Raypak Pool Heater Ignition Failure + How To Fix [4 Easy Solutions]

Raypak pool heater ignition failure is a common yet overwhelming issue every pool owner troubles with, especially those who have this pool heater. 

Defective gas valves, faulty PC boards, and dirty pilot orifices are the culprits that stop your pool heater from igniting. You can easily overcome the ignition failure issue by fixing those problems. 

raypak pool heater ignition failure

And this Raypak pool heater troubleshooting guide will help you how to solve those issues. Besides, we will also tell you how to fix the Raypak pool heater sensor failure and the ignition lockout. So, let’s dive deeper into this article. 

4 Signs Of Raypak Pool Heater Ignition Failure [Easy Solutions]

The following issues cause your Raypak pool heater not igniting. We will provide the potential solution to those problems to let your Raypak function correctly. 

1. No Power To The PC Board

Your Raypak pool heater won’t ignite if there is no electric power to the PC board. Low voltage transformer, low to no power on line voltage, and faulty wire connection are responsible for not having power on the PC board.

raypak pool heater won't ignite

Therefore, a defective PC Board may be the culprit behind the pool heater ignition failure. 

How To Fix:

Check all the wire connections, thermostat, and limit controller. If all of these components are ok, the PC board is the culprit. So, replace it with a new one to fix this issue. 

2. No Spark Across Ignitor

Start with pulling out the ignition lead and check whether there is a spark at PC Board or not. If there is a spark, we bet the ignition cable and the ground wiring get damaged.

Don’t forget to inspect the boot of the ignition cable for signs of buckling or melting. On the other hand, we are pretty much sure the PC board is defective if there is no spark at the PC Board. 

How To Fix:

Replace the ignition cable or ground wiring if they get twisted. If you have ABC knowledge of electricity, you can easily change the damaged wire. On the other hand, hire a certified electrician to do this task for you.

For the melting boot of the ignition cable, we recommend you take some protective action to protect the cable and booth from excessive temperatures. And of course, change the PC Board if there is no spark at it. 

3. Turn The Gas Supply On But The Pilot Burner Doesn’t Light

The pilot burner won’t ignite if all of the manual gas valves are not open. Maybe the supply tubing and pressures are not good.

turn the gas supply on but the pilot burner doesn't light

A clogged pilot burner orifice can also be the culprit. Therefore, improper electric connection between the PC board and pilot operator on gas control is also responsible for the pilot burner issue. 

How To Fix:

Make sure all the manual gas valves are open. If any of them remain closed, open them. Also, ensure the supply tubing and pressures are good. 

Check the pilot burner orifice for a clog. If it gets blocked by dirt and debris, clean it with an air compressor or brush the orifice gently with a toothbrush. And finally, correct the electric connection between the PC board and the pilot operator on gas control. 

4. Main Burner Doesn’t Light

First off, check for 24 VAC across all of these terminals- MV-MV/PV. If there is no voltage, we are sure the module gets defective.

raypak pool heater main burner doesn't light

Don’t hesitate to check the electric connection between the PC board and the gas control. If okay, the gas valve is the culprit. Also, defective gas control operators like flow switches and pilot gas valves are responsible for this issue. 

How To Fix:

If there is no voltage across the MV-MV/PV terminals, replacing the module will solve the Raypak pool heater problem. Therefore, replace the defective gas control and gas control, operators. 

3 More Issues With Your Raypak Pool Heater

Apart from those issues, you may also experience the following heater problems.

1. Raypak Pool Heater Sensor Failure

Your Raypak pool heater will display a sensor failure error message (SNI) if the wiring attached to the sensor gets damaged.

raypak pool heater sensor failure

Rats or critters tend to chew the sensor wires which will cause the sensor issue. Therefore, dirt buildup (whitish) on the sensor wire can also be a caveat. 

To fix the issue, locate the sensor first. Start with removing the front door of your heater. Use a screwdriver to unscrew those four screws that hold the panel with the board. 

You can find the sensor on the top side panel. If there is dirt on the sensor, wipe it away. On the other hand, change the wiring if it gets twisted or mangled. Now, put everything back into its place.

We hope it will fix the sensor failure issue. But, when you find it’s not working, then you can read our comprehensive solution guide on how to fix Raypak pool heater sensor failure.

2. Raypak 406a Ignition Failure No Pilot Sensed

A dirty pilot orifice or a dirty pilot electrode that doubles as a flame sensor are the culprits, causing this problem- the pilot is not sensed. To solve this issue, just clean both the orifice and electrode of the heater pilot.  

raypak 406a ignition failure

Cleaning the pilot electrode is relatively easy. You need fine sandpaper to clean the pilot electrode. But, it’s a bit challenging to clean the pilot orifice. So, it is recommendable to leave this task to the professional. 

3. Raypak Pool Heater Ignition Lockout

If your Raypak Pool Heater displays this error code-ILO, understand your pool heater suffers from ignition lockout.

Note: You will experience this issue only on propane units. 

raypak pool heater ignition lockout

You might attempt so many times to ignite the main burner of your pool heater. So, leave it for a few minutes to give it a short break. Then, check the pilot assembly for issues. If it is okay, the PC board is the culprit. So, replace it. 

How To Reset Raypak Pool Heater

Here are simple steps to reset your Raypak pool heater:

  • First off, turn off your Raypak heater. 
  • Then, inspect the blower louvers for any obstruction or debris. 
  • Next, turn on your heater, and the display of your heater will reset. 
  • In other words, just power off your pool heater. After a few minutes, turn on the heater which will reset the pool heater. 


How Long Should A Raypak Pool Heater last?

Generally, a pool heater will last for 10 years if you install and maintain it properly. However, a Raypak heater may last up to 15 years with proper maintenance

How to start my Raypak pool heater?

Turning on a Raypak heater is simple. It has a control center which you can find in the upper front panel of your heater. Then, turn the on/off switch to the on position to start your Raypak pool heater. 

What does sensor failure mean on the pool heater?

Sensor failure means the issue with the temperature sensor on your pool heater. It’s not a permanent issue, and this problem will be solved once you turn off your heater. Due to a defective thermostat or voltage issue, the sensor of your pool heater will fail. 


Like other electric appliances, the Raypak pool heater also starts malfunctioning over time.  And the ignition issue of this pool heater is an example of it. A dirty pilot orifice or dirty pilot electrode, a defective thermostat, and a faulty PC board are some problems that stop your Raypak from igniting. 

Following the troubleshooting steps we mentioned above, you can fix the issue easily. But if you fail to ignite your Raypak after trying out our step-by-step guide, call a qualified HVAC expert to get the job done for you. 

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    • Hi Vito

      Raypak hi limit 2 fault er code means the hi limit 2 switches are open, or there is a bad or dirty connection at the switch or faulty wiring to the board from the switch, or a bad switch, or a sooted heat exchanger that may not pass the heat to the pool water. Plus, a faulty PC board could be the reason behind the issue.


      1. First, check all the connections and wires. If they are ok, then check the heat exchanger tubes and clear the tubes if you get them scaled.

      2. Also, cleaning the outside of the fins can be solved this issue if there is dirt.

      3. If all these solutions don’t work, check the PC board and repair or replace it when you get it faulty.

      Well, as your pool heater is a new one, it would be wise to contact the Raypak customer support center to solve the issue before doing any fix.

      Wish you all the best.

  1. I have a low voltage which then goes to a main I9N failure message when turning on the heater. I’ve been unable to find this code. Any idea what it means?


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