How To Use Old Smokey Charcoal Grill [3 Easy Steps]

Old Smokey is churning out the charcoal grill for the last sixty years! They made good stuff where you can toss all types of pellets and enjoy different flavors and food.

It is a popular bait for its immersive heat, we experience its accelerating temperature that soars 250 degrees F in a few moments. 

By the way, this article will tell you about how to use old Smokey charcoal grill. So if you are going to buy this old smoky smoker for the first time and don’t have experience with how it works then stick to this article. 

3 Steps To Know How to Use Old Smokey Charcoal Grill

The old smokey folk is a classic edition of the charcoal smoker. Since World war 2, it is serving. If you want to know how you toss your foods into it and get a tasty meal, then you must come to know how to use the smoker like a pro. 

What Inside The Box Of Old Smokey

Before you are going to use it, let’s come to know about the parts of old smokey: 

  • Lid
  • Top & bottom grill
  • 2 side handles & 1 top handle
  • Lid hinging clip
  • Chip tray
  • Drip pan
  • Wood chips
  • Heating control parts & cord
  • Grease absorbents

Our Recipe:

So we are going to eat something, right? Well, as a part of setting an example, we brought the following stuff as a part of our recipe: 

  • 3 chicken legs (You can put more depending on the size)
  • A solid piece of beef
  • Bacon strips

Installation Period:

So when your Old Smokey arrives at home and then you open things up for the first time, don’t go nuts. Yes, there are plenty of them which we have mentioned earlier.

To put them together follow the manual. By the way, we will help you as well, let’s read between the lines: 

Step 1: Screw up Alongside the Rungs

First off, you will need to set up the drip pan and then place the bottom grill on it. Make sure, the drip pan will sit on the lower rung of screws afterward, you can place the bottom grill. 

Finally, you can put the top grill located at the upper rung, then screw it up. 

Step 2: Manage the Heating Element

Now on, find out the heating element and place the chip tray on it. The time comes up, to install your cord and heat control. To do so, simply push it against the prongs. 

Don’t forget to plug your cord right into the wall then the heat at a high level and keep it for ten minutes. You can do this several times until the manufacturing metal oil won’t burn off. 

Step 3: Preparation of Meal:

Now we will have some fun with the Old Smokey! Take out the chip tray and put wood chips. Afterward, gently put all the food on it and make sure to keep the standard proximity among the items and don’t put one after another. 

Now, you are going to close the lid for half an hour. Meanwhile, the smoke will arouse you from what you are cooking inside of it since the items are coated with a smokey flavor. 

Sounds, yammi right? By the way, if you are cooking into it for the first time don’t expect to see an excellent result.

Because it may be an easy-peasy task to cook using the World’s most classic charcoal-Old Smokey for a newbie. 

Important Things To Know While Using an Old-Smokey

Until now, hopefully, you have come to know how to use your classic smoker which is almost similar to masterbuilt smoker use.

But oftentimes we ruin everything by putting water inside the pan. So don’t do it. Carefully, fill the water pan and make sure it’s not overloaded.

Moderate water filling will create perfect moisture. That’s the reason your meal won’t dry out at all and offer you super juicy smoked food.

5 Tips You Must Know Before Using Old Smokey Charcoal Grill

Using charcoal had never been easier for the novice, especially for the old smokey charcoal. If you have never used it before then you must come to know the following 5 smokers’ instructions. So let’s come to learn them below:

Tip 1: Keep your Charcoal Far Away from Flammable Materials

There is a bit of a safety hazard with it, no doubt, indeed. The reason is quite obvious, the old smokey is an outdoor cooking top with extreme temperature. Moreover, it is susceptible to flammable materials as well.

So while setting them before the cooking preps make sure you will keep all the flammable materials away at least for ten feet. 

Tip 2: Carry it Safely

The size of it is pretty big but don’t think it is that much robust, however, it doesn’t mean this will wear out soon. Here is why, while transporting, try to pull it above the knees and never drag it on the surface to avoid scratching it off. 

Tip 3: Don’t Use Natural Fuel Instead of Pellets

We know this smokey grill brings immersive smoke and heat both because of using pellets. Any type of pellets would work which is great but never use gasoline or kerosene. These are not the fuel type, you are supposed to use. 

Tip 4: Go Slow but Steady while Cooking Preparation

The old smokey grill comes with a damper opening. The cooking techniques largely rely on when to open it up and close it down. We recommend you let the coals heat up well for at least half an hour before you are seeing a white coating.

Afterward, place your meat alongside the surface of the grill then again open the damper to see whether it is ready to serve or not. 

However, for the frozen meats, you should keep the damper open for the prior cooking preps to see if it’s burning properly or not. Here is why you should observe closely whether the charcoal flaring up or not.

If your charcoal is not burning independently then it won’t flare up, turns out you will find an immature dish or over-matured cooking. 

Tip 5: Let the Ashes Die in the Cold before You Pack Up

So you did well with the cooking prep except for finishing it well, which means on the next day, you are going to start your charcoal grill by screwing up. Here is why never forget to empty out the ashes until they are cold.

Besides, also make sure to put the top half back and close all dampers because an infestation won’t occur especially when you will store it for a long time. 


How well is the Old Smokey Electric Smoker?

If you look for a simple-to-use yet durable smoker, you must consider the Old Smokey Electric Smoker to have in your lineup. Therefore, you will get juicy, succulent, and tender smoking results using this electric smoker.

How do I clean an old Smokey electric smoker?

You can use a pressure washer to clean the drip pan of your Old Smokey Electric Smoker. Alternatively, you can make a homemade solution of vinegar and water to clean the cooking grates and drip pan. 

Can wood chunks be used in place of chips?

Yes, you can use wood chunks instead of chips as they burn longer, generate more smoke, and offer the best flavor.

How much charcoal to use in a grill?

It depends on what you are going to cook. If you cook tender meats, fill the chimney about a quarter with charcoal. On the other hand, half or three-quarters of the chimney will be enough to cook burgers. 

Should I get a charcoal grill or an electric grill?

If you want to get the best grilling flavor, you should go for a charcoal grill. But handling the charcoal grill will be tricky, and you must give it a lot of time to learn. In contrast, you can consider the electric grill as it’s easy to use and has no learning curve.

Final Words

The old smokey prevails a huge smoke to taste different types of recipes. Here we showed a simple one to give you an example. As you now know how to use old smokey charcoal grill, you can try your own recipe. And enjoy super delicious smoked food with your family members or friends.

However, if you are stuck at some point, feel free to let us know. Hopefully, our 5 tips on using your old smokey electric smoker will show you a path.

As the giant smoker is required to handle it carefully, from now you can do it simply.

However, if you are stuck at some point, feel free to let us know. 


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