How To Clean A Masterbuilt Electric Smoker [3 Easy Steps]

As a newbie, you are here because you don’t know how to clean a Masterbuilt electric smoker.

Am I right?

how to clean a masterbuilt electric smoker

Get relaxed because we are showing you 3 simple steps to clean your Masterbuilt digital electric smoker easily with 2 healthy and SAFE methods.

Just keep reading and learn how to clean an electric smoker effortlessly and in a healthy way. Okay?

How To Clean A Masterbuilt Electric Smoker [3 Easy Steps]

To clean a Masterbuilt electric or propane smoker will be handy if you follow the simple 3 steps given below.

cleaning a masterbuilt electric smoker

Plus, it would be safe and healthy if you follow our 2 healthy methods. So, let’s start…

The 1st Step

1. Have The Necessary Equipment For Cleaning

To make cleaning your bbq smoker efficient and simple, you need to have the following materials before the kick:

  • Soft & bristle-free brush
  • Soft cloth or sponges
  • A handy grill scraper & paper towel
  • A bucket & hot water
  • Apple cider vinegar mixed with water
  • Glass cleaner & a spray bottle
  • Newspaper or plastic sheet & recycle bag

Have you got the above-needed checklist? If yes, you are ready to go…

2. Remove The Smoker Components

When you have got all the necessary equipment for cleaning, it’s time to unplug the electric line.

remove the smoker components

Then, open the smoker door and remove the following components from your smoker:

  • Smoker racks & racks holder
  • Drip tray & drip pan
  • Water bowl & smoker box 
  • And all other removable components

The 2nd Step

3. Clean The Removal Parts

After removing all the removable items from the smoker, now you can begin your cleaning job. Here one thing is advisable, you are ready to clean your Masterbuilt smoker just after finishing your smoking food, allowing the smoker to cool down. 

Otherwise, it may hurt you as it would remain very hot after cooking. Or, if you are going to clean the smoker after a long time being used, heat the smoker with a maximum temperature of at least 50-60 minutes. Then let it cool down completely. 

The process will warm the hardened grease and debris and make them soft and ease your cleaning task.

scrap out the hardened grease

It’s time to begin your cleaning task. Dump out the ashes found inside the wood chip box, take a piece of a soft cloth and wipe the wood chip loader with that cloth to clean out

Now take a handy scraper and scrape the grease and grime stuck with the greased pan and other parts. After scraping out the hardened grease from the drip tray, it’s time to wash up every part that you have removed from the grill. 

Have a bucket full of hot soapy water and a grill brush or scouring sponge and begin brushing all the removable parts using the soapy water. But don’t forget to wear a pair of hand gloves for your safety. 

When you find every part is brushed up, take all the parts into your kitchen basin.  And wash up all the parts with clean water.

clean all the removable parts

Now you have cleaned up all the removable parts from the grill. 


So, let them dry up well.


4. Clean The Smoker’s Inside/Cooking Chamber

Now the time has come to clean the inside of the cooking chamber of your smoker. Before starting the cleaning, spray the inside of the smoker with apple cider vinegar mixed water.

Plus, place a piece of paper or plastic sheet under the smoker. It will help you to catch all the rubbles. Take a scraper and a brush that comes with a soft bristle.

It would be good if you can have a plastic scraper. Now carefully scrape the grease and garbage all around sticking inside the smoker. 

clean the smoker's inside

When you find all the stuck grease and waste scraped up, brush them all from the walls and top towards the bottom. Now you will find all the debris at the bottom of the smoker. 

Then brush the rubbles into the paper or plastic sheet under the smoker and keep all the waste in a biodegradable bag to dump.  

Cleaning Electric Smoker With Vinegar [Safe Method 1]

Cleaning the electric smoker with apple cider vinegar mixing water is safe from using a chemical cleaner. 

Mix 50:50 vinegar and water and take it into the water spray bottle. Spray the water mixing vinegar all inside the smoker. Take a piece of paper towel and gently wipe it down all over the walls of the smoker.

You can respray the vinegar water and repeat the wiping job. But never try to shine the smoker walls. Just wipe down to remove the built-up grease. Let the smoker wall stay darker. It will help your smoker to be seasoned and work well preventing rust. 

Cleaning Electric Smoker with Coca-Cola [Safe Method 2]

You can also use coca-cola to clean the inside of the smoker which is safe and quick absorbing. Have a coca-cola bottle and take it inside the spray bottle. And spray in the same way you could spray the vinegar water and clean the smoker inside. 

How To Clean The Window Of A Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

To clean the smoker glass, again take soapy warm water into the bucket and have a soft piece of cloth or spongy pad. Deep the sponge pad or cloth into the soapy water, scrub and rinse out the glass door.

Here if you find the grease is hardened and stuck to the glass, you can wet the glass first with soapy water and let it stay for a while.

Then, put on scrubbing and cleaning the glass door. You will find the glass is cleaned out effortlessly. 

The 3rd Step

Clean the Exterior of the Smoker

This is the step to clean the outside of the smoker and make it shiner. Wet a piece of cloth and wipe down all around the outside of the smoker gently. Then take the spray bottle and spray the vinegar mixing water outside of the smoker.

Now, wipe down the top and sides of the smoker gently with a piece of paper. You can also use a glass cleaner to shine the smoker’s outside. Don’t forget to take a look at the backside of the smoker. Here you can find dust and cobwebs to clean. 

Let The Smoker Dry From The Inside And Outside

You have just ended up with the cleaning task. Now, it’s time to allow the smoker a few hours to dry up the opening door.

let the smoker dry from the inside & outside

Then take another piece of towel paper and run it all over the inside and outside of the smoker to absorb the moisture. Also absorb the moisture from the water pan, drip tray,  shelves, holders, I mean whatever you removed from the smoker’s inside. 

Then set all the parts that you could remove from the smoker and get ready for the next alluring smokey food. 

How To Clean An Electric Smoker With Mold?

When you keep your smoker and grill unused for a pretty long, getting the smoker or grill grates mold normally. 

You know, after using wood pellets or chips in the smoker or grill, that means after the whole cooking process, there creates a huge amount of grease. When the smoker stays without cleaning after use, it gets moisturized because of the grease and little air circulation inside the smoker.  

That’s the simple reason your grill or smoker gets mold. Now the question is how to clean an electric smoker that gets mold and prevents or rid of it. Simply follow the tips given below to get rid of mold.

  • Have a handy plastic scraper and remove the grease from the grease bucket & other parts where you see mold.
  • Remove the charcoal and other debris from the smoker. 
  • Then run the smoker for an hour and let the remaining grease burnt.
  • When you find the smoker gets cooled, remove the shelves, drip tray, water pan, drip pan, and cooking rack holder and clean with soapy water. 
  • Then rinse all the parts with towel paper and let the components dry up.
  • If you discover that all the parts are dried up, set again all the things that you have removed. And again make them and allow the smoker to run them for a few minutes. 

You will find that your smoker or grill is rid of mold and ready to smoke your food. 

How To Clean Creosote From Electric Smoker?

First remove all the dampness, grease, and ash from the smoker. Then make a fire and set the smoker temperature as high as possible and run it for few times. When you find the smoker is hit enough, shut off it and allow it to get cool.

cleaning creosote with fire

Once the smoker gets cold, take a bucket of hot and soapy water. Have a plastic bristle brush and gently scrub the inside of the smoker. Then rinse and finally wipe with a soft piece of cloth.

Should I Clean Electric Smoker With Oven Cleaner?

It’s not recommended to clean the electric smoker with an oven cleaner. Why?

It’s because the oven cleaner is specially made for infecting and cleaning the oven. So, the cleaner carries harmful components like caustic soda which is definitely harmful to our human body. Moreover, cleaning the smoker with an oven cleaner will smash the smokey food taste.   

So, it’s wise to avoid cleaning the smoker or grill with oven cleaner. Cleaning with vinegar is far safer and healthy for you.

How Do You Steam Clean An Electric Smoker?

A steam-clean electric smoker is simple. Here you need to have a pan or bowl with water. Then open the door of your smoker and place the water pan inside of your smoker. Now, turn on your electric smoker and set the temperature to high. 

Don’t forget to keep the smoker parts like racks, grease pans, and others inside the smoker. When the water begins to boil, it will steam. The steam will loosen the grease and another buildup. 

After 20-30 minutes, turn off the smoker and let the smoker get cool so that it can’t hurt you. Now, take out the racks from the smoker and have a bucket of soapy water and a grill brush.

Gently brush the racks, the greased pan, and the inside of the smoker. Then wash up all the parts and the inside of your smoker with clean water and allow the grill to dry itself perfectly. 

Warnings: It’s not wise to go for a steam cleaning of your electric smoke because the steam will wet all the electric connections, thus the connections will get rusty and thus have corrosion. Consequently, it may overheat the wires when you run the smoker and finally cause a fire. 

So, it’s advisable to apply the above cleaning methods. 

How To Maintain An Electric Smoker?

Maintaining your electric smoker will dramatically enhance the smoking ability and the life span of the smoker. So, it’s very important to know how to maintain your electric smoker. 

Clean After Every Use

Make sure you clean your smoker after every smoke for palatable smoked meat. Though the cleaning is a little bit effortful, it will certainly keep your smoker safe from many issues like Masterbuilt electric smoker tripping gfci and temperature problems.

Plus, cleaning a Masterbuilt smoker after every cooking will enhance the smoker’s performance and ensure a better smoking result.

So, as you know how to clean a Masterbuilt smoker already, just follow those 3 simple steps and clean your smoker to maintain its shine and performance.

Rub The Racks With Oil

Rubbing the shelves with oil before smoking will help to avoid sticking the smoking foods to the racks. And the rubbing oil will also ease your cleaning job after use.

Even using oil on shelves after cleaning will keep the shelves seasoned and in better condition always. And to rub, you can use vegetable oil or avocado oil, or sunflower oil as they are recommended as the best oil for seasoning grill grates. 

Use Smoker Cover

Don’t forget to cover the smoker when it’s not used. Covering the smoker will keep it safe from all air dust or any other elements that can harm the smoker’s surface. 

Thus it will prolong your smoker’s life. So, now as you know how to maintain an electric smoker, do it, keep your smoker clean and enjoy a better smoking performance from your smoker. 

Here, you can watch the video too to know more about cleaning your Masterbuilt electric smoker.


Is apple cider vinegar to clean smokers good?

Ans: Yes, apple cider vinegar is very good to clean a smoker or grill. Because apple cider vinegar is made of acids that help to clean out grease and debris built in the smoker or grill. That’s the reason cleaning an electric smoker with vinegar is always recommended. 

Should I clean the inside of my Masterbuilt smoker?

Ans: Yes, you should clean the inside of your Masterbuilt smoker after every use to get rid of mold and enhance your smoker’s performance. 

What do you clean a smoker with?

Ans: I clean my smoker using warm soapy water, a handy scraper, a soft cloth, a bristle-free brush, vinegar, and a towel. 

Do I need to season my Smoker?

Ans: Yeah, I season my smoker before the first use to remove the painting or other odors. I also season the smoker even before every use to have a better smoking result.  

How often should I clean my electric smoker? 

Ans: An electric smoker is required to fully clean after 4-5 cooking. But, Don’t forget to clean the grill grates & dip tray after every use.  It’s also better to clean the wood chip tray after each cooking.

What are the best foods to smoke?

The best foods to smoke are meat, chicken, pork ribs, brisket, salmon, turkey, hamburgers, and lobster.

What is the best temperature for cold smoking?

The ideal temperature for cold smoking with the ultimate smoky flavor is between 20-30 °C or 68-86 °F. For a better cold smoking result, you can get your desired temperature between these.

Final Thoughts

As now you know our handy tips for cleaning electric smokers, you don’t need to struggle with how to clean your Masterbuilt smoker anymore.

Just go with the above ultimate steps and clean your dirty smoker after every use for better performance from your smoker on the next cooking. Plus cleaning regularly will reduce the possibility of your Masterbuilt electric smoker’s temperature problems or other issues.

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