Hayward Pool Heater Mode Button Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

Your Hayward pool heater mode button not working because of the trouble in the switch, faulty plumbing position, filtering issue, problem with thermostat & your pool heater ignition failure.

Now, let’s explore the details about all these issues and their easy fixes.

Hayward Pool Heater Mode Button Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

We have the easiest solution in this article to make your Hayward pool heater mode button keep working. Now focus on these reasons and solutions given below.

1. Heater Switch Difficulty

The heater switch must be tested to ensure correct functioning. Test the switch to see whether it is turned on. If it is turned on but not responding, you should check carefully.


Make contact with the metallic wires on the power cord using a jump start wire. This will sidestep the ignition system and move the heater if it’s really operational. If the heater comes on, the heater switch is the source of the mode button failure and must be replaced.

2. Plumbing Valve Positioning Error

Monitoring the plumbing valves might help you fix your pool heater. While it may seem to be a small thing, if your wiring connectors are positioned in the wrong position, your pool heater will not get the appropriate water flow. That may cause your heater’s mode button not to work as a consequence. 


A quick check of your drainage pipes and connections may reveal a faulty connection. One simple solution is to upgrade the pool pump to produce the appropriate pressure. If you decide to replace the pool pump, an adjustable speed pool pump is indeed a smart choice.

3. Filtering Issue

If your pool heater is not receiving enough water, it might be problematic. Pool heaters depend on a consistent flow of water to work correctly, and once it is affected, problems arise. This can disturb your pool water circulation for a while, and your heater’s mode button stops working. 


Inspect your filter to confirm that your pool heater is getting enough water. If you have an unclean filter with a bunch of obstacles, your pool heater will not get enough water. You may check your pool heater installation guide or diagram. 

4. Thermostat Issue

The thermostat is a link in the chain that is in charge of changing the temperature of a pool. If your Hayward pool heater mode button is not working, try raising your thermostat to a temperature higher than that of your pool to see if it is operational or not. 


If your heater comes on as a consequence of the thermostat temperature increase, it is working properly. Whether the heater still does not work, check to see if the power supply is going to the thermostat. Repairing the thermostat from your nearby workshop or changing the thermostat may help to get out of the issue.

Hayward Pool Heater Error Codes

The Hayward pool heater shows some Error code. With these error codes you can easily understand the problem. Then you can troubleshoot your Hayward pool heater according to your needs. 

5. You Error Code IF (Ignition Failure)

Whenever the pool heater stops, the system displays the Hayward pool heater error code IF, which usually means Ignition failure. This is a regular issue with Hayward pool heaters, and the primary reason is a lack of gas supply.


Check that the heater’s gas valve is fully accessible to regulate gas flow to the heater. Your air intake compressed gasses should be less than the maximum on the user manually. Ensure the power cord and your power supply is working as required in the pool heater installation diagram.

6. Error Code LO (Automatic Temp Limiter Switch)

Patch cords must be checked for any temptations of rats and mice. Test the Connectors, which can fracture or damage due to the environment. 


Remove the cables and test the resistance with the compressor turned on. If the circuit gets turned on, everything is OK. If the wires are open or loose, reconnect them and continue with the process to start your Hayward pool heater.

7. Error Code HS (Overheating Burn Out)

If you recently refilled your pool but missed turning off your electric heater, it might have burned out or been damaged. Your Hayward Pool water temp > 104°. 


Check your water flow. Then, ensure that the minimum flow rate of water is more than 25 GPM. Check the remote thermostat’s constant value to get the right temperature.


How can I get my Hayward heater out of standby mode?

Hold both Up Arrow and Mode switches together for 3 seconds regarding Bypass operation.

How do I reset my pool heater?

Reset the pool heater’s circuit breaker. Using the control panel, put the machine in standby mode and look for an error code.

Why does my Hayward pool heater keep shutting off?

The unexpected switch off of most pool heaters is a well-known and common issue. Low voltage, pumps overheating, turbine difficulties, high energy consumption, and improper fueling may contribute to the case.

Why does my pool heater keep turning on and off?

When your swimming pool heater cycles in and out, it is an early warning sign that the wiring or energy source is failing.

Are pool heaters expensive to run?

The cost of running a pool heater is cheap for solar heaters, around $100-$200/mo for heaters, and in the $200-$400/mo range for gas heaters. Your actual heating costs will vary from month to month, depending on the outside temperature and weather.


We hope you have found a solution to your Hayward pool heater mode button not working. Now you can troubleshoot your Hayward pool heater yourself. Please leave your questions in the comments section so that we can know your further queries. We will always be available when you need us. 

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  1. I think my power button is not working on my Hayward model HP50HA2. I bought the unit new 11 months ago. I could not get an electrician to run wires until September. As a result I never hooked up the heat pump until this past weekend. The control panel lights up, but the power button cycles through codes (8.8.8.; U3.7; u1.1; OFF) and stops at “OFF”. The mode or power button does not let me change the “OFF” setting. I have tried to call Hayward – could not get anyone to answer – just kept me on hold for 20 minutes before I hung up. I called the pool company where I bought the heat pump. They will not replace it or switch it with a new one or take it back. However, they were really good about taking my money. I have searched for 3 days online looking for a replacement part – no luck. I’m now waiting for two authorized service technicians to return my calls. Any guidance on how to resolve this problem would be appreciated. I did not see anything specific to my issue in the article.

    • Hi Fred

      Your pool heater may need a physical check-up to find out the main culprit behind the issue. So it will be wise to take help from a technician.

      Wish you all the best.


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