How To Get Bark On Brisket In Electric Smoker [5 Easy Steps]

While smoking the meat, certainly it is your desire to have sweet, rich, and crusty bark on your smoked meat. If so, then you’re surely thinking about how to get the bark on brisket in an electric smoker, right? Well, you have landed on the accurate webpage. 

To form a good bark on the brisket is not an arduous task as long as you have a well-proven guide.

get bark on brisket in electric smoker

You have to concentrate, starting from picking the brisket, managing the temperature, to placing it on the smoker.

 In this blog post, I’m going to walk you through all the effective procedures, pro-level tips, and tricks to get the finest bark on brisket in an electric smoker. So, let’s get started!

How To Get Bark On Brisket In Electric Smoker [5 Easy Steps]

Before moving to the bark getting process on meat, let’s have some glimpse of what is bark and what is the science behind the bark from below:

What is Brisket Bark & How Is It Formed In Smoke Meat

The bark is basically the crusty outer layer that forms on the top of the smoked meat.

There are two major factors that form the bark when you are smoking the meat. One is polymerization, and the second one is Maillard Reaction.

If we explain it in basic terms, the meat gets bard when it is exposed to heat and oxygen. When you smoke the meat, the rub of the surface starts dissolving and seeping down to the entire layer of the brisket.

Then the smoke binds with the evaporated spices and forms a dark color bark there.

Steps Of Getting Good Bark On Brisket In Electric Smoker

Well, you’ve already come to know all the details about bark and how it forms on brisket. Now, let’s get to know how you get the bark on brisket in an electric smoker by following some easy steps. Here we go…

1. Pick The Perfect Brisket

The first step is picking the perfect brisket when you are planning to get the bark on it. There are a few quick signs that will define an ideal brisket for smoking. For instance, check out the below points to get a quick idea:

  • The brisket having lower connective tissue is good for smoking and bark. Choose such brisket, which can easily bend and flex. 
  • The next notable fact is marbling. Always keep in mind that meat containing more marbling signifies the best quality and will form more juiciness after smoking. 
  • You should check the point and flat facts on the meat as well. The point defines the fatter part, whether the flat is the lean end. Anyway, if you are considering a packer cut, pick a thicker flat. It will ensure evenly smoking and good bark.

2. Concentrate ON Preparing Session

You have picked the proper brisket. Now, this is the time to prepare the meat for cooking. By a perfect pre-cooking preparation of the meat, the taste of the meat will multiply 100 times and will form good bark on the brisket. Go through the below the step-by-step process:

i). Cut Perfectly

The cut on the meat surface will play a good role in preparing the meat for bark. You have to cut the meat in such ways that the rub will easily enter the inner layers of meat. When you will do this, the spices will lock on the whole meat and will turn into a crispy crust after smoking.

ii). Get The Right Balance Of Fat Layer

The fat layer on the crust will either harden or soften the meat. So, you need to know the right balance of the fat layer. If there forms hard fat, it will easily absorb moisture at a large content to the brisket. Trim that deep layer of flat to allow the smoke to penetrate the meat. You have to make sure to trim about ¼ of the flat to protect your meat from over-drying.

iii). Adding A Thick Layer Of Rubbing:

Rubbing on the meat will play a specific role in the formation of the bark. When you ensure a quality dry rub, it will enhance the smoky flavor for the most part. 

After applying water-soluble rub like sugar, salt, and many others, leave for some time to seep it into the meat. From expert suggestion, sugar and salt-based rub will tend to form a bark faster and will produce a sweetness, and smoky flavor.

3. Smoking Process Needs To Be Perfect

A smooth smoking process is quite needed to bring fine-textured bark to the brisket. There are 3 essential tips that you need to practice to complete the task at a pro-level. Read through the below points, for instance:

i). Set the Correct Temperature

Before placing the prepared meat on the smoker, it is important to set the smoker at the correct temperature. Preheat the smoker to 225°F. During the cooking time, you have to maintain a balanced temperature.

If you are smoking brisket at a low temperature, the rub will not cook and end up with a soft saucy topping.

On the contrary, if you are smoking at a high temperature, the upper layer will burn and darken the bark too much. Anyway, set the temperature in the range of 200 to 250°F.

ii). Using Wood Chips:

By using the wood chips in the smoker, you will get an optimal bark on the brisket. The smoke that is created from wood chips enhances the smoky flavor. There are different best quality wood chips available on the market.

Consider having mesquite, apple, hickory, and cherry wood as form the best brands. After adding the chips, wait for a clean smoke that is a thin blue smoke. Otherwise, dark black smoke will bring a bitter taste. 

iii). Wrap Appropriately:

Wrapping the brisket is an essential part while you are smoking it. But it will prove well when you wrap the meat at an accurate time. By this, the moisture will easily enter into the deep layer of the meat and keeps in the meat’s fat and juices, leaving it tender. 

Use aluminum foil or un-waxed butcher paper to wrap the brisket. Follow the below section to get the idea of when you need to warp it. 

4. Place The Brisket

Now is the time to place the brisket on the smoker rack. Never use a pan to place the brisket. Just keep it directly on the grill grates.

Another notable thing is you have to place the meat fat side down. Now close the smoker lid perfectly. Again ensure the temperature between 225F and 250F to smoke your brisket

Cook the meat for 5-6 hours at the same temperature. Next, take a meat thermometer and measure the meat’s inner temperature. Finally, check for the upper layer of the mean. 

If you see crust has not formed, leave the meat for more than 30 minutes. Also, here is a good suggestion is to spray the meat every 30 – 60 minutes with water. Anyway, when the meat has reached about 165F, it is time to wrap it.

5. Take Out The Cooked Brisket

When the temperature reaches between 190F and 203F, be sure your brisket is ready. Now remove the brisket from the smoker. Leave the brisket for some time to let it rest. 

You have to leave the brisket for rest until the internal temperature reaches 170°F. It is essential for juicy and tender meat. Then, slice your brisket with a sharp knife or blade. Finally, you are ready to serve the tasty brisket. 

Why Is My Brisket Not Getting A Bark

In most cases, users also face difficulties in getting the bark on brisket. There surely have some trouble points that we need to find out. Let’s have a glimpse at some possible reasons:

  • The first reason may be setting the wrong temperature and timing. During the complete cooking time, you have to maintain the exact temperature. Neither it should be high nor too low. It should be between 225 and 250F. Otherwise, the brisket will burn and dry.
  • The second possible reason may be using the pan. It restricts to provide heat and smoke from reaching the brisket.
  • Sometimes, wood chips are incredible for providing smoky flavor to the food. But when you are using low-quality chips, it can be the main factor in not getting good bark.
  • Improper maintenance of the smoking on the brisket is also responsible for this. The more good smoke you will ensue, the more good bark you will get.
  • Last but not least, using over rub on the meat is one of the main culprits. So, you should care about all the above factors to get the best bark you wish for. 


How Does Long It Take To Bark On A Brisket?

The cooking mainly depends on the amount of meat. Generally, it takes up to 1-1.25 hours to cook about 1 pound of brisket. Ultimately, if there is ten-pound meat, it will take 10-12 hours to complete.

How Do I Get More Bark On Brisket?

There are a few factors that need to complete to get more bark. First, consider getting the shoulder and brisket portion. Also, the more surface area, the more you are getting bark. Applying rub properly on the surface and temperature maintenance is essential here as well. 

Is There Any Need To Wrap The Brisket?

This circumstance depends on the cooking times. If you wrap the brisket too early, it will produce wet bark. On the contrary, the bark will harden if you wrap your meat too late. It will hold heat and steam inside with the brisket.

It’s A Wrap

Well, that’s all there you have read this. Now you have a crystal clear idea of how to get bark in an electric smoker. Hopefully, you will apply all the suggested approaches correctly. 

Still, if you have any queries or questions about the above fact, leave a comment below. We will reply to you ASAP.

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