How To Fix Hole In Bottom Of Charcoal Grill [7 Easy Steps]

Are you in difficulties with the holes in the bottom of your charcoal grill and planning to replace the grill? Wait!! This serious problem can be resolved by fixing the damages. 

Now, certainly, you’re thinking about how to fix a hole in the bottom of a charcoal grill. If so, there is no need to worry. You are on the accurate webpage.

Grease, leaking, improper maintenance, and for longer use, the grill surface can easily break down over time. Fixing the damage will not seem an arduous task as long as you will follow out below guide. 

hole in bottom of charcoal grill

Throughout this comprehensive article, we will walk you through all the effective steps to fix the hole in the grill bottom with ease. So, let’s start!!!

How To Fix Hole In Bottom Of Charcoal Grill [7 Easy Steps]

Now, let’s go through each of the following suggested methods, tips, and tricks below:

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1. Manage The Requirements

First of all, you will have to collect some essential tools which you will need to fix the grill bottom. For instance, here is the list of fixing tools for this chore.

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Wire mesh
  • steel wool
  • sandpaper
  • Epoxy glue
  • pliers 
  • Measuring tape
  • Metal sheeting
  • silicone caulk
  • Hammer
  • Paper towels.

2. Clean The Grill

Then, you have to identify the grill hole. For this, surely you will have to remove the dust from the grill. Without cleaning dirt or debris from the grill, it might be an obstruction for you to complete the task. Remove the grill grate and charcoal first.

Here, You will notice rust as well as debris at the bottom of the grill. Anyway, de-assemble the grill for cleaning the bottom. Use abrasive material such as a wire brush, steel wool, or sandpaper to remove the rust. 

A wire brush will easily scrape off the large lumps and dirt. Now, scrub the surface using liquid dishwashing soap and steel wool. Then, rinse the bottom with clean water. Once the grill is clean, wipe it down using paper towels.

3. Point Out The Hole

Once the grill bottom is cleaned, you have to inspect the hole. Take a close look at the bottom. For better understanding, place the grill in such an area where you will get enough brightness. You may flip over the grill to find out the hole easily. Either the hole may be small or too large.

 If the hole is small, you can easily repair this using silicone caulk. But in the case of a larger hole, you need to fix it by using metal sheeting. 

4. Patch The Large Hole With A Metal Sheet

If you have one or two large holes at the bottom, nothing will be better than wielding the hole using the metal sheet. Before patching the metal sheet, you need the correct measure to cut the metal sheet

For this, take a measuring tape and measure the hole size. Now cut the metal slightly larger than the hole measurement. To bend the metal ease with the grill surface, use pliers. 

Also, you have to use silicone caulk to flush the patch in place. Leave the fixing place for 24 hours to dry out the caulk perfectly.

5. Fix Small Hole With Epoxy Glue

This solution will prove well only if the hole is small. It is one type of no-weld hole repairing process. Just apply a thick coat of epoxy glue to the damaged area using a light coat application. 

The process is permanent and effective in preventing the hole from reforming. Also, it will prevent accumulating debris for a longer time.

6. Use UV Repair Patches For Instant Fixing

If you want to get back to grilling almost instantly, you can use UV repair patches. It is one of the durable and permanent ways to fix bottom holes. Place the patches on the whole surface and tap on it with your hand tightly. Use safety gloves for safety caution. 

Now place the grill under the sunlight for 5 minutes to make it stable. These patches are quite fast curing and offer fixes within a very short time. Apart from this, it will be durable, flexible, and waterproof. If you take it to UV light, it will harden like steel.

7. Testing The Fixed Hole

Once the repairing is done, this time you have to test the hole. First, deeply check if the hole is still visible or not. If not, you have done a great job. Apart from this, move through your fingers over the UV patches but quite gently. Make sure your finger is not going through the hole while moving on it. Finally, reassemble the grill and start the fire.

How Do You Prevent Forming A Hole In The Grill And keep The Bottom Of Grill From Rusting?

Certainly, it seems annoying to fix the damage and hole at the grill surface again and again. Basically, the role starts from the rusted area. There are a few things that will prevent the grill from rusting over it. For all your convenience, we have shared those tips and tricks to prevent holes from forming in your grill:

  • To prevent any type of damage on any grill, deep cleansing is quite needed. It will also reduce the build-up of dirt and rust in places. Clean every part of the grill after cooking.
  • Secondly, checking the wear and tear is also essential. If you regularly check the grill if there has any wear and tear, it can easily be fixed before forming a big problem.
  • Thirdly, season your grill with oil after each use. Especially rub the grill grates with high heat oil. It will prevent building up rust on grill parts. By this, you will easily reduce the big chance of causing the hole.
  • Apart from all these, proper maintenance of the grill while cooking is essential. Like, must cover your grill after using. It will protect your grill element from damage and getting rust. 
  • Wipe your grill elements using a soft cloth or paper towel after finishing cleaning. In short, keep your grill always moisture-free.

How Can You Clean And Maintain Your Charcoal Grill

One of the finest ways to keep the charcoal grill tip-top is by proper maintenance. By this, you can ensure the long durability of the grill and increase its efficiency. Anyway, we have included some basic maintenance tips which you need to follow:

  • First, clean out the grill properly on a regular basis. Use a grill brush or grill tongs for better cleaning. All these will help remove heavy debris from the grill so precisely.
  • To clean the cooking grate, use a scrapper. Brush out all the big chunks and debris from grates. Scrape the inside and bottom of the bowl. After cleaning, don’t forget to dry the grates using a rag towel or paper towel.
  • Make sure that you have removed the build-up ashes and debris, which causes the metal to break down over time.
  • Another major point is that never use too abrasive things on the grill metal. It will scratch the finish, and you need to repaint your grill.
  • As you have read above, coating essential grill areas with cooking oil is necessary to prevent the surface from drying up and rusting.

How To Fix Rusted Grill Bottom

If your grill has been rusted too much, you can easily fix it by following some effective methods. But if the rust is not minimal, fixing this rust may seem hard. Anyway, go through the below steps to fix rust that infiltrated the innermost part of the grill:

  • The first step is removing the chunks of dust and debris from the rusted area. Disassemble the grill to inspect the rusted grill parts.
  • Once you have found the rusted area, you need to scrape off the rust. Use steel wool or sandpaper to remove the rust easily. Do a special concentration on the protective grill part.
  • After scrapping, take a liquid dishwashing soap mixed with water.
  • Wet the area with this liquid to dissolve the rusting grease. You may use white vinegar and baking soda mixture (1:2) in this case as well. Spray the mixture on the surfaces and allow it to soak.
  • Apart from all the above, it will be highly better to use commercial rust remover on the surface. Start scrubbing the area with steel wool.
  • Finally, rinse it with the water. Now, wipe the surface using the ragged towel carefully.Then, if you are noticing any type of cracks and damage at the bottom, fix it by following the above methods. 


Should You Use A Grill With Holes In It?

You will face limitless difficulties by using a grill with holes. Like flaring –up the fire, food dripping or leaking the grease on the inside grill. So, it will be better to take action right after when you notice holes in it.

Can I line the bottom of my grill with foil?

Always avoid lining the bottom of the grill with aluminum foil. It will restrict the airflow inside the charcoal grill. Also, the grease will gather in the creases of the foil, leading to the grease fire. If you really want, use a heat-resistant mat instead.

Can you use JB weld on a grill?

JB weld is great for repairing cracks, holes, gaps, and much more on outdoor grills. As it can withstand heat up to 500-degrees F and never catch fire, it is quite safe to use.

When Do You Need Your Charcoal Grill Bottom Replacement?

If there is tiny damage, holes, or cracks in the bottom grill, you can easily fix it. But if the hole is larger, you need to replace the bottom to prevent the chances of potential damage to the grill. 

Why does the bottom of my grill rust out?

The first possible reason is exposing the grill to rain or other water for longer times. Also, if the food particle stays on the grill component, it rots and becomes acidic, causing rust. 

Do charcoal grills have holes in the bottom?

Definitely!! The charcoal grill has holes in the bottom, which are known as grill vents. These vents are featured for air circulating through the grills. Also, it helps to control the grill temperature for the most part.

It’s A Wrap!!

Well, you have done the reading. Hopefully, now you have better ideas for fixing the grill bottom hole. We can expect that you will easily fix your grills’ issue by following the above guide. 

Still, if you have any questions on any facts, don’t delay to let us know in the comment box. We are ready for your assistance.

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