Inducer Motor Runs But No Ignition [5 Easy Solutions] 

Furnace inducer motor runs but no ignition is a common complaint of many users. Do you have the same problem? Then this article is just for you.

Here we will show you 5 effective things you can do if your furnace inducer motor runs without ignition. By the end, you will get to know whether it is the motor’s fault or not. If you follow our instructions accordingly, you will have a perfectly working furnace within an hour.   

So let’s get to it.

5 Things To Do If Inducer Motor Runs But No Ignition  

If you notice your inducer motor is running yet there is no ignition visible, there might be a few different reasons behind it. When such a situation occurs, you can try disconnecting the vent, removing the inducer motor assembly, making sure that the heat exchanger, ignitor, and gas supply are okay. 

Doing these things will take care of the furnace inducer motor constantly runs without ignition. Here’s how you can do these things easily,

1. Disconnect The Vent

Try disconnecting the vent pipe from the furnace first. Here’s how,

  • Turn off the furnace
  • Take a screwdriver to pry apart the silicone chalk around the pipe
  • Remove the screws holding the vent pipe in its place
  • Take apart the metal hanger
  • Remove the pipe from its place

Do it just to see if the ignitor lights up after you do so. If it does, then change the vent pipe.

2. Remove Inducer Motor Assembly

Inducer motor supplies air in the furnace. Clogged dirt can hamper its function. So take the inducer motor assembly apart and clean the whole motor. Here’s what you can do:

  • Disconnect all power from the furnace
  • Unscrew the bolts to take the inducer motor apart
  • Use a vacuum first to clean off all the dirt
  • Use a big brush for a thorough clean
  • Put the inducer motor assembly back on 

3. Check The Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger ensures that the flame gets enough space to burn properly. If the heat exchanger is dirty, then it will prevent the ignitor from lighting up. Here’s what you can do to make sure that the heat exchanger is clean:

  • Check the bottom of the heat exchanger to ensure there is no dirt
  • Clean the holes in the heat exchanger
  • Clean accumulation of water with an absorbent foam or fabric

4. Check The Ignitor

The ignitor itself might be the issue why it’s not working while everything else is okay. Again, dirt accumulation can be the reason why it’s not working.

There is a very simple way of cleaning the ignitor. You just have to take a can of compressed air and apply it to the holes and corners of the ignitor.

5. Check The Gas Supply

Though this is rarely the case, this is a reason often overlooked. You are not getting any ignition while the inducer motor is running because of insufficient gas supply. Your gas supply has probably stopped or the gas valve may have been broken. 

If none of the above 4 methods works, try ensuring a proper gas supply. This will surely do it. 

You should not have any problem with having an ignition in your furnace now. Following these methods will keep both your inducer motor and flame running.  

3 Signs Of A Bad Inducer Motor

Your furnace may fail to achieve an ignition due to a bad inducer motor as well. An inducer motor ensures air circulation in the furnace that keeps the flame alive. If it fails to pass air this way, then there won’t be any ignition. So make sure to check if the furnace inducer motor is in perfect condition. Here’s how to ensure that:

Sign 1: Unusual Noises

A bad inducer motor has loose motor parts. These parts will generate weird unusual noises. So if you notice humming, whirring, or tapping noise coming out of your inducer motor when you start the furnace, then there might be some problem.

Sign 2: Squirrel Cage Won’t Spin Freely

On the left side of the draft, you will find a squirrel wheel. Carefully reach it and try giving it a spin. If the squirrel cage doesn’t spin freely, you can take this as a sign of a bad inducer motor.

Sign 3: No Ignition In The Furnace

Inducer motor takes air from the environment and circulates it in the furnace system. This air keeps the flame inside the furnace alive and allows the ignition to take place. If the motor doesn’t work, there will not be any ignition. So if you notice there is no flame in the furnace, it can indicate a bad inducer motor.

If your furnace’s inducer motor has these signs in common, then you must either replace or repair the inducer motor.


Does inducer motor run all the time?

Yes, the inducer motor is supposed to run constantly.

What causes an inducer motor to fail?

The most common reason behind inducer motor failure is old age.

Why is my inducer motor noise?

Inducer motor can make noises when it gets bad. It can either be due to debris build-up or worn-out parts.

Can you oil an inducer motor?

Yes, you can oil an inducer motor.

How long does an inducer motor last?

An inducer motor should last around 20 years with proper maintenance.

How much does it cost to replace inducer motor?

Replacing the inducer motor can take cost you $200 to $1,150.

To Conclude

Without ignition, a furnace is nothing but a burden. If the inducer motor runs but no ignition, then it’s useless as well. Purchasing a new furnace may get you rid of this problem, but you have a much better option. Just follow the suggestions mentioned in this article and fix your furnace now.

If you have any questions, then you can leave them below. 

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