Honeywell Hot Water Heater No Status Light [7 Easy Solutions]

The root reasons behind Honeywell hot water heater no status light includes the pilot is not lighting, no spark in the igniter, and faulty gas control valve electrical connection. 

Furthermore, due to insufficient air supply, the thermal switch may get tripped, and it would be the leading culprit.

honeywell hot water heater no status light

Also, low voltage on the thermopile affects the heater function, and for that, owners will face no status light blinking issue on their water heaters. 

If the issue is related to only the pilot and igniter, simply cleaning and replacing the defective parts can resolve the problem, but in the case of a tripped thermal switch, you have to reset it. Also, testing the thermopile reading is a must to ensure if it really needs replacement.

Anyway, from this article, you are getting the complete solutions guide related to the status light no blinking issue. So, don’t miss a single word from below. 

Honeywell Hot Water Heater No Status Light [7 Easy Solutions]

If your Honeywell water heater has no status light, our guide will prove quite effective in resolving this problem.

Here you will learn each of the reasons in detail and can break down the culprits with ease by following the suggested methods. Let’s start…..

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1. Honeywell Hot Water Heater Pilot Won’t Light

There are several reasons behind the Honeywell water heater control’s no status light. Among them, pilot light is not lighting is the major one.

water heater pilot won't light

A pilot is an essential element of any Natural Gas and Liquid Propane (LP) water heater that connects the burner to the gas valve and ensures a constant flame will light the burner. 

After that, the burning gas starts to heat up the water inside the tank. Due to any reason, the pilot light will not light.

Like faulty wiring, clogged pilot tubes, kinks in the flex tube, a bad control valve, or power failures.

Finally, due to pilot malfunctions, you would have trouble with the Honeywell water heater no status light. Anyway, go through all the possible ways to diagnose the water heater pilot issue:


  • First, check and clean out the debris from the pilot tube using a needle or this type of object. It will ensure a fluent gas flow.
  • Look for any kinks in the flex tubes. Clean out the obstructed flex tubes.
  • Sometimes, the thermocouple may be the culprit. There may have dirt particles get in the way that interferes with the electrical signal. So hurry to clean out the grimes from this element.
  • In many cases, only replacing the defective thermocouple solves this issue.
  • Check out the gas control valve as well. If needed, replace it as well.
  • Now try lighting the pilot by following the lighting instructions.
  • Set the gas control valve to light the pilot. It may take about 90 seconds to light the pilot.
  • If the pilot light after 90 seconds but the status light will not blink, verify all the wiring from the control valves are in good working condition. Take the help of an electrician to repair the damaged wiring issue.

2. Heater Igniter Not Sparking

After resolving the pilot issue and there is still no blinking on the status light, a bad igniter or malfunctions from the igniter is the second suspect. When you click on the igniter, there should be a tiny spark happening inside of the pilot.

heater igniter not sparking

Dim the lights in the room to get a better look at it. If there is no spark, be sure that the defective spark electrode is the culprit. A faulty wiring connection is another possible reason. Follow the below instruction to resolve the igniter issue:


  • First up, you have to check the wiring connection of the igniter. Make sure the white igniter is snugly inserted into the white or orange connector.
  • Then, click on the igniter multiple times and look for a spark.
  • If no spark is coming, check the igniter connection to the orange or white connector. Ensure that it is touching the metal pilot tube and manifold tube.
  • Also, there is a spark electrode to initiate the ignition. Inspect the electrode and check it out. Replace the defective electrode with the help of a qualified contractor.
  • If all troubles fail to prove well, check the gas control valve. Replace the defective one. 
  • After doing all the above, the Honeywell water heater gas control valve no status light should be solved.

3. Faulty Gas Control Valve’s Electrical Connections

If the Honeywell water heater status light doesn’t blink but the pilot lights, there may have a defective wiring connection with the gas control valve. You will see two black connectors on the gas control valve. 

faulty gas control valve's electrical connections

Due to a loose connection of the connector, the red status light will not blink. Sometimes, electrical flag connectors from the thermal switch create a problem. Here are the needed steps to resolve this connection issue:

disconnect electrical flag connectors from the thermal switch


  • First up, locate the gas control valve. Remove the two connectors of red and white wires from the gas control valve. But make sure you’re not pulling it.
  • Wait for a while and look for any corrosion on the electrical connection. 
  • Remove the debris and reinsert the connectors firmly.
  • Now carefully disconnect electrical flag connectors from the thermal switch. Check out any corrosion in the connectors as well.
  • Then, insert the connectors again and ensure they are fully inserted and tight.
  • Now, light the pilot using the instructions and check the status light.

4. Tripped Heater Thermal Switch

 A thermal switch is a safety device on a water heater. Tripping this safety component is one of the most common scenarios among water heater owners.

tripped heater thermal switch

Due to this, the status light will not blink. Blocked vents or insufficient air supply through the heater trips the switch.

Also, loose or damaged wiring can trip the thermal switch. The below guidelines will help to fix the tripped switch issue. Here you go:


  • First up, turn off the power to your water heater. Let it be cool.
  • Now inspect the vents of the heater. Clean out clogged debris from the vents and make them blockage-free.
  • Clean out the clogged air filter or flame arrestor and beneath the burner inside the combustion chamber as well. 
  • Remove the outer door.
  • Now look for loose wiring, which may cause the thermal switch to trip unexpectedly. Tighten all the wiring connections.
  • Finally, you have to reset the tripped thermal switch to get back the element function gain.
  • You will find a small reset button in the center of the thermal switch. Press the button firmly.
  • Connect the outer door and check the status light. 

5. Defective Heater Thermopile

Last but not least, a bad thermopile is one of the major reasons behind the Honeywell hot water heater status light-off issue. The Thermopile unit controller of the water heater converts thermal energy into electrical energy. 

The problem starts with this element when there has a limited voltage supply. Basically, thermopile in an open circuit test reads 650 to 850 millivolts. But when it reads below 400 millivolts, be sure the thermopile is faulty, and it needs replacement. Anyway, the process to test your own thermopile is relatively simple. Here you go:

How To Test Thermopile On Water Heater

To test the thermopile, you just need a multi-meter to read the millivolts. Follow the below instructions:

test thermopile on water heater
  • First up, disconnect the wiring connector of the thermopile from the gas control.
  • Now set your multi-meter to read the voltage. For this, you have to attach the red positive lead to the red thermopile wire. Also, connect the black lead to the white wire.
  • Then, light the pilot and hold down the gas control’s thermostat knob once it is light.
  • Keep holding the knob until the maximum voltage is reached.
  • If you see below 400 millivolts, be sure it is effective. Replace the bad thermopile with the help of the technician.
  • After doing all these, the status light no blinking problem will be fixed. 

How Do I Reset My Honeywell Water Heater

You can reset your Honeywell Water Heater in some simple ways. The steps are:

  • First, make sure that the pilot is turned on.
  • Then switch the dial to “very hot” for 10 seconds.
  • After that, switch to “hot” for 10 seconds and to “pilot” for 10 seconds. Your Honeywell water heater will get reset.


Why does my Honeywell water heater keep shutting off?

A defective thermocouple is the root reason for a water heater keeps turning off issue. Either it is dirty or damaged in some way. Also, dirty pilot tubes, faulty gas valves, and clogged air vents are other possible reasons behind this.

Why does my water heater pilot light keep going out?

If the heater pilot light keeps going out, be sure there is a faulty, misaligned, dirty, or damaged thermocouple responsible for this. As it is a safety device, it prevents turning on the gas valve if it gets defects. 

Wrapping Thoughts

Throughout this article, we have explored all the reasons behind the Honeywell water heater status light not blinking issue. Now you know why the status light of your Honeywell water heater doesn’t work. 

After following this well-proven guide, hopefully, you will not face single trouble while resolving this issue. Still, if you have any questions on any facts discussed above, don’t delay to ask us through comments. We will get back to you ASAP.

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