3 Halogen Heaters Health Risks [Know For Your Safety]

You are here because you are planning to buy a halogen heater but are concerned about the halogen heaters health risks. Many questions are storming inside you like:  

  • Do halogen heaters cause cancer? 
  • Are halogen heaters bad for your eyes?
  • What are the radiant heater side effects?
  • Which type of room heater is good for health?
halogen heaters health risks

Don’t worry. We will be discussing all your queries in this article. By the end, you will realize whether a halogen heater is a good option for you or not.

We will also present an excellent alternative to halogen heaters as well. So stay tuned till the end, and now, let’s get into it.

3 Halogen Heaters Health Risks [Know for Your Safety]

Halogen heaters are energy-efficient, durable, and convenient to use. But the other side of the picture is not so great. Despite being amazing, halogen heaters pose health risks.

halogen heaters cause skin cancer & skin burn

The most common disadvantages of halogen heaters are skin cancer, cataracts, and skin burn. Here you will get to know more about them all:

1. Causes Skin Cancer:

When you are wondering to know if a halogen heater causes cancer, the straight answer is a big YES. As you know a halogen heater warms up your surrounding area with radiation. So, this halogen radiation is harmful to your skin which is one of the worst radiant heater side effects. 

The huge amount of far-ultraviolet radiation emitted from the halogen heater is responsible for skin cancer. And not only this, but too much exposure to halogen heater radiation can cause other skin diseases as well.

2. Cataracts Cause Injury To The Eye

Cataracts are a medical condition of the eyes. To be more specific, it is the clouding of the lens of the eyes. As a result of cataracts, you can have blurry vision. It can ultimately lead to blindness.

A certain part of halogen heaters’ radiation is infrared. This infrared radiation is the culprit behind this problem. In addition, the high heat and the bright radiation can cause other injuries to your eyes.

3. Skin-Burn:

Another bad side effect of halogen heaters is skin burn. You should know the water boils at 100℃, and the maximum temperature of the halogen heater is 3 times more than that. Halogen heaters can generate over 300℃ of temperature. 

So you can realize how much overheating you are likely to get from halogen heaters. This heat can burn your skin and can even start a fire. It means you have to be very careful with a halogen heater.

These are the primary health risks of halogen heaters. And these risk factors can get higher if your room is small. 

However, using a halogen heater to cover a huge area is not as harmful. You can consider this as well.

How To Use Halogen Heater Safely

It’s wise to use a halogen heater outdoors, not indoors. But, when it’s necessary to use it indoors, you should use it with some safety cautions. The safety cautions are:

  • Place the heater far away from you so that it can’t cause burns to your skin. Position it at least 1 meter away from your position.  
  • Make the heater away from the combustible materials.
  • Never buy a second-hand halogen heater and use it.  
  • Don’t keep the heater on while sleeping or when you are away from home. 
  • And don’t use an extension cord. It can cause a fire. 

Never forget to maintain all these suggestions when you are bound to use a halogen heater for your safety. 

Halogen Heater Vs. Fan Heater: Which Is Good For Health

We understand you don’t want to take the risk of using a halogen heater. And this is why we are bringing you the best alternative you can possibly ask for. 

Fan heaters are an amazing alternative to halogen heaters. Why? Let’s find out.

PointsHalogen HeaterFan Heater
Power1.2 kWh2 kWh
Heat4095 BTU6824 BTU

1. Power Consumption:

Both of these heaters run on electricity. While a halogen heater takes 1.2 kWh of electricity, a fan heater consumes 2 kWh.

So apparently, your halogen heater intakes less electrical power compared to a fan heater. But the difference is only 0.8 kWh. This means both the halogen heater and fan heater will cost you almost the same amount of electricity bill.

2. Heat:

In terms of heat production, both halogen heaters and fan heaters generate enough temperature to keep you warm and comfortable.

A halogen heater with 4095 BTU of temperature is good enough. However, a fan heater produces a lot more heat than this. It can produce up to 6824 BTU which is really impressive.

3. Price:

Halogen heater price is comparatively higher than a fan heater. But the price is not too expensive. The best products, such as Beldray Halogen Heater, cost around the same while providing the perfect amount of heat. 

Fan heaters cost less but provide more heat. However, it consumes too much energy as well.

As you can see, fan heaters are not as bad. They are similar to halogen heaters to a certain extent. Most importantly, they don’t have the health risks that will face while using a halogen heater.

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Is it safe to leave a halogen heater on all night?

No, it is not safe to leave a halogen heater on all night.

Do halogen heaters use a lot of electricity?

On average, a halogen heater uses 1200W of electricity per hour.

Are halogen heaters good for nature?

Yes, halogen heaters do not harm the environment.

Are gas heaters cheaper than halogen heaters?

Yes, gas heaters are a lot cheaper than halogen heaters.

Final Words:

Halogen heaters’ health risks are severe indeed. But if you use them in the right place, they will not be so harsh on you. However, you can avoid using halogen heaters overall and adapt to fan heaters instead. So consider giving that a try as well. 

If you have further queries, you can comment below.

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