Jotul Gas Stove Troubleshooting [ 5 Easy Solutions]

This is an in-depth guide on Jotul gas stove troubleshooting. In this guideline, we will break down some stove issues like: 

  • No Spark Is Generated At the Pilot Head
  • Incorrect Gas Pressure
  • No Gas Flow to the Pilot Head
  • Pilot Keeps Going Out
  • Inconsistent Flame Pattern 
jotul gas stove troubleshooting (ultimate guide)

We also let you know how to maintain and light the gas stove properly as a bonus. So, stay in tune with us till the end to troubleshoot and fix your gas stove problems. 

Jotul Gas Stove Troubleshooting [ 5 Easy Solutions]

Like other appliances, Jotul Gas Stove will also start malfunctioning over time. Below, we will break down some common issues with your gas stove. So, continue to read. 

1. No Spark Is Generated At the Pilot Head

It’s rare for the Piezo spark igniter to fail unless it has any mechanical damage. If the spark is not directed forward, we bet there is an issue in the electrical circuit leading up to the pilot head. Resistance on the wire could affect the spark. 

Therefore, corrosion on the electrode or the pilot head may cause the spark issue. All of these can be responsible for insufficient heat to light the gas. Turns out, damaged wires between plate sections of your gas stove can also cause the spark issue. 


Follow the below troubleshooting steps if no spark is produced at the Pilot Head. 

  • Ensure there is a proper spark gap between the electrode and the pilot head. The gap should be 3.2 mm. If the gap is larger than this, inspect the electrode if it gets loose or damaged. 
  • The spark igniter should be mounted securely, and the ground connection should contact the bracket. If not, turn the spark igniter until the ground connection is in contact with the bracket. And don’t forget to fasten the nut at the back of the spark igniter. 
  • Inspect the insulated wire for damage or cracks. If needed, replace the insulated wire. Also, ensure the insulated wire connection between the spark igniter and the electrode is secure. If the insulated wire attachment is loose, establish a secure connection between the spark igniter and the electrode by fastening the insulated wire. 
  • Replace the electrode with a new one if it gets damaged. If needed, replace the Piezo Spark Igniter also.  

2. No Gas Flow to the Pilot Head

No gas will flow to the pilot head if all the valves from the gas tank or cylinder are not fully open. And your Jotul gas stove won’t stay lit if the gas will not flow to the pilot head. Also, a gas leak is responsible for not flowing gas to the pilot head.


Start with inspecting all the gas valves on the cylinder. Ensure all the valves on the gas tank are open. Next, check for gas leaks. Follow the below steps to check a gas leak:

  • Make a solution by mixing 50-50 water and dish soap.
  • Light your gas stove. 
  • Spray the solution on all joints and connections. 
  • If bubbles appear at any connections or joints, turn the gas control knob to the Off position. 
  • Then, tighten the connections or joints from where the bubbles come up and retest for any gas leaks. 

3. Incorrect Gas Pressure

Correct gas pressure is a must to operate the gas stove efficiently and safely. If the gas pressure is too low or too high, it will cause several issues. 

Low pilot flame, insufficient electricity at the thermocouple, and poor flame pattern are some issues due to low gas pressure. On the other hand, an overheated thermocouple is the result of high gas pressure. 


You should test the gas pressure to let the gas stove function properly. For pressure testing, you should have a manometer. Attach the manometer to the right test point on the valve.

You can find two gauge connections on the front of the valve under the On/Off/Pilot- knob. The gauge marked as “E” stands for Inlet or Supply Pressure. On the other hand, the gauge marked as “A” stands for Manifold pressure. 

Ensure you get 5-7 pressure as your inlet gas pressure if you run the stove with natural gas. In contrast, the pressure should be 12-14.9 if you operate the stove with propane.

When testing the inlet gas pressure, make sure you disconnect the appliance and its main gas valve from the gas supply piping system. 

When it comes to manifold pressure, ensure you get a pressure between 1.2-3.8 if you operate the stove with natural gas.

On the other hand, the readout on the manometer should be 2.9-11 if you run the stove with propane. We recommend you hire a professional to fix the gas pressure issue. 

4. Pilot Goes Out

The pilot of your gas stove will go out if there is a problem with the gas supply. A gas leak or the closed valves on the gas tank will affect the continuous gas supply to the pilot head or the burner. Check out the troubleshooting steps in the ‘Solution’ section to fix the gas supply issue.


Don’t forget to push in the gas control knob and hold it for at least 30 seconds. Ensure the flame is centered at the thermocouple. Also, ensure the thermocouple is enveloped by the flame up to 1/8″ from the tip. 

If the flame is too large or small, check the gas pressure. We discussed it under the ‘Incorrect Gas Pressure’ section.

Then, check the pilot burner and orifice for dirt and corrosion. If there is any dirt, use an air compressor to blow away the dirt & dust from the burner and orifice. 

5. Inconsistent Flame Pattern

Inconsistent flames like too yellow or tall  & blue are the signs of a defective gas stove. If the flame is too yellow, there is a lack of optimal oxygen supply. It means the orifices get clogged by dirt, debris, and spider webs. 

On the other hand, a tall and blue flame indicates there is too much oxygen or the gas pressure is high. 


Start with inspecting the gas orifices. So, remove the burner assembly and skirt to access the burner injector. Then, check the orifices for dirt & debris. Use an air compressor to blow away dirt, debris, and spider webs. 

Next, to get the best flame picture you need to adjust the air shutter correctly. If the air shutter is widely opened, your stove generates clear & blue, or an anemic flame.

On the other hand, when the air shutter is closed more, your unit produces a long yellow flame with soot. This sooting is the result of incomplete combustion in the flame. However, ensure the opening at the air shutter is 8.55 mm if you run the stove with propane.

jotul gas stove air shutter wingnut in the diagram

Well, to adjust the air shutter, do the following-

  • First, locate the air shutter wingnut that is located under the right side of the Jotul gas stove as you can see in the above picture.
  • To open the air shutter slide the wingnut forward 
  • Slide the wingnut back to less the air
  • Tighten the wingnut at your desired setting for air shutter safety
  • Then, run the stove to burn for 30 minutes on the high setting & observe the flame
  • If the flame is slow, weak, or creating soot, repeat the process to adjust the desired flame

Maintenance Guide

This chapter will let you learn how to clean a Jotul gas stove

  • You should inspect the vent system, actual appliance, and gas supply annually. In this case, hire a professional to inspect your Jotul gas stove. 
  • A damp cloth is enough to clean the outside of the gas stove. You can use vinegar and baking soda if there are extreme stains on the external part of the gas stove. 
  • Clean the enamel castings only when the surface is cold. Never use detergents as they dull the surface. 

How To Light A Jotul Gas Stove?

Here is the step-by-step guide to lighting a Jotul gas stove. 

  • First off, turn the On/Off switch to the Off position. Ensure the gas valve on the pipeline to the stove is open. 
  • Pus in the gas control knob on the front of the valve and turn it clockwise to set it to the Off position. 
  • Push in the gas control knob a little and turn it counterclockwise to set the knob to the igniter position. 
  • Again, push the gas control knob as far as possible and hold it in. At the same time, push in the ignition knob unit the spark ignites the pilot flame.
  • Ensure you hold the gas control knob for 20 seconds after the pilot flame light. Now, release the knob, it pops out but the flame should remain lit. 


You will encounter issues like improper gas supply, and the stove won’t light over time if you own a gas stove. Fortunately, this troubleshooting guide is like a bible to solving those gas stove issues.

If still, you fail to fix the gas stove problem following the troubleshooting steps we have mentioned, let us know in the comment section. We will be back soon with a solution.

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24 thoughts on “Jotul Gas Stove Troubleshooting [ 5 Easy Solutions]”

  1. Help….when I push the on button the stove hums… won’t light immediately… after 10 seconds it just explodes inside the glass…. the service people have never fixed it.. it works after they leave then 2-3 lights later it goes back to explode move… can you help me??

    • Hi Chet

      When we push the “on” button, the stove may hum due to an improper ratio of air to fuel. Either too much air or too much gas flowing can create a louder sound than normal.

      In this case, you can check & adjust the air shutter to fix the issue. To adjust the air shutter, you can follow our guidelines in the inconsistent flame pattern section of the article.

      Well, as your stove explodes inside the glass after 10 seconds, it needs a physical inspection.

      So, it would be wise to contact the Jotul customer support center to solve the issue.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Wish you all the best.

  2. Jotul GF500 DV on propane:
    I’ve use this stove for 2 seasons, but the end of 2nd season, it began delayed ignition with a thump so I didn’t use it the rest of the season.
    I ordered a new pilot assy. and it was just installed for the 22-23 season. The service was done by my propane supplier and it ignited normally after installation. I attempted to turn it on 3-4 days later for a cool morning, and I doesn’t light either with the wall thermostat or the manual switch on the stove.
    What would be the probable cause for this problem.
    I would be grateful for your help before calling the service tech.

  3. My gas 370 doesn’t work. The pilot light comes on no problem…pops on, stays on for about 1 minute, then goes out. It will cycle on a 2nd time, but the burner does not light. So then the pilot goes out, fan comes on and then nothing after that. I can some times get the burner to come on if I remove the log set and embers…so that the burner plate is completely bare. I have sanded the flame sensor and ignitor. I lightly sanded the burner plate, reamed out the holes (though were already clear) and blew out with an air compressor.
    What would be the first parts to replace…the pilot assembly (even though appears the pilot works fine)? I live 2 hours from my nearest dealer. The minimum charge he said to come out would be 3 hrs (2-hr drive and 1-hr labor) plus $80 service charge…$440 not including any parts. What a scam, especially for a stove that lasted only 2 winters.

    • Hi Bill

      First, try cleaning the pilot assembly. If cleaning doesn’t work, replace the pilot assembly.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Wish you all the best.

      • Hello again,
        Last Fall, I replaced the pilot assembly, everything worked fine until now.
        It is back to the same old problem. The pilot lights just fine, but the main burner will not do it’s thing. Then after cycling a few times, then the fan comes on and stays on until I turn the unit off.
        It is intermittent, the worst kind of problem. It will work like it should, pilot lights, then the main burner pops on. But after a little bit of coming on and going off…then it starts the same old problem of just lighting the pilot, but then the main burner never comes on (only after it sits for a few hours or the next day).
        So is the problem the thermocoupler on these pilot assemblies?
        I am not going to replace the pilot assembly EVERY year, stupid.
        Thanks for any advice,

  4. Hello there,
    After lighting the pilot how long until you turn the control knob to “on”? Also, once the pilot is lit we try to turn the switch on the bottom to “on” and nothing happens. Should we try the air shutter wing nut first before doing anything with the thermocouple? I’m having trouble finding the air shutter wingnut but will look again.

    • Hi El Bee

      To fix the problem, first, clean the dirt between the igniter & thermocouple.

      You can also use compressed air in the pilot area, wait for a few minutes & then try again.

      If cleaning doesn’t work, check the thermocouple & fix it if you get it defective.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Wish you all the best!

  5. Hi William

    I have a Jotul GF 300 DV IPI Allagash direct vent. Worked well for 2 years. The pilot light goes on as advertised via remote control and when I call for heat on the control the burner will light for approximately 5 seconds then flame out. I’ve tried this several times in both the CPI and IPI pilot mode toggles. I called the company that installed the stove however they are short of staff causing delays. I’m wondering if there is anything I can do to troubleshoot.

    • Hi Simon

      To fix your Jotul gas stove issue, check the gas valve & clear it if get it is blocked as a blockage in the gas valve could be the culprit behind the issue.

      In fact, a partial blockage may allow lighting of the burner for a short period of time but won’t provide enough fuel to keep it light.

      Well, hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Best of luck!

  6. I have a Jutul GF 400 DV natural gas heating stove. It has worked great for 15 years. Now I sometimes have to press the manual switch several times before the flame starts. One time the flame went out after it had been working several minutes. Another time when the flame didn’t start, I waited a minute, and the flame came on. What is likely the problem?

    • Hi Dan

      The STAT position is for the use of a remote control thermostat.

      Well, according to the manual, this setting shouldn’t be used as it is not available at present.


  7. We just installed both a new gas valve body and complete pilot light assembly in our Sebago, however after depressing the valve dial in the pilot position after igniting the pilot flame for up to well over a minute, upon release of the dial we
    continually fail to achieve a standing flame. I understand there are a pair of ports under the valve dial to receive mamometer connectors, however upon reading the gas pressure, how is it to be adjusted to prescribed specs (5-7 column inches)? Is there an adjustment mechanism on the gas valve body itself than can be accessed externally? We are at 5420 Ft. ASL. Thanks!

  8. We have a Jotul allagash b-vent. The pilot assembly has been replaced and I’m having trouble lighting the pilot. The system sparks fine, there is a good blue flame and the thermocouple registers ~0.600 mV after about 20 seconds of holding the pilot button. However, the flame goes out as soon as I release the button.

    • Hi Chris

      Such issue happens due to a faulty thermocouple in the stove system.

      Well, to fix it, inspect the termocouple & replace it if needed.

      Hopefully, your pellet stove issue will be solved.

      Best of luck!

  9. Hi William, I have moved into a new house with a Jotul GF 200 DV II. The fireplace works great off of the thermostat but we have one issue. Sometimes when it starts it makes a loud thump when it lights up. The unit was serviced just prior to us moving in. Is there a way to get the fireplace to light up without waking us up? Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Dan

      To fix the issue, first, close off the air shutter just a little bit & then check.

      If it doesn’t solve the issue, contact the Jotul customer support center.

      Best of luck!

  10. Every year we have trouble lighting the yotel heater. we can get a spark but no flame. switched are on the side of the stove which is a pain to get at our fault for putting a stone wall about 12 inches aside of stove.
    Why do we get a spark but have trouble with the flame?


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