Jotul Gas Stove Won’t Stay Lit [3 Easy Solutions]

Jotul gas stove won’t stay lit if the thermocouple gets covered with carbon build-up. Besides, incorrect gas pressure and a defective gas valve prevent the gas stove from turning on. If you want to light up your gas stove, you must address these issues.

jotul gas stove won't stay lit

And this guide will help you solve the Jotul gas stove problems. So, continue to read to let your gas stove function again. 

Jotul Gas Stove Won’t Stay Lit [3 Easy Solutions]

In this chapter, we will break down why your Jotul gas stove won’t ignite.

1. Dirty Or Defective Thermocouple

A dirty or faulty thermocouple is the main culprit that prevents your Jotul gas stove from staying lit. The thermocouple is, basically, a sensor that senses or measures temperature.

If it doesn’t sense heat, the thermocouple tells your stove unit something is wrong there. And your stove will obey the command and you fail to ignite the stove. 

As the thermocouple stays indirect flame for its entire lifetime, it’s not unusual if carbon build-up forms there.

Consequently, the thermocouple fails to send back the signal to the control unit and the gas stove doesn’t light up in return. Turns out, you can’t ignite your Jotul gas stove if the thermocouple is defective. 


Inspect the thermocouple for carbon build-up. If any carbon build-up persists, use a strip of fine-grit sandpaper.

Then, rub the thermocouple back and forth gently until it looks sparkling. You can find it enough to fix the gas stove that won’t stay lit. 

On the other hand, you should replace the thermocouple if it gets defective. If you don’t know how to change the thermocouple, call a certified service technician to help you. 

2. Gas Pressure Is Not Correct

Your Jotul Gas Stove requires correct gas pressure for safe & proper operation. Roaring or high flame patterns and overheated thermocouples are the results of high gas pressure.

On the other hand, you will experience low pilot flame or low electricity at the thermocouple because of low gas pressure. 


Test the gas pressure by using a manometer. The inlet gas pressure should be 5-7 if you run the stove with natural gas. On the other hand, the manifold pressure should be between 1.2-3.8. We suggest hiring a certified professional to fix the gas pressure issue. 

3. Defective Gas Valve

A faulty gas valve is another culprit behind the ignition problem. Dirt, dust, and insects can easily clog the gas valve and affect the gas flow. Otherwise, you can’t ignite the gas stove if the gas valve gets defective. 


It’s better to clean or replace the gas valve by hiring a certified service technician. 


Are Jotul wood stoves good?

Most users love the Jotul wood stove because of its durability, ease of use, and efficiency. So, you can give it a try and enjoy the same benefits as others.

How long do wood stoves last?

With proper maintenance and use, you can use a wood stove for 10-20 years.

What is the smallest Jotul gas stove?

Jøtul GF 160 DV IPI is the smallest Jotul gas stove.

What are Jotul stoves made of?

Jotul stoves are made of the toughest cast iron, which adds durability to them. 


Jotul is a reliable stove brand everyone trusts. But it starts malfunctioning over time like every other electric appliance. For example, the Jotul gas stove won’t stay lit is one of the stove problems. And from the top to the bottom of this article, we broke down why the stove failed to ignite. If you fail to light up the stove after trying out every step we mentioned, call customer service for help. 

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