King Pellet Stove Aux Light Flashing [5 Easy Solutions]

King pellet stove aux light flashing indicates the ignitor is on at the stove’s lighting stage. Tripped temperature sensor, running out of stove fuel, the stove’s blown fuses, power failure, etc, are responsible for aux light flashing.

Are you also suffering from the aux light flashing problem? If yes, then this troubleshooting guide article is for you. Let’s start.

King Pellet Stove Aux Light Flashing [5 Easy Solutions]

Here are some common causes and solutions for the stove’s aux light flashing. Let’s know all about these…

1. Tripped Temperature Sensor

The tripped temperature sensor at a high limit can cause aux light flashing. The reasons behind this problem are the following:

  • Exhaust blockage
  • Inadequate room ventilation
  • Fan failure
  • Switching to over temperature


When the temperature sensor of your king pellet stove stop working, it leads to aux light flashing. To solve this problem, you can do the following: 

  • Check the blockage and replace the fatigue one
  • Ensure proper ventilation when the stove’s room is running or operating.
  • Replace the damaged fan of your king pellet stove
  • Control the wiring or switching of electrical open temperature

2. Stove’s Fuel Run Out

During regular operation, the aux light of the king pellet stove can flash if the stove’s fuel runs out. The probable causes for this problem are the following: 

  • Empty hopper
  • Jam or malfunction in Auger output
  • Low-quality fuel causes too slow-burning


Running out of the stove’s fuel is another indicator of the aux light flashing. Before running out of the king pellet stove’s fuel do the following:

  • Check out the malfunctioning auger output as it causes extra fuel consumption. 
  • Replace the malfunctioned auger output
  • Fill out the hopper
  • Use high-quality stove fuel to increase the burning 

3. Blown Fuse

The blown fuse of the king pellet stove’s room fan can cause aux light flashing. The other reasons responsible for this problem are the following: 

  • Jammed or malfunctioning motor of a room fan
  • Overloaded circuit / short circuit
  • Damaged electrical wiring or outlets
  • Circuit breaker problem


Prevent the aux light flashing off the king pellet stove by solving the stove’s blown fuse issue. The solutions are the following: 

  • Check the malfunction or jammed room fan of the stove and replace it
  • Replace the damaged electrical outlet
  • Check the circuit breaker and call the electrician to solve the issue 

4. Power Failure

After running for a few hours, the stove becomes hot, and power failure at this time can cause aux light flashing. The factors responsible for this problem are the following:  

  • Low-quality fuel or flame causes too slow-burning
  • Auger output breakdown
  • Empty or jammed hopper


Ensure that the power of your king pellet stove always remains stable so that you can prevent the aux light flashing problem. The solutions are the following: 

  • Use high-quality fuel for supplying constant power to the stove
  • Replace the fatigue auger output
  • Check the empty hopper and fill it

5. Faulty Ignitor

When the king pellet stoves ignitor fails to produce heat or flame, but it is emitting natural gas, it could cause aux light flashing. The other reasons for faulty ignitor are the following: 

  • Circuit breakers problem
  • Faulty air filter
  • Low or no gas supply 
  • Ignitor sensor malfunction


A faulty ignitor is not a significant problem, and you can easily detect it and fix it. Check the circuit breaker panel of the stove. If the switches are off because they have tripped, again put it in position.

Thus the furnace will ignite, and there will be no issue with aux light flashing. Again, do the following: 

  • Clean the clogged or faulty air filter
  • Call the expert to check the gas supply
  • Clean the ignitor sensor. Replace it if necessary and the stove will start to work again


Why is My King Pellet Stove Blinking?

If the stove runs out of the pellet, it may start blinking. Again, when the pellet stove emits a room-sensing probe, the furnace may begin flashing.

How to Reset the King Pellet Stove?

The king pellet stove stops producing heat when the heater runs out of the pellet. Reset it effectively. Please turn off the stove to reset it, wait for a few seconds, and turn it on again. Reset the king pellet stove by tuning off the mode selector and turning on the desired mode. 

Can I Manually Light My King Pellet Stove?

If your stove is self-igniting, you should turn it on, and it will automatically light the pellet. If you want to light the pilot of your king pellet stove manually, it requires little extra care. Once you light it manually, it will burn well until you reset it again. 

How Long Does It Take for a King Pellet Stove to Ignite?

The ceramic igniter’s first sustainable flame’s ignition time is between the 50s -120s. Most of the modern king pellet stoves take the 50s-120s for ignition. 

How to Clean the King Pellet Stove Ignitor?

To clean the king pellet stove ignitor, follow the steps below: 

  • Open the stove’s firebox door
  • Use a soft brush to remove dirt and debris from the igniter
  • Clean the ash pan properly
  • Close the pellet stoves firebox door and turn the stove on


Hopefully, all the factors now clear to you which cause the king pellet stove aux light flashing. This troubleshooting guide aims to help you solve your aux light flashing problem. We discuss several factors which are responsible for this problem. 

But out there are several other issues that we didn’t discuss in the article. If you face or experience any such pain out of our list, you can notify us. Drop your problem or your observation in the comment box. Your comment is valuable to us. 


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  1. Tried resetting it and the mode light just blinking and will not ignite. Just fills up pellet in the small tray where the pellets is on fire.

    • Hi Maddie

      Usually, a pellet stove won’t ignite due to one or more reasons like dirty unit, lack of air flow, blown fuse, or bad gasket around the igniter.

      First, clean your stove. Plus, inspect the other mensioned issues & fix them which one you get defective.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from a proffesional.

      Have a great day!

  2. I shut my king pellet stove off to clean it. When I turned it back on, lights we flashing back and forth and now there is absolutely nothing. By nothing, no lights, won’t turn on.

    • Hi Lisa

      Check all the parts & make sure you installed them correctly. Plus, ensure all the wiring connections & vents are okay.

      If it doesn’t work, take help from a professional.

      Best of luck!


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