Mendota Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting [11 Easy Solutions]

The most common Mendota gas fireplace problems are the pilot light going out, the fireplace won’t light or not stay lit, and the fireplace turning on by itself.

Plus, the fireplace beeping or its fan keeps running, and the remote not working are issues that bother the users often.

However, our today’s guide on Mendota gas fireplace troubleshooting will break down every common issue you may experience and their simple solutions as well. So, stay in tune with us till the end. 

Mendota Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting Guide

Below, we have discussed the common problems with your Mendota gas fireplace and provided their easy solution as well. So, take a look at them when you find your Mendota gas fireplace not working: 

1. Remote Not Working

“The gas fireplace remote control is not working.” This is a common issue every fireplace owner goes through. Your fireplace remote won’t function because of the following reason. 

  • Batteries may get defective. Generally, batteries will last 6-12 months at normal use. 
  • The power supply from where your fireplace gets the energy may get tripped. 
  • The manual switch of your gas fireplace is set to the “On” position.
  • Out of range
  • Faulty individual button


To let your fireplace remote control function as it does, follow the below steps:

  • Change the batteries with new ones.
  • Ensure the electric circuit you use to plug in your fireplace is functional. If it gets tripped, replace it or try another outlet that works. 
  • Your fireplace remote control will not transmit a signal if the manual switch of your gas hearth is flipped to the On position. So, check it and set it to the OFF position. Now, try and test your remote control. 
  • Make sure you are within 25 feet of the signal receiver.
  • Sometimes the buttons (on and off buttons) we used frequently start malfunctioning. So, turn on your gas fireplace with its manual switch. If they work, understand the specific button is defective. To fix this issue, call the manufacturer’s support team for help. 

2. Gas Fireplace Won’t Turn On

Your gas fireplace will not turn on if its batteries go down. Therefore, tripped circuit breaker, faulty thermopile & thermocouple, defective pilot light, dirty igniter, faulty gas valve, and improper thermostat settings are some reasons behind this issue. 


First, check the batteries of your remote control & receiver. Replace the batteries if you get them dead. On the other hand, if it’s a problem with the circuit breaker, try flipping the breaker on/off to reset it. If it doesn’t work, replace it with a new one. 

Next, check the gas valve & make sure the gas is on & fully functional. But when you find the gas valve is faulty, you should replace it.

In case of a faulty thermopile & thermocouple, you must replace them with a new one. Also, ensure the thermostat setting is in its place.

However, when your gas fireplace has a spark but doesn’t light, check the pilot light as it could be the culprit in this case. First, try cleaning to solve the problem. If cleaning doesn’t work & you get the pilot light faulty, you need to replace it.

Well, if the gas comes out of the pilot light but it still won’t light, then a dirty spark igniter could be the culprit.

In this case, you should clean all the dirt between the thermocouple & spark igniter. You can also use compressed air to clean the area. Then, wait for a few minutes & try again to turn the fireplace on. Hopefully, you can fix the issue.

3. Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit

If your gas fireplace will not stay lit, a faulty thermopile or thermocouple is the culprit behind it.


To fix this issue, inspect these parts of your gas fireplace. Clean them by removing any dirt deposits on them. Then, test them and re-ignite the pilot light.

If still your fireplace pilot light won’t stay lit, replace the thermopile and the thermocouple. 

4. Fan Keeps Running

If you are facing such an issue, first check whether the fireplace fan setting is auto or manual. Well, when you find the fan setting is at auto but the fan runs continuously, it’s not normal. 

However, your gas fireplace fan won’t turn off due to some reasons as follows:

  • The fan limit switch is set to “manual”
  • Faulty fan limit switch
  • Defective thermostat wiring


To solve the issue, first, turn off the fireplace for safety. Then, locate the fan limit switch which should be white and located near the upper right corner inside the furnace panel cover.

If you get the switch to the “manual” setting, just set it to the “automatic”. The fan will be stopped automatically. 

But if it doesn’t work, check the other issues like a faulty fan limit switch which may need to be replaced, and bad thermostat wiring. Well, it would be wise to take help from a technician to solve these two issues.

5. Gas Fireplace Keeps Turning On By Itself

Are you struggling with the gas fireplace that keeps turning itself on? Take it easy! You can solve it easily. Well, before knowing about the solution, let’s know the causes first.

When your gas fireplace turns on automatically, the following reasons could be the culprit behind the issue like-

  • Remote issue
  • Faulty thermopile
  • Defective thermostat
  • Wall switch problem
  • Faulty wall timer


To get the solution, first, check & fix the remote for bad wiring or any pushed button on the remote that can run your fireplace randomly.

Also, make sure the batteries have enough power testing by a multimeter. If you get the batteries are weak, replace them.

In case, you find the remote is okay, then check the thermopile that allows gas through the system. Actually, a thermopile comes with a thermocouple.

Both of them play roles in on/off the gas fireplace. When any one of the components gets defective, your fireplace can turn on by itself.

The good news is that you can test & replace them. Well, you should know which one of them is needed to be replaced. Let’s know-

  • The thermopile is a thick metal rod that is connected to the gas control valve. Test its power with a multimeter. When you find the reading is “0” volts, you have no alternatives to replace it.
  • A thermocouple is a thin rod with a copper tube attached to the gas valve. You need to replace it if you get it clogged.

However, you must turn off the electricity & gas while replacing any component for safety.

Next, inspect the thermostat for any loose connection & fix it or replace it. If the thermostat is okay, then ensure the wall switch & the wiring connection between the switch & the fireplace are in good condition.

Finally, check the wall timer if you attach your gas fireplace with a wall timer. In this case, test it by plugging your unit directly into the wall outlet without a timer.

If your fireplace doesn’t turn on randomly, replace the timer as it is the culprit behind the issue.

We hope you can fix your problem. But if you are not mechanically experienced, you can hand over the task to a professional.

6. Gas Fireplace Pilot Light Goes Out

The pilot light of your Mendota Fireplace goes out if the thermopile and the thermocouple get faulty. The thermopile delivers all the necessary voltage your fireplace requires to run flawlessly.

If the output of your thermopile or the thermocouple is insufficient, the pilot light will run out when you release the knob on the gas valve. 


350 mV is the minimum output you should get from the thermopile. The new thermopiles are rated at 750 mV. Replacing the thermopile is a must if you don’t get adequate voltage from it.

You should also replace the thermocouple in this case. Check this tutorial out if you don’t know how to replace a thermocouple on a gas fireplace. 

7. Gas Fireplace Beeping

The Mendota fireplace that operates with remote control has two parts to the remote- the hand-help portion and the receiver. Both of them have batteries.

It will turn off your fireplace if the batteries of your receiver are getting low. The beep you hear is generally the low signal battery. 


Changing the batteries of your remote is quite simple. But the method of replacing the batteries of your receiver varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Take a look under your fireplace and find out the receiver box & change the battery. We recommend you check the manual if you don’t know where the receiver box exactly is. 

8. Humming or Whistling Coming from Fireplace Insert

If your gas fireplace makes a humming or whistling noise, don’t go nuts. It’s a normal operating noise and you can expect this noise just from any gas fireplace. When the gas supply flows through gas orifices, your fireplace makes whistling. 


As you learned this is not an issue at all, you can reduce the noise level. Just turn the High/Low knob on the control to reduce the humming. Also, you can turn the flame down to decrease the fireplace operating noise. 

9. A Change in Flame Appearance

A change in flame appearance like too blue or too orange is an issue you may go through when operating a gas fireplace.

You will encounter this problem if you fail to set the air shutter opening correctly. Therefore, a blocked air inlet or outlet vent is also responsible for the change in flame appearance.


During installation, make sure you set the air shutter opening at the correct position. Place the air shutter opening at 1/8″-1/4″ if you run your fireplace with natural gas. On the other hand, keep the opening at least 1/2″ open. 

When it comes to a clogged air inlet or outlet vent, release the block by removing carbon, spider webs, and lint. Never allow these culprits to make a colony on and around the shutter area. For more perfection, you can read how to adjust your gas fireplace flame perfectly.

10. Thin Black Coating [soot] Forms

Sooting forms on viewing glass is an issue every Mendota gas fireplace user encounters. The soot may form for several reasons, including:

  • Improper installation or air shutter operation
  • Not get enough combustion air
  • Leaky glass gasket
  • Improper log or ember placement


Follow the below steps to fix those issues:

  • Check the gas supplier for correct gas outlet pressure (3.5″ W.C for natural gas and 10″ W.C for LP gas). 
  • Replace the glass gasket if it gets leaked.
  • Adjust the air shutter correctly
  • Call the Mendota service person if the sooting continues.

11. Fireplace Won’t Turn on While The Remote Control is Working

If this is the issue you face, we bet your gas fireplace may be in ‘lock-out’ mode. You can’t start your fireplace when the ‘lock-out’ mode remains enabled. 


To reset the lock-out, turn the remote off. Then, turn it on again and wait for two seconds. Next, turn your remote off and turn it on and wait for two seconds. Finally, turn the remote off.

It helps to clear the lock-out mode. Start your fireplace by turning your remote on. If the above steps don’t get any luck, call the Mendota support team for help. 

Mendota Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Regular maintenance will keep your fireplace in good condition. Here we can break down the fireplace maintenance workflow into two sections- Annual and Periodic inspections. Below, we discuss both of them.

Annual Maintenance:

  • Suck away every deposit and dirt build-up around the control.
  • Check out the condition of the wiring under the burner to see whether they get melted or damaged.
  • Clean the gas fireplace completely. Use an air compressor to clean all burner ports and pilot assembly.
  • Put the logs apart from the unit and remove the coals. Then, remove every dirt, dust, and particle on and around the burner and logs.
  • Don’t forget to tidy up the pilot and underside of the burner.
  • Inspect the glass door gasket for any leakage & replace it if you get a leaking gasket.

Periodic Maintenance:

  • Ensure the vent system and the vent cap are open and no block form there.
  • Clean the viewing glass frequently. Never use any abrasive cleaner to clean the glass.
  • Call a qualified service person to check the operation of the pilot before installing the viewing glass. Then, cycle the fireplace burner per lighting instructions.
  • Inspect the pilot flame visually and ensure the visible pilot length is at least 1″ long.
  • Inspect the burner’s rear and front flame periodically. 


Why is my gas fireplace not turning on?

Your gas fireplace will not turn on if its batteries go down. Therefore, tripped circuit breaker, faulty thermopile & thermocouple, and improper thermostat settings are some reasons behind this issue. 

What should I do if I smell gas?

If you smell gas, do the following things.

  • Don’t turn on any appliances
  • Avoid touching any switch
  • Stop yourself from using your phone in your building
  • Use your neighbor’s phone and call the gas supplier
  • Call the fire department for help if you fail to reach your gas supplier

Why does my gas fireplace keep going on and off?

The thermopile of your gas fireplace allows the gas to flow through the burner system to let your fireplace heat and light. If the thermopile is defective, your fireplace keeps going on and off.


From this Mendota gas fireplace troubleshooting guide, you have learned some common issues & their solutions. We hope now you can be able to solve the problems you are going through with your Mendota gas fireplace.

If any of the troubleshooting methods don’t work for you, let us know in the comment box. We’ll be back to you soon with a solution.

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    • Hi Chris
      It can be for tripped circuit breaker or fuse for the blower. Check and fix. Also check the fan motor and make sure it’s ok.

      And if case of ignite, if gas is coming out of the pilot but still won’t light, the spark igniter could be faulty. Clean the debris between the igniter and thermocouple. Also investigate if the thermocouple is worn out or not.


  1. My fireplace (Mendota “seabrook” direct vent propane fireplace insert is serviced every couple of years. The problem we’re having is, the pilot light goes out when we turn the fireplace off.
    We have too manually turn the pilot light on each time we use the fireplace. The fireplace was serviced last week.

    • Hi Carolyn

      When you turn off your fireplace, your pilot light is sucked out most probably because of a dirty pilot burner. Hopefully, you can resolve this issue just by cleaning the pilot orifice and pilot burner.


  2. My Mendoza fireplace remote needed batteries changed ~
    Batteries changed x2 .
    Display lit and I can turn fireplace on/off,however, display no longer shows selection option ie: smart /on/off choices only flame icon nor choice of other options as before batteries changed
    Not finding anything in manuel for trouble shooting this


  3. There is the Mendota Flat Front DXV-35 Deep Timber. Cold air blowing in from outside causing ice build-up on the glass. How should this issue be resolved?

    • Hi William

      Generally, this type of problem happens when the temperature of the front glass of the fireplace in the home drops below the dew point of the inside air, high level of moisture in the air triggers to build of visible moisture or ice on the glass.

      To solve the issue, take help from a technician.

      Wish you all the best.

  4. I have a Model DXV 45 fireplace where the remote is working and not locked out. The digital wall control has a green indicator and a 1×1 LCD screen that does not light up in any of three modes (on, off, or remote. Unable to turn fireplace on with remote, tried with wall control in all positions. I can turn on front flame with the manual toggle under unit. Changed all of the batteries. Would appreciate your suggestions, haven’t been able to get dealers in my area to respond to a service call request.

    • Hi Duane

      As you have changed all of the batteries, now check for tripped circuit breaker, faulty thermopile & thermocouple, and improper thermostat settings which could be the reasons behind your unit is not turning on.

      Well, do you have changed receiver batteries too? If not, replace the receiver batteries as well. On the other hand, if it’s a problem with the circuit breaker, replace it with a new one.

      In case of faulty thermopile & thermocouple, you must replace them with a new one. Also, ensure the thermostat setting is in its place.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.


  5. Hello,
    I have a Mendota DXV45. Currently the read flame will not light and the front burner flame is mostly blue. When I press the up butter on the rear flame switch, I’m not hearing the click sound as usual.

    • Hi Lynn

      When the fireplace gets enough oxygen for complete combustion, its flame becomes hotter and produces a blue gas flame with hydrocarbon gas. And producing blue flame means your gas fireplace is working fine and efficiently. It’s also safe.

      However, if you want to change to orange, you can adjust the flame.


  6. I have a Mendota FV33i-0716. When I plug it in, it starts beeping somewhere and will not light. I have read that I need to change the batteries in the receiver but I can not find where the receiver is. I can see where the toggle switch is for the pilot but no battery pack.


  7. William – the flame switch on my M-50 won’t turn the flame on; it’s not activating the valve. I changed the 9V battery to confirm however it is wired to the rear flame anyways. Do you have any suggestions?

  8. My Mendoza Seabrook is wired to a thermostat. A few days ago with thermostat off, the fire came on and could not be turned off. I pulled wires off the thermostat, then the controller. Needed to run off the gas.

  9. Hi—having trouble getting my Mendota gas fireplace going. I turn it on with the remote, the fan comes on, full display on the remote, but no flame…then 10 or 20 seconds later there is a “pop”, a flame comes on, but then quickly goes out.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks, Tim

  10. Hi
    Our Mendota used to start like a champ. Not it usually takes multiple on/off cycles with the remote to get it to start. What is the most likely culprit(s)?
    Many thanks

    • Hi James

      Your gas fireplace takes multiple on/off cycles to start due to one or more reasons like pilot light issue, malfunctional thermocouple or thermopile, clogged burner ports.

      Well, to fix the problem, inspect all the above mentioned issues & fix which one you get faulty.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Best of luck!

  11. Hi Bill:
    I have a Mendota Model DXV 35N. The fireplace turns on when the sliding switch on the wall is moved to the on position. After a few minutes, it begins to smell odd, and we noticed the back wall which is parallel to the front glass has fallen down on the logs. Could you please suggest how the back ceramic wall could be pushed back and fixed – Thanks

  12. Hi there I have a Mendota and forbtheblast 2 years I can’t turn on the rear flame (for max btu’s) it has a switch thatvyouvpushvdown to active the rear flame but nothing happens. I have tried a new switch but no results. Thanks

  13. The blower fan on my Mendota FV44i gas insert makes a constant whining noise. Is there anything that can be done to stop the noise when the fan is on. Even at the lowest speed is very annoying. It seems to get worse every year. Can some kind of lubricant spray be sprayed into the fan area. I don’t recall it making noise when I first purchased the fireplace.

    • Hi Debra

      To fix the blower whining noise issue, remove the blower & clean the dust with a vacuum.

      If cleaning doesn’t work, you may need to replace the blower if you get it faulty.

      Best of luck!

  14. Hey there,
    Our remote turns on the Mendota FV44i but it won’t turn it off. Same thing happened last yr and tech person didn’t know why. Just happened again – So we don’t use it all that much since we end up using the master switch on the side to turn it off. ( yes changed batteries) Any ideas?

    • Hi Stefanie

      As you have changed the batteries, now to fix your gas fireplace remote issue, make sure the manual switch of your gas fireplace is set to the “off” position. Plus, ensure you are within 25 feet of the signal receiver while using the remote.

      Also, check for any faulty individual button & fix it.

      If it doesn’t work, contact the Mendota customer support center or your local Mendota dealer.

      Hopefully, your fireplace remote problem will be solved.

      Best of luck!

    • Hi Theodore

      As your Mendota gas fireplace is a new one, to fix the issue it would be wise to contact The Mendota customer support center or your local Mendota dealer.

      Best of luck!

  15. I have a Mendota Model FV-33i Fireplace Insert. I have it serviced every year. This year I was having a problem with the remote. It would not work in the smart mode so I was leaving it in the on position. I ordered a new transmitter and it is working the same way. It sometimes shuts off before reaching the set temperature. I called and spoke with someone at Mendota and they suggest the control panel might need to be replaced. Does that sound correct to you?

    • Hi Janet

      Yes, replacing the control panel can solve your gas fireplace issue. But before replacing the control panel you can hire a professional to inspect your heater if you want. It’s a good idea.

      Best of luck!

  16. My Mendota DXV-60 pilot light remains lit but the burners will not lite. I have a thermopile reading of 575mv and the on/off switch test good.

    • Hi George

      Have you tried cleaning the dirt & debris between the thermopile & igniter? If not, clean them. Plus, blowing compressed air into the pilot assembly is a good idea to fix the issue.

      Well, after cleaning wait for a few minutes & then try to ignite your fireplace.

      Hopefully, it will bring luck.

      Have a good day!

  17. Hi William

    My Fv34 fireplace accent light doesn’t seem to be working? Is this an easy fix? There is literally nothing about it in the manual. I am assuming you can just change the bulbs if they have shorted.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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