How To Clean Grill After Grease Fire [4 Easy Steps]

A grease fire is a rare and unexpected occurrence any griller (maybe an expert or newbie) may experience. Like others, we also experienced a grease fire last week at our Traeger Grill.

We had to use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. After putting out the grease fire, several questions arise in our minds:

  • Would it be good to scrub and clean the grill to use the grill for the next cook? 
  • If yes, how to clean the grill after a grease fire?

Like ours, we bet you have these same questions once you experience a grease fire on your grill. So, stick with us till the end to get the answer to those. 

How To Clean Grill After Grease Fire [4 Easy Steps]

Cleaning your grill after a grease fire is a breeze if you follow and apply the below tidying-up processes. 

Step 1: Turn Your Grill on High

If your Grill is away from anything important, we suggest lighting and turning it on high. Then, run your Grill for 45 minutes or more to let it burn all the grease. 

Next, turn off your Grill and let it cool. Afterward, scrape the char out with a brush. Also, it’s a good idea to turn your Grill on high after finishing every cook so that it can burn off the grease. By doing so, you can easily prevent the grease fire. 

Step 2: Clean With Vinegar

Distilled vinegar will be your go-to degreaser to pick up char by a grease fire. Just apply vinegar on the cooking grate and on the area where you find stains.

Then, use a scrubbing brush to brush away the grease and soot. Vinegar also helps to eliminate the burning smell along with removing the grease. Finally, rinse your cooking grate with water. 

Step 3: Use A Wet Rag

When it comes to cleaning the charred-up mess, just wet a rag or cloth with water and use it to wipe away the grease residue. We recommend you remove the cooking grate and wipe it evenly. It will be better if you clean the drip pan as well. 

Step 4: Use Degreaser

And lastly, you can try out a degreaser to remove grease from your grill and grates. The super-strength gel can clean any sticky residue or charred mess with ease. We recommend you try out the Goo Gun Grill and Grate Cleaner to clean your grill after a grease fire. 

How To Clean A Grill After Using A Fire Extinguisher On It?

Whether you are an expert or a newbie, grease fire may occur unexpectedly.  Many of us use a fire extinguisher or baking soda when experiencing a grease fire to put out the fire. 

Though it helps solve the fire issue, it leaves white stuff on and around the cooking grate. Removing this sticky and stubborn chalky substance is a bit challenging.

Now, let’s check out how you can remove the white stuff from your grill after putting out the fire. 

  • Pull out the cooking grates from your grill and keep them in a large wash pan. Let them soak in the soapy water. 
  • Remove other components like drip pan, firepot, heat buffer, and others from your grill and scrub the inside with water & vinegar solution. 
  • Place your grill in direct sunlight and wash your grill with a garden hose to remove the remaining leftover.
  • Put everything back into your grill- except the cooking grates.
  • Scrub the cooking grates thoroughly and rinse them with water. Once the grates dry, place them into your grill.
  • Turn on your grill and run it for 15 minutes to burn off the remaining residue.
  • Finally, use a grill brush to brush away the cooking grates when it cools down. 

How To Prevent Grease Fire?

The cleaning methods we mentioned above will help to clean the charred messes from your grill. But what if taking some precautions will help you avoid the grease fire? Yes, you can prevent the grease fire by following the below steps. 

Step 1: Clean Up Your Grill

The main culprit behind occurring grease fires is leaving your grill unclean after every cook. Almost every grill or smoke has a drip pan under the cooking grate.

When it gets full of grease or oil and reaches its maximum temperature, a grease fire will occur. To avoid this issue, clean your grill before and after every cook perfectly.

Step 2: Scrape Your Cooking Grate

Use a scraper to scrape the cooking grate to remove dried meat or grease. It doesn’t only attract bacteria and affect the cooking output but also causes unwanted flare-ups.

So, grab your grill brush and use it to clean the cooking grate when it’s still hot. However, you can give a thorough scrubbing when cleaning the drip pan. 

Step 3: Keep Baking Soda At Your Fingertips

Baking soda is a useful ingredient that you can keep near your hand. It works as a fire extinguisher. Like a fire extinguisher, baking soda can cut out the oxygen supply quickly and help you to control the fire


What causes grease fires?

Too hot cooking oil is responsible for a grease fire. When you heat up the grill, the oil first starts boiling, smoking, and later it will catch on fire. 

What do you do after a grease fire on a grill?

If you get the chance, turn off your grill first. Then, remove the smoked food from your grill and make the flame smooth by throwing baking soda. Lastly, close the lid and vents of your grill so that the air fails to go into the grill. 

Can you use a grill after a grease fire?

Yes, you can use a grill after a grease fire. Before using the grill, make sure you thoroughly clean your grill to remove the charred messes. Otherwise, it will affect the cooking process. 

Can I use a degreaser on my grill?

Yes, you can use a degreaser on your grill to clean any grease residue from the cooking grates and the drip pan. 

Can you eat food after a grease fire?

No, you can’t eat food after a grease fire. Toxic elements or chemicals may go into the food. If you eat the food, you will get sick. What you need to do is- just throw the food after a grease fire. 


Whether you are an expert or a newbie, any griller can experience the grease fire. When you go through this, turn off your grill first. Then, use baking soda or a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. 

Next, follow the cleaning methods we mentioned above to remove the grease once your grill cools down. Never try to cook with your grill until you clean the charred messes. 

To avoid future grease fires, clean your grill like the cooking grate before and after every cook. 

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