Heat Surge Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Heat Surge electric fireplaces assist you to feel warmth and comfort at a reasonable cost. But it’ll be a troublemaker after stopping work like shutting off, flames going out, no heat from the fireplace, blowing cold air, etc.

Whatever your fireplace issue, now let’s find the solution from our Heat Surge electric fireplace troubleshooting guide to solve your fireplace problem.

Heat Surge Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Heat surge electric fireplace can irregularly fail or break down like other electric appliances. Here we have enlisted 7 easy solutions that’ll help to troubleshoot your electric fireplace.

1. Heating Unit Turns Off

Some of the reasons for the shutting down of an electric fireplace are overheating the unit, restricted airflow, reaching the temperature setting, blocking the heater outlet, a dirty element using incorrect bulbs.


  • Verify the power cord is connected to an electric socket
  • Follow the instructions properly
  • Remove the obstructions that block airflow
  • Check the installed filter for cleanness & blockage
  • Tap the reset button placed on the top left zone of the back of the appliance
  • Unplug for 10 minutes, then retry
  • Examine the housebreaker

2. Flame Without Heat

Heat may not be circulated for the wrong thermostat setting or if the heater control button is off.


  • Set the thermostat entirely proper or high
  • Check the high heat or low heat button is on

3. The Fireplace Not Bright Enough

It could be a straightforward case of disconnected or being loose light bulbs. 


  • Check unit is obstructed in and became on
  • Confirm light bulbs are attached tight and not burned out
  • Make sure flame has not been attenuated by utilizing controls

4. Producing Excessive Noise

This problem usually occurs when the flame tube is in a faulty position, or dirty motor, or the damaged control panel of flame speed.


  • Unplug the fireside from the electric outlet
  • Let cool the light bulbs for 15 minutes
  • Detach the bottom cover of the fireplace by removing the two screws
  • Hold the left quit of the flame tube displayed on the left and press upward till the pole of the tube is placed into the chamber that is positioned in the middle of the bracket
  • Replace the decrease in the front cowl
  • Plug the hearth into the electric outlet
  • Turn the fireplace on

5. Fireplace Flame Effect Not Working

Many problems that can ensure that the impact of flames cease to operate can be set without skilled facilitate. It could be burning out of the bulbs or a defective flame rod.


  • Disconnect the power of the fireplace
  • Open the excess cover on the back of the fireplace unit
  • Make a replacement of the bulb(s) when they are burnt out
  • In case the motor that runs the rod fails to work, restore the motor if manageable
  • When the flame acts are squeaking at working, make the rod slippery

6. The Power Cord Becomes Warm

Heaters are regarded as high draw applications, and small amounts of the warmth of the cable are customary and acceptable. Damaged outlets are responsible for heat and high resistance. If it is not touchable, you’ll have a problem.


  • Unplug the cord
  • Try to put it in another outlet
  • If it is not working, call an electrician to overlook the outlet

7. Circuit Breakers Flipping

This can happen if there is any kind of short circuit on the wire. 


  • Check the circuit is not plugged with other appliances
  • Do not use surge protectors, power strips, or short addition cords
  • Plugged on another circuit
  • Install a staunch outlet


Why does there a jumpy flame on the electric fireplace?

After being uncovered, the fireside requires to regulate to room temperature in cold climate throughout transport or storage. Ready the fireplace to take a seat down unplugged in a heat location for 1 hour previous to use.

Why does EC show on an electric-powered fireplace?

Under everyday operation, while energy is interrupted from both an interruption or from unplugging from the socket while yet in operation, error code “EC” can also additionally seem at the LCD manage panel, and the fireplace will stop operation.

Why is the electric fireplace waving cold air?

It’s a common situation for air conditioners or heaters to put out room temperature air proper after they become on. The system normally takes time to heat up because the air travels via the ducts into the nearby. Hence, maximum of the time, bloodless air may want to pop out via the heater proper after it is grown to become on.

Where is the light bulb in an electric fireplace?

The bulb in an electric-powered fireside is usually placed inside the middle of the unit.

How lengthy do electric-powered fireplaces ultimate? 

Electric fireplaces can ultimate for 10-twenty years relying on how often they’re used. Many producers provide warranties starting from 1 yr to ten years, relying on the model.

Can electric-powered fireplaces seize the fire? 

As there is no actual fire in an electric-powered fireplace, there are no flames, and no dangerous emissions may be produced, creating electric-powered fireplaces a completely secure opportunity for different sorts of the fireplace.

What is the reason for shaky flame and light in movement?

This fireside is provided with an automated tip transfer. This transfer will close the energy off if the unit is tipped to forty-five degrees. This protection tool will cause the flame to appear shaky at some point of motion while plugged in and operating, which is normal.

Bottom Line:

Hopefully, the tips from the fireplace manual for your Heat Surge electric fireplace restore could help you to fix your issue. If it could not, then, you should call for service.

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