How To Build a Spanish Style Fireplace [4 Easy Steps]

If you’re someone who loves an aesthetic touch on every corner of your home, a Spanish-style fireplace will not disappoint you. A Spanish fireplace will easily become the center of point in your Spanish-style home. 

There’s no substitute for a Spanish-style fireplace if you want to add a little punch to indigenous culture & make your living room more classy. 

Now you may be thinking to have one. But the problem is you don’t know how to build a Spanish style fireplace.


Don’t worry as we are here to help you tell the simple ways of building a Spanish-style fireplace. So, read to learn…

4 Easy Steps on How to Build a Spanish Style Fireplace

There’s no denying the fact that establishing a Spanish fireplace requires manpower, thousands of stone pieces, and the full-fledged execution of a plan.

The project might pinch your pocket. It might pinch your pocket. But it’s worth every penny. 

1. Initiating at the Bottom

Before jumping into any other step, select the fireplace area around which you’ll continue building. The foundation of your fireplace is the heart of it.

As you’re going to have a weight fireplace attached to the wall, it has to be durable enough. The wall has to yield proper support to the bulky fireplace. 

Inspect the fireplace area very painstakingly before handing over the construction work. You have the option to choose between wood or gas burning.

No matter from which company you pick your fireplace, they’ll provide you with specs for the base. The fireplace will mount on a wooden. The base of your fireplace is more likely to be 4”-8” high and 3.5” X 2.5” wide. You will have to secure the fireplace on the floor.

And if your floor is a cement-like hard surface, then you may need essential tools. You can easily get them from a nearby store. Even some of the repair stores also put these necessary tools on rent. You can take them for rent as well. 

2. Building up the Frame

After working out on the base comes the job of establishing a frame. The frame has to cover the unit around your fireplace. Keep a safe space of half an inch behind the facing where you’re going to set the fireplace. Don’t let the framing pass the frontal area of the fireplace.

Otherwise, you will have to face an adverse situation. Keep the top peak of the framework a bit higher than the genuine shelf. You can make a customized angle right outside the framing. We prefer it to be 120- degrees.

You can pick whichever angle you prefer. You have to place such a frame that can bear the weight of the fireplace from its base. As the frame has to take the immense weight vertically and horizontally, there’s no chance that you take it for granted.

Set the fire code and base by keeping these things in mind. If your house has concrete floors, you’re more likely to need a nail gun for that. After working on the base and ceiling, you need to put your hands on the right one. Make sure that your right frame nicely attaches to the ceiling and the base frame. 

3. Embedding the Stones

You will need around 4,500 stones to be embedded in your fireplace for a nice Spanish appearance. Before embedding them into the wall, the manufacturers skillfully chop and chip these stones into tinier pieces when you order them.

Arranging myriads of stone isn’t child’s play. It requires some expert masons to get it done. If you want your Spanish fireplace to be no less than an art, we suggest you hire some highly-experienced masons.

They will be able to provide you with a perfect fitting and outstanding outlook at once. It’s not like you have to place the stones in a traditional way only. You can pick an awesome Spanish-style fireplace idea that matches your Spanish-style home. 

The construction will turn into a fireplace gradually when the stones are embedded in its body. This process will take you more than three weeks if you hire the experts. Otherwise, it will take a long time. We would suggest you refrain from doing DIY at this stage. 

4. Finishing Part

With a withstanding base, sturdy framework, and roughly embedded stones, your Spanish fireplace is ready to get going. Use drywall compound and tape for hiding all the seaming.

Only you need a putty knife to do that. Gently spread a 4” wide compound over every seaming. In this way, you can establish a worth-praising fireplace under your roof.  

Once every step is done, you can decorate your fireplace with some illuminating lamps and lights. Bring out some of your antique jewelry from your collection to adorn it a bit more. It will create the classic aura of Spanish homes which you have been scouring. It will turn your so-called basement into a family gathering area. 

You can also watch the video given below on how to remodel an existing fireplace to a Spanish-style fireplace.


Is a Spanish fireplace worth it?

If you’re willing to add a Spanish touch to your living room, there’s no substitute for a Spanish-style fireplace.

Is a Spanish fireplace expensive?

Spanish fireplaces are not as expensive as other fireplace styles. You can customize your Spanish fireplace based on your budget. 

What are some types of Spanish-style fireplaces?

There are various Spanish-style fireplace ideas. You can choose any of them as your interest. Some popular designs are:

  • Kiva fireplace
  • Spanish colonial-style fireplace
  • Spanish-style stone fireplace
  • Spanish courtyard-style fireplace


Creating a Spanish fireplace at home seemed a very tough thing to people before knowing the correct way to establish it. You may find tons of articles that claim to help you with high-brow techniques.

But only a few of them are worth giving a try. We have brought you some of the best tips for creating a Spanish fireplace for your home decor here. So, follow them and build one for you.

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