How To Hook Up A Propane Tank To A Wall Heater [8 Easy Steps]

How to hook up a propane tank to a wall heater safely?

In short, make a hole on the wall using a drill and install the mounting brackets. Then place your heater on the mounting brackets. Now have a 3/8-inch national pipe thread inlet connection and connect it to the pressure regulator. Then, use an adapter or regulator and hook your wall heater to your propane tank.

It’s all to hook up a propane tank to your wall heater in a nutshell. But to know in detail, keep reading. We will let you know how to install a wall heater & connect it to the propane tank in a simple way. So, here we go...

How to Hook up a Propane Tank to a Wall Heater [8 Easy Steps]

Installing the wall heater & hooking it up to the propane tank is not that difficult you assume. Following the simple steps below, you can do the task like a professional. 

Step 1. Make Sure The Necessary Tools

When you unpack the heater from the carton, ensure all the accessories are present there, including: 

  • Wall-mounting bracket
  • Expansion bracket
  • Expansion bracket screw
  • Wall hanging spacer
  • Wall hanging spacer screw
  • Wood screw
  • Support leg
  • Support leg screw

Step 2. Locate the Heater Where You Want to Mount It

Almost every wall heater (especially the propane heater) can be mounted both on the wall and on the floor. In this guide, we will show you how to mount a heater on the wall. No matter you install the heater against a wall or a floor, make sure:

  • The room is cool.
  • You can easily access the heater for inspection, servicing, or cleaning
  • Keep the heater at least 3 inches away from the furniture.

Step 3. Mark the Screw Location

Attach the mounting bracket with tape to the wall where you want to place your propane heater. Ensure the mounting bracket is level. Now, use a pencil and mark the screw location. Keep in mind, to trace only the last on each side of the mounting bracket. Then, remove the bracket from the wall and move forward to the next step.

Step 4. Attach the Mounting Bracket to the Wall

To attach the mounting bracket to the wall, follow the below steps: 

  • Use a drill bit to make a hole where you previously marked the screw location.
  • Keep the mounting bracket on the wall and line up the last hole on each end of the bracket with the holes you just drilled.
  • Insert the screws through the bracket and into the wall stud.
  • Tighten the screw enough until the bracket is secure enough on the wall.

Step 5. Attach Wall Hanging Spacer to Your Heater

You will find two wall-hanging spacers holes at the lower right or left side of the back panel of your heater. Fasten the wall-hanging spacers to your heater back panel by using the spacer screws. It helps to keep the heater away from touching the wall. 

Step 6. Place Your Heater on the Mounting Bracket

Find out the two horizontal slots. You can find them on the back panel of the heater. Then, place the propane heater on the mounting bracket. Next, slide the slots onto stand-out tabs on the (mounting) bracket. Make sure the wall-hanging spacers place against the wall properly. 

Step 7. Hook up It to Gas Supply Or Propane Tank

Step 7. Hook up It to Gas Supply Or Propane Tank

This heater needs a 3/8-inch national pipe thread inlet connection to the pressure regulator. Then, tighten the connection properly. Never over-tighten it. 

Before attaching the wall heater to the propane tank or gas line, check for gas line pressure. The pressure must be 11″ WC for liquid propane (max 14″ WC). Don’t connect your wall heater to the propane tank. Instead, use an adapter or regulator to hook the heater to the propane tank. 

Note: You must install a shut-off valve in an accessible place. It helps you to control how much propane will flow to the heater. 

Step 8. Check For Gas Leak

Now, you are ready to run the unit to warm up your room. But wait a bit here! Before turning it on, check for the gas leak first. If there is any gas leak, it doesn’t function properly. For checking the gas leak, make a solution of water and liquid soap. Then, apply it to every connection and joint. If you see bubble forms, fix the leaks instantly. 

How Do You Install A Propane Wall Heater?

Following the below steps, you can install a propane wall heater properly.

  • First off, make sure where you want to place the propane wall heater.
  • Create holes in the wall using a drill bit to hold the mounting brackets. Install the bracket against the wall using necessary equipment like nuts & screws. To check the level, you can place the heater on the bracket. Don’t forget to take measures where you want to create a hole for passing through the hose.
  • Now, again use the drill bit to a make hole for the hose. Ensure the hole is large enough so that the hose can easily travel through.
  • Place your wall heater on the brackets and secure it by tightening the nuts. 
  • Hook up the propane tank to the wall heater, connecting the hose through an adapter. 
  • Finally, go for a test by turning the heater on. 

You can watch the tutorial on propane heater installation.

Care & Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance of your wall heater will reduce the troubles with your heater. So, it’s wise to clean and maintain your wall heater regularly.

Before cleaning the heater, make sure you unplug it from the electric outlet and give it a few minutes to cool. Of course, don’t forget to unscrew the four Philip head screws.

Make sure you give the unit about half an hour before removing the front panel. Now, follow the below guideline to clean the heater. 

  • Use a soft brush or a vacuum to pick off dirt & dust from the primary burner and its ports.
  • Apply the solution of mild soap and water to clean the glass.
  • With a vacuum cleaner, clean both the cabinet air passageways & fan
  • To clean the exterior of the unit, try out a soft microfiber cloth and mild soap & water to suck away dirt & dust. 


How much propane does the wall heater use?

It will take 4 liters of propane if you have a 30000 BTU propane wall heater. 

Does a propane wall heater need a regulator?

Yes, a propane wall heater needs a regulator to control how much propane is flowing into the heater.

Where should a wall heater be installed?

Experts recommend installing a wall heater against the exterior wall near windows and doors

Can wall heaters catch on fire?

Yes, there is a risk of catching fire. 

Do wall heaters use a lot of electricity?

No, it just uses 1500 watts. 

Can you sleep with a propane heater on?

No, you can’t sleep with a propane heater on as it may put you in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Are wall-mounted gas heaters safe?

Wall-mounted gas heaters are safe for heating your room as there is little chance to tip over. But here it’s wise to know all about the wall heater safety guard tricks while using a wall-mounted heater

How high should a wall heater be off the floor?

A wall heater should be placed about 8 inches in height from the floor. 


You know how efficient and economical a propane wall heater is for warming up a room. But connecting the propane tank to the wall heater is a bit difficult. 

However, following the above steps we mentioned, you can effortlessly hook up a propane tank to a wall heater without hiring a professional

Well, let us know in the comment section if you have any queries.

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