How To Use Masterbuilt Electric Bullet Smoker [7 Simple Steps]

Perhaps, you heard these words- Masterbuilt makes smoking foods simple! Yes, you hear the right phrases. The Masterbuilt Electric Bullet Smoker is what makes your dream real to make yummy and tasty smoked meat. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can use it effortlessly to cook meat. 

In this guide, we help you to keep one step ahead by providing a step-by-step guide on how to use Masterbuilt electric bullet smoker. So, let’s go to fun and explore how to use a bullet smoker to smoke meat evenly.  

7 Simple Steps On How To Use Masterbuilt Electric Bullet Smoker

In short, you need to plug in the smoker power cord first. Then season your smoker and also preheat it. Next, load the chips box, marinate your meats, load on the racks, and close the smoker door. After 2-3 hours, you will find your meats smoked to eat.

But for better cooking results, you need to know in detail, step by step guide. So, let’s learn…

Step 1.

Firstly, plug the electric cord into the nearest outlet. Then, use the analog temperature control to adjust the temperature level. You can set the temperature to its highest level or above 200 degrees F. 

Then, run the unit for 20 to 30 minutes with a full of wood chips into its wood tray to season it. It will help you to get the best smoke result later. 

Step 2. 

Once you season the bullet smoker, it’s time to make your meat ready. If you don’t know to season, learn how to season your masterbuilt smoker like a pro to enhance food taste. Then, marinate your meat thoroughly according to the recipe. 

Step 3. 

It will be a great idea to preheat your electric smoker before putting meat on the racks. We recommend you preheat the bullet smoker for an hour or less. 

Step 4.

In this step, open the lid of the smoker holding its hook. You can find two round racks in it. Remove them from the unit and you can see a water pan in the unit. Fill the pan with water according to the Masterbuilt bullet smoker manual. Then, put the rack back onto the water pan. 

Step 5. 

Now, it’s time to load the rack with the meat you marinate. Then, put the lid back on the unit. Make sure you adjust the temperature using the analog temperature control. To smoke meat, the ideal temperature is 225 degrees F. So, set the temperature to 225 degrees F. 

Step 6. 

Add wood chips into the unit by opening the door. Make sure you fill the wood tray with wood chips.

Note: Never overdose with extra wood chips. Otherwise, it may provide you with bitter results. 

Also, don’t forget to adjust the air damper to control how much smoke you need. Generally, it takes about three hours to cook the meat evenly. During the cooking period, we recommend you check the wood tray if the chips get burned fast. 

Here, if found, take steps not to burn the wood chips fast and make sure slow but with enough smoke for better smoky results. If needed, you can add more wood chunks to produce enough smoke to cook the food. 

Step 7.

After three hours, your meat will be ready to eat. In other words, your meat will be cooked evenly. So, remove the meat from the smoker by wearing safety gloves. Now, you are ready to enjoy the smoked meat. 

Safety Tips

  • Never heat or impact the electric smoker.
  • Don’t move the unit when it is in use. 
  • Don’t use this electric smoker for other purposes 
  • Wear safety gloves when removing meat from it. Otherwise, it may burn your hand or skin as the interior remains hot. 
  • After every use, unplug it.

How to Clean the Masterbuilt Electric Bullet Smoker

Before cleaning the unit, make sure you unplug it from the outlet and leave it in time. Afterward, follow the below tips to clean the smoker.  

  • Clean the both interior and exterior of the smoker with a damp cloth.
  • Always keep the rack neat and clean. You can use a mild detergent to tidy up the racks. Then, rinse them with water.
  • Don’t try to use any cleaning agents.
  • Also, make sure you clean the wood chips tray and wood chunk holder by removing residue and ash. 


So, how to use a Masterbuilt Electric Bullet Smoker? Follow the above 7 steps we mentioned above to learn. Therefore, don’t forget to maintain the safety tips we provide to avoid potential danger. Finally, clean your Masterbuilt Smoker after every use to keep it ready for the next. 

Now, it’s up to you. 

Are you going to smoke meat using the Masterbuilt Bullet smoker? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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