How To Build A Rotisserie Smoker [3 Easy Steps]

You are planning for arranging a get-together party or outside cooking. So, you are looking for building a Rotisserie Smoker.

Because the smoker will allow you to cook a huge amount of meat at a time resulting in super juicy smoked flavor food with less fuel. But the problem is you don’t know how to build a Rotisserie Smoker.

Right? If your answer is yes, we tell you don’t skip any section of the article. We’ll show you how you can easily build your Rotisserie Smoker step by step with little cost.

What is a Rotisserie Smoker?

A rotisserie smoker is an outdoor cooking system like an outdoor fire pit smoker. But the rotisserie smoker enables you to cook and smoke a huge portion of meat by rotating it side by side.

On the other hand, a fire pit smoker allows a small amount without rotating. It saves lots of power than using an oven. You can cook slowly and save power at the same time by using it. Its smoke also provides a smokey flavor better in your meat, compared to many other smokers. 

As it takes a long time to smoke, it delivers juiciness and tender results to your meat. After the dish is served, you can definitely say the wait is worth it.

What are the Benefits of Using a Rotisserie Smoker?

A Rotisserie smoker allows you to perform spit-roasting, a great method to cook a perfect smokey-flavored dish. A Rotisserie Smoker provides a juicy, tender meat experience due to the slow cooking process. 

This method ensures evenly cooked meat along with proper browning and caramelization. Overall, it delivers one of the best meat-smoking experiences to the cooker.

Why should I build a Rotisserie Smoker?

A readymade Rotisserie Smoker is much more expensive compared to other gas or digital electric smokers like landmann or masterbuilt. It costs about $3k+.

But it is easy to save lots of money by building it yourself. So, let’s see what you need to build a Rotisserie Smoker.

What Materials are needed to make a Rotisserie Smoker?

A Rotisserie Smoker has three parts-

  • Body
  • Lid
  • Grill

To make them, certain materials are needed. Which are stated below. 

Elements required to make the body:

  •  25, 8” * 8” * 16” cinder blocks
  • string
  • 4 or 8 metal stakes
  • 4, 8” * 8” * 8” half blocks
  • 15, 8” * 8” * 16” standard blocks
  • 22, 12” * 12” patio stones
  • Cinder Blocks

Elements required to make the pit:

  • A 4feet by 1.5” metal pipe
  • 2 to 3 cubic feet of sand. 

Elements required to make the lid:

  • A steel drum 
  • A 20feet by 1.5” angled iron
  • High-heat spray paint 
  • A wooden hockey stick 
  • Two pieces of threaded rod
  • 4.5” by 5/16” bolts
  • Expanded metal & rubber stakes

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What are the Tools Needed to build a Rotisserie Smoker

The tools you need to make the smoker are:

  • Safety wear
  • Level(short & long)
  • Measuring tape
  • Chisel
  • Carpenters square
  • Grinder
  • Marker
  • Metal cutting discs
  • Hammer
  • Metal or wooden stakes

Finally, after all the elements and tools are managed, you can go forward to learn the process of how to build the smoker.

How to Build a Rotisserie Smoker in 3 Steps

To build a Rotisserie Smoker, you need to go through the following steps-

Step 1:

First, you need to learn how to build a Rotisserie BBQ pit. 

The procedures to do that are:

  • After choosing the right place for a pit, use patio stones to make the ground level. 
  • Then use tape and stakes to map out the patio stones area for measuring purposes. 
  • Dig the whole pit about 1 foot deep and use expanded metal and rubber stakes to line up the pit. 
  • Then fill the pit with sand. You also need to lay the cinder blocks and level the ground using a hammer and chisel. 
  • Now to hold the rotisserie skewer, leave space in the cinder block wall and drill a ½” hole for the hinge bracket in the top row. 

Step 2:

Now it’s time to make the spit and for that, you have to know the works behind how to make a Rotiserrie Smoker Spit. At this step, you need to use a steel pipe with holes. Make sure to provide the necessary support to hold the pipe. 

These supports at both ends should be drilled from the ground to have enough stability. Then place a horizontal arm to control the pipe while rotating the food. 

Step 3:

Finally, you need to make the cover using the following process.

  • First, cut the steel drum in half. 
  • Then to make the hinged lid use threaded rods and the angle iron. 
  • For use as the handle, you need to fix a hockey stick onto the drum using bolts and a copper pipe. 
  • Now weld the thread rods to the back of the lid and connect them to the hinge brackets of the cinder blocks.

There goes the whole building process of a Rotisserie Smoker.

How to Rotisserie a Turkey?

A smoked turkey is a great dish to serve at a gathering. To cook a turkey using a Rotisserie Smoker, you have to follow some processes to get the best taste out of it. These are-

  • Calculate the overall cooking time & remove the central cooking grate
  • Place an aluminum pan half filled up with water under the turkey
  • Remove the inner contents of the turkey & brine it using turkey marinade
  • Mark the center of the rod. Then, stick the turkey in the middle
  • Tighten up the turkey to the forks & set up the counterbalance
  • Add flavor by basting the turkey
  • Check the internal temperature
  • When it is 160°F to 165°F, the turkey is cooked. Turn off the rotisserie motor and burner
  • Loosen the fork screws & remove the turkey


Do I need to put a rotisserie on a pellet grill?

The pellet grill doesn’t use direct heat to cook food. It uses indirect heat instead. So there is no need to place a Rotisserie on your pellet grill.

Do I close the lid when using a rotisserie?

During cooking with a Rotisserie Smoker, you should keep the lid closed as much as possible until the whole cooking is completed. You can open the lid after some time to check the temperatures and whether everything is okay or not. But then you need to close the lid again as soon as possible.

How to check rotisserie chicken temperature?

To measure the internal temperature of a dish you need to use a meat thermometer. In the case of a chicken, you should insert the digital meat thermometer into the thickest part of the chicken and check if it reached 165°F.

How much weight can a Rotisserie hold?

There is a limit to how much weight a Rotisserie Smoker spit can hold. Most of them are capable of holding up to 15 pounds. If your food exceeds this limit, the spit might get bent and not rotate properly.


Now you know the complete process of building your Rotisserie Smoker. Right?

So, as you know how to build a Rotisserie Smoker, why will you spend $3k buying a Rotisserie Smoker? No need.

Just follow our given simple steps, built your Rotisserie Smoker, save a huge amount of money and finally enjoy delicious smoked food with your family members or friends.

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