How to Use MasterBuilt Propane Smoker Like a Pro in 7 Steps

In this article, we let you learn how to use Masterbuilt propane smoker. After completing this step-by-step guide, you can immediately smoke your first ribs like a pro. So, keep reading……

How to Use MasterBuilt Propane Smoker as a Pro

Masterbuilt makes smoking simple. From this chapter, you will learn how to use the propane smoker to cook meat following the step-by-step process. 

Step 1. Season Your Smoker First

It’s a prerequisite to season your Masterbuilt BBQ smoker when you use it for the first time. By seasoning it, you can kill the impurities by burning them. Here how to season a Masterbuilt propane smoker:

  • Clean the interior of the smoker evenly with water, soap, and a cloth.
  • Spray oil inside of the propane smoker
  • Make sure you keep the water pan empty and turn the unit on and set the cooking temperature to 230-degree or above
  • Add wood chips and close all the door
  • Let the smoker run for about two to three hours

Step 2. Connect the Propane Tank with your Smoker

Once you season your smoker, it’s time to attach the propane tank with your smoker. Make sure the connection is secure before turning on the valve.

Step 3. Turn your Smoker on & add Wood Chips

Next, turn the unit on by pushing the knob or switch. Then, set the cooking temperature level 210-degree to 230-degree. Ensure you close the smoker door off while the chimney and vent will be opened.

Afterward, add wood chips into the wood tray. Never try to overdose the smoker box with wood. Keep preheating the unit and let the smoker build smoke. 

Keep in mind; make sure the smoke comes out from the vent or the chimney. Otherwise, we recommend you check out the masterbuilt propane smoker manual.

Step 4. Fill the Water Tray with Water

Above the Masterbuilt propane smoker wood chip tray, you can find the water tray. Fill it with water or other liquid like beers to add intense smoke flavor. 

Step 5. Add your Meat to the Racks

After getting the desired heat level, it’s the right time to put your meat or food on the rack. 

Step 6. Inspect your Smoker and Check the Internal Temperature Often

You must inspect your smoker, the food, and the smoker box every 30 minutes. If you require to add more wood chips, then do what you need to get the best smoking output. 

Also, don’t forget to check out the internal food temperature. In this case, use a food thermometer to inspect your desired temperature accurately. 

Step 7. Remove the Food and Turn the Smoker Off

Finally, remove the cooked meat from the rack wearing safety gloves and put the smoking meat on a food plate. Now, you are ready to taste the smoked food. And of course, don’t forget to turn the unit off. 

Cleaning A Propane Smoker

After satisfying your stomach with juicy smoked meat, it’s time to clean the smoker to make it ready for the next use. 

  • Let your propane smoker cool.
  • Remove the smoker racks and use a brush to eliminate food residue.
  • Clean the racks with soap water 
  • Remove the ash from the wood box and wash it out
  • Use a washcloth to wipe down the exterior of the unit
  • Bring your smoker inside your home to keep it safe from rain

Remember, if you keep your masterbuilt smoker up to date, the effort will enhance its life span. Also, it will keep you away from facing different types of problems of your electric smoker.

So, don’t forget to make sure the ultimate cleaning of your masterbuilt smoker.


Why should you choose a masterbuilt propane smoker?

A Masterbuilt propane smoker provides a better smoky flavor compared to other contemporary smokers. Therefore, it’s simple to use, clean and produces no odor. And the best part is- it’s affordable. 

What is a masterbuilt propane smoker?

A Masterbuilt propane smoker is a type of smoking device that comes from Masterbuilt and uses propane as its fuel source. 

How does the masterbuilt gas smoker work?

Just connect the gas line with the Masterbuilt smoker and turn on it by pushing the knob. Now, you are ready to smoke food with it. 

What is a propane smoker?

A propane smoker is a type of smoking or cooking device that uses propane gas as its fuel type or source. 

How much propane quantity does a propane smoker use?

On average, a propane smoker can hold or burn 1-2 pounds of propane. 

How often should I season your masterbuilt propane smoker?

When you bring the new unit, you must season it for the first time for about two to three hours. Then, season your Masterbuilt propane smoker one or two times a year. 

Why choose a gas smoker?

The first advantage you can enjoy if you choose a gas fireplace is- you don’t need to worry about the power source. You can smoke with it if there is no electricity as it uses gas as its fuel source. Also, you don’t need to deal with ash as the wood or charcoal smoker requires. 

What is better: electric smoker or propane smoker?

Compared to the electric one, we can say propane smokers will be your best trait. You can run it even when there is no electricity as it uses propane. As a propane smoker uses propane, you can carry it where you go as there is no messy cord like the electric unit. 
But remember, if you have electricity access available, then you can also get a masterbuilt digital electric smoker or pellet grill. And then the thing will be completely different. Because a masterbuilt electric smoker, especially a masterbuilt pro is highly capable of providing you the ultimate smoky foods.

It doesn’t matter what you like to smoke. The masterbuilt electric smoker will smoke your brisket, ribs, meat, chicken, salmon whatever you like proficiently with juicy & ultimate smoked flavor.

How to remove a propane tank from a gas grill?

First off, turn the unit off. Second, detach the rubber hose that put together the smoker grill to the tank. And finally, pull the tank out from the grill gas. 

Is offset smoker better than vertical smokers?

Both offset and vertical smokers have upsides and downsides. Offset smokers offer the most delicious and juicy smoking & grilling results. It has a large cooking space to cook for a lot of people at the same time. But it has a steep learning curve.

On the other hand, a vertical smoker is easy to use and offers fast cooking. Also, it is more portable compared to the offset smoker. However, the similarities of the two smokers are- both use charcoal, dry wood chips, so on. Also, they have a temperature gauge to control the heat and smoke levels.

Now, you may ask- which one is the best? In reply, we recommend you to have offset smokers to get the best smoking result. On the other hand, choose a vertical smoker if you are an outdoor enthusiast as it is portable.


Smoking food or meat with a Masterbuilt Propane Smoker is simple. Following the step-by-step cooking instructions we mentioned above, you can be a master smoker. Therefore, we also described how to clean a smoker after using it. As a result, you can make the Masterbuilt smoker ready for the next cooking. 

Keep in mind; never try to modify the propane smoker. Otherwise, it may affect the smoking result. Even, the smoker may start malfunctioning. 

So, are you ready to use your Masterbuilt smoker to experience your first smoking?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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