How To Use A Landmann Smoker [5 Easy Steps]

The latest Landmann electric smoker is a great device for smoking foods or processed meat such as snack sticks. The smoker can perfectly bring the smoky flavor and give a beautiful aroma to your smoked foods.

And the taste of tender meat is beyond imagination. However, you may miss out on these, if you don’t know how to use a Landmann smoker perfectly to smoke snack sticks. A lot of things can go wrong and you may end up making a big mess that you obviously do not want. 

So to save you from this type of trouble, we have brought to you the most effective, yet simple method of using a Landmann smoker to smoke snack sticks perfectly. So let’s get started. 

How To Use A Landmann Smoker in 5 Simple Steps

Here are the 5 simple steps that you must follow to enjoy super juicy smoked foods:

Step 1: Seasoning The Smoker

Before you smoke your seasoned food, you have to season the smoker first. It’s very easy to season the smoker. You just have to lightly spray the interior of the smoker with vegetable spray. This will help with flavoring your food.

Then you need to add another coat of spray to the top and to the glass window. Be careful so as not to spray the heating elements. It may disturb your smoker’s functionality.

After you are done with spraying, run the smoker at the highest setting. Keep a tray full of wood chips inside while the smoker is on. Keep the smoker like this for two hours and your smoker will be perfectly seasoned.

Step 2: Prepare The Smoker

Now that you have pre-smoked your smoker, it’s time to prepare it for the snack sticks. For this you have to load water in the smoker. Fill the grease tray with water and place it at the bottom of the rack.

Make sure to cover up the rack with tin foil for effective results.

After putting the water-filled pan inside the smoker, turn it on and wait for half an hour to increase the humidity inside of the smoker.

Step 3: Loading The Wood Chips

One of the best things about Landmann smokers is how they allow users to load wood chips in it. The smoker has a loading tube. There is a handle on it as well. 

By turning this handle you can pull out the tube and fill it in with wood chips. You can then slide the tray back with a simple push.  Do this twice to fill the tray completely. The amount of wood chips you put in depends on what you are cooking.

As we are talking about cooking snack sticks, a single batch of wood chips is sufficient. Too many wood chips will ruin the flavor.    

Step 4: Placing Your Food

Now comes the part where you need to place your food inside the smoker to cook it. There is a specific way to cook snack sticks perfectly.

We have discussed the whole process of cooking snack sticks perfectly in the next point. Check that out for detailed instructions.

Step 5: Wrapping It Up

After you are done with cooking, it is time for you to wrap it all up. If you want to make the best out of your Landmann smoker then you must keep it in its proper condition.

Regular maintenance is the key here. After every usage, clean the device perfectly, dry it properly, and keep it nicely covered up. This way you will get to use your device for years to come.   

And this is how you can use a Landmann smoker to smoke snack sticks. The process is fairly easy, right? But how do you cook snack sticks? We have got the answer to that as well. 


What temperature do you smoke snack sticks?

The best temperature to cook snack sticks is 160℉ for 2 hours. And then you have to increase the temperature of your smoker to 180℉. 

After that, you have to keep increasing the temperature bit by bit every 30 minutes till the internal temperature of the snack sticks reaches 160℉.

How long should I smoke snack sticks?

You should, at least, smoke your snack sticks for 30 minutes. Your goal is to get your snack stick to the point where its internal temperature is 165℉.

How do you smoke deer snack sticks?

Here is a simple way of smoking deer snack sticks:

  • Marinate the meat in the same way discussed in this article
  • Put the meat on the grill and put the grill into the smoker
  • Smoke for 30 minutes till the internal temperature of the meat reaches 140℉
  • Serve the snack sticks while they are warm

Deer meat tends to be tender, this is why their internal temperature has to be lower than that of beef or chicken.

What temperature do you smoke pepperoni sticks?

You have to smoke pepperoni sticks at 165℉ and keep it smoking till the internal temperature of the pepperoni sticks gets to 165℉.

How long should you smoke summer sausage?

The best way to smoke summer sausage is to smoke it for at least 4 hours till its internal temperature reaches 155℉. 

Final Words:

It’s totally okay to be lost when it comes to smoking foods, especially snack sticks in your latest Landmann electric smoker. And if you are a newbie, it can be difficult for you to use the Landmann smoker overall.

But, now as you know the simple way of using your Landmann electric smoker, you are sure to enjoy a smokey and juicy treat. So, smoke your favorite foods following our steps and enjoy it whenever you wish with your family and friends. 

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