. The rod turns plus could rub alongside other parts when it moves, making a rubbing otherwise sweeping noise. 

This can occur if the rod is not connected properly to the fireplace sparkle motor. Another potential source of strange sounds is a bad sparkle motor that requires it to be substituted.

 5. Cycling Irregularly

The fireplaces thermostat may be adjusting wrongly, initiating the furnace toward cycling on and off too frequently.


If the thermostat has a variable calibration scale, regulate the heated reactor. If it does not fix the unit, you might have to substitute a thermostat

6. Electric Fireplace Retains Shut-Off

The electric fireplace retains shutting off, as well as won’t stay on because of:

  • The flow of air into the has become restricted.
  • The heater has overheated.
  • The previously set temperature has now been reached.
  • There is a blockage of the heater outlet.
  • The heater’s element is dusty or dirty.
  • An incorrect bulb has been used.


Sometimes, you need to reset the fireplace after it is overheated. To reset, you can check the user manual to get further directions. 

You can solve airflow restriction problems by finding the fireplace’s inlet. Plus check for any blocks, such as paper carpet, or dust. 

If your fireplace has a thermostat, select a higher setting than your home’s temperature and this would stop the fireplace from turning off.

Check whether there is a block in the part from which the fireplace releases heat. Check also if there is any additional dust on your fireplace by turning it off at the plug as well as unplugging it. Check the manual and make certain the bulbs that you are using are accurate.

7. Turns On By Itself

Your electric fireplace turns on by itself because of an incorrectly calibrated thermostat.

A wrongly calibrated thermostat can automatically power it up if the room temperature has dropped below the setting on the thermostat. The second possible cause is radio interference, otherwise a problem with the remote.


First, check your thermostat settings regularly. Confirm that thermostat setting are equivalent to the room temperature.

An inaccurately regulated thermostat might automatically power up your electric fireplace if the room temperature has fallen below the settings on the thermostat.

You could turn the thermostat dial as low as likely while you are done. In that method, the room temperature could never drop low sufficiently to start it. 

You might also troubleshoot the problem by eliminating your remote batteries as well as see if it still switches on itself. Check your remote-control position and switch the batteries otherwise substitute them if required.

Try reconfiguring the remote to bound radio interference plus check if there is an error with the receiver in the fireplace.  An improved solution is toward unplugging the fireplace while it is not in use.


How to reset an electric fireplace?

Turn all switches to “off” state and unplug the element for five minutes. Afterward five minutes, power to the whole entity.

How could you Fix E5 Error?

Initially, unplug the fireplace for protection. Inspect that there is nothing hindering the fan. Make definite there is nothing leaning alongside it that should not be there, otherwise, something trapped inside has clogged it from rotating.

Do electric fireplaces possess flame?

Electrical fireplaces do not create real flames, which is the main reason owners enjoy them. That is since dealing with genuine open flames could be a stress. Fire creates harmful releases, similar to carbon monoxide, it moreover leaves behindhand a chaotic pile of ash.

Why would an electric fireplace stop functioning?

A firmly bent otherwise over-strained power cable may be instigating the difficulty. Inspect the fuse box otherwise breaker. Inspect the fuse on the electric fireplace plus replace it if essential. Try adding a wall socket.

Does the electrical fireplace switch off automatically?

New heaters usually have in-built protection features similar to tip-over shields and automatically shut off to guard against overheating, which could help stop the hazard of housing fires. Safety is supreme in your home; thus you need a moveable electrical fireplace you could trust on.


Care must continually be taken while functioning with machines. It is the best way to have the user’s manual with you when you begin the diagnostic on electric fireplaces.

Go through all the techniques of Lennox Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting conversed here methodically and remove them till you discover the problematic area. You will be pleased if you fix the problem and your electrical fireplace is last silent, and you could sleep ahead of it. If this guide won’t fix your problem, please make a comment. We will try to solve it as early as possible.

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