Jotul Gas Stove Remote Control Troubleshooting [3 Easy Solutions]

You can add a remote control feature with Jotul Gas Stoves. It allows you to remotely control the thermostat. However, it might face certain issues over time. In such cases, you will require Jotul gas stove remote control troubleshooting.

jotul gas stove remote control troubleshooting (ultimate guide)

Speaking of which, a Jotul Gas Stove might face remote control problems for several reasons like faulty batteries, defective parts, wrong signal settings, and so on. 

This article features easy solutions to your Jotul gas stove remote control problems. So, stick right here throughout the discussion to fix your remote issue instantly.

Jotul Gas Stove Remote Control Troubleshooting [3 Easy Solutions]

Jotul remote control issues can be tricky. But, with the right approach, you can easily fix that in no time. Follow the said solutions to find the remedy.

1. Jotul Gas Stove Remote Control No Power

This can be a familiar problem. In the majority of cases, consumers tend to set the batteries in the wrong way. In addition, the battery cells may run outta juice. 


  • Set the batteries in the right order. Also, look into the receiver unit. Some models may require batteries in the receiver as well. So, be mindful of that.
  • Now, test the batteries with a voltmeter. If the readings are abnormal, get a new set of batteries and install them. Your remote should start working just fine.

Note: You can also read how to fix a Jotul gas stove that won’t stay lit.

2. Wrong Signal Settings

This issue can be a bit tricky. Normally, the signal settings are preset from the factory. Nonetheless, for any reason, you might have lost the signals. In such incidents, you will have to manually reset the signal settings.

Not to worry, you can do it all by yourself. Just follow the said instructions. You will get it done in no time.


  • First, locate the receiver of your Jotul Gas Stove. You can find it near the electric unit. 
  • Now, observe the settings of the receiver. The switch should be on the ‘Remote’ option. 
  • On the side of the switch, you will find a small pin button labeled ‘Learn’. This will allow you to reset or ‘find’ your remote.
  • Now, take a pointy pin or pen and press the button. You will have to hold it for 15 seconds. You will hear a long beep.
  • After the beep, press the ‘On’ button from the remote control, facing the sensor towards the receiver. 
  • It will manually reset the receiver and align your remote with it.

3. Faulty Sensors

Now, for any sort of electric mismanagement or some other sort, your remote can have faulty sensors.

In such cases, you can fix it either by resetting the sensor, or you might have to replace the sensor. Follow the solution mentioned down below to reallocate the signal sensor with the receiver.


  • First, locate the receiver. You will find a pin button near the switch labeled as ‘Learn’.
  • Make sure that the switch is set to ‘Remote’ mode.
  • Now, take a pen or any other pointy thing to press the pin button.
  • Press it once and you will hear 3 distinctive beeps.
  • Now, take the remote and press the ‘On’ button to turn on your Jotul Gas Stove. Your remote should start working again properly.

How To Install A Remote Control Unit To Jotul Gas Stoves

Many gas fireplaces and stoves like Jotul often don’t come with a remote control feature. In such cases, you can add a remote control unit all by yourself. You can easily find one online or at your nearest dealer.

We are not mentioning a particular brand or manufacturer. But, rest assured, all the installation process is pretty similar. Follow these simple steps to install a remote control unit with your Jotul Gas Stove.

  • Locate the electric circuit. You can easily find it just behind the control panel. Now, you will have to locate the electric connectors marked as ‘TH’ and ‘TH TP”.
  • Take the receiver. Now, some receivers need batteries, some come with a 2-Pin plug. Either way, you will have to provide electricity. 
  • You will also see 2 black cable plugs coming out of the receiver. These plugs will connect the receiver to the system.
  • Plug those in the ‘TH’ and “TH TP’ connectors. Don’t worry, these are non-polar connections. So, you can plug in as you wish.
  • Turn the switch to ‘On’ mode. It will manually turn on the fireplace. Setting it to ‘Off’ will shut it down. As we want the remote control feature, the switch should be set to ‘Remote’ mode.
  • Place the receiver as far as possible from the gas lines. Prevent it to encounter direct heat. 
  • Now, insert batteries into the remote control and press the ‘On’ button. It will turn on the fireplace. As you can see, you have now successfully installed a remote control unit.


Are gas fireplace remotes universal?

It depends on your model. However, spare remote control units are pretty much usable with all gas fireplaces with thermostats. You can install one with your fireplace.

What is the maximum allowed distance between the receiver and the remote controller?

20 to 25 feet is the maximum distance coverage of a remote control unit. Make sure that you are pointing directly to the receiver while using the remote.

Can you buy Jotul Gas Stove remote controls in separate units?

Yes, you can buy separate remote control units for your manual Jotul Gas Stove. You can find those online on Also, you can order one from your local dealer.

Wrapping Things Up!

Hopefully, now you can easily fix your remote issue after reading our Jotul Gas Stove remote control troubleshooting guide all by yourself. Just make sure that you follow the right steps. 

On top of that, hit us for any sort of Jotul or other gas fireplace problems in the comment section down below. We have an elite fleet of experts. They will solve your problem in no time.

Lastly, share with us your thoughts and your favorite Jotul Gas stoves memories in the comments. Till next time, stay safe and stay warm! 

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  1. My jotul controller is no longer working. Changed batteries on the gas fireplace which had a bad battery. Controller display is working – however when the fireplace is set to rs – it just goes off and does not respond to the temp control. When set to on – fireplace ignites but just stays on. Saw that i could reset by holding a button down for 15 seconds and then hearing a beep but no noise and no effect. Any suggestions?


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