King Pellet Stove Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

The common King pellet stove problems include stove not igniting, stove not feeding, poor burn quality, shutting down, low heat, lazy flame, and many more.

Whatever the problem you are struggling with, you can quickly fix that by reading our King Pellet stove troubleshooting guide. So, let’s get started.  

King Pellet Stove Troubleshooting [ 7 Easy Solutions]

The user of the King Pellet stove can face the following problems, and this article will provide the solution to those problems in this writing. 

1. Stove Not Igniting

The reasons behind your king pellet stove not igniting are:

  • Lousy igniter
  • The inappropriate flow of air
  • Blown fuse
  • Dirty unit, etc. 


King pellet stove not igniting or the poor burn quality problem is easy to solve. The solution starts with cleaning your king pellet stove.

Go with the thorough cleaning and inspecting of the furnace, auger plate, hopper, and switches. And while cleaning, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when cleaning your stove. 

2. Stove Not Feeding Pellets

The king pellet stove not feeding pellets for several reasons. This problem can cause if you don’t close the ash pan door, front door, or hopper lid properly.

Again empty hopper may create a problem for which the stove may stop feeding pellets. 


Even if you fail to close the doors properly, the king pellet stove has a pressure switch that shuts off the motors.

In case of an empty hopper problem, the solution is to fill the hopper and wait for a few minutes to auger the king pellet stove into a burn pot. 

3. Stove Keeps Shutting Down

Flashing the lights of many new units may cause the shutdown of the screen of the King pellet stove.

King pellet stove keeps shutting off

The common causes of king pellet stove shutting down are:

  • Poor air adjustment
  • A dirty team
  • Inadequate heat trips the stove’s sensors

Also, the furnace’s broken part and work down may cause its constant shutting down. 


Most likely long pellets are the culprits of auger jamming or shutting down the stove.

But the solution is simple also—concise the long pellets of the furnace into a manageable length. You can concise the size of the pellets by dropping bags on the floor.

4. King Pellet Stove Excessive Clinkers

The airflow leak in the king pellet stove is most likely responsible for the excessive clinkers. The partially or burned pellets formed the clinkers. 


If your king pellet stove has excessive clinkers, you can solve the problem by following several general rules.

The easy solution includes cleaning all vents and adjusting the airflow setting or damper. Finally, solve the problem by checking all gaskets and taking steps to repair/replace them if necessary. 

5. Low Heat Output Of Stove

The stove’s produced heat rate or ignition rate is proportional to the fuel rate. Therefore air-to-pellet ratio is the likely culprit if your king pellet stove has a low heat output rate. 


If your king pellet stove is suffering from an air-to-pellet ratio problem, the solution is to adjust it by increasing the airflow. Further, you can increase the stove’s feed rate to adjust the Air-to-pellet ratio. 

6. Lazy Flame

You will not get your required heat if your stove has a lazy flame, which may lead to shutting down the furnace.

King pellet stove lazy flame

Most probably, the following factors are responsible for the King pellet stove lazy flame:

  • The neglected or unclean pellet stove
  • Harmful blower exhaust
  • Poor air-to-pellet ratio


Solve the lazy flame problem by taking proper care and maintaining your king pellet stove.

First, properly clean the pellet stove and increase the air adjustments by increasing airflow. Further, decrease the feed rate to increase the stove flame. 

7. Stove Blackened Glass

The low burning ratio is responsible for the blackened glass of the king pellet stove. Inadequate fuel or air supply results in poor combusting fire, releasing more by-products.

King Pellet Stove blackened glass

Removing more products causes blackened glass. 


To solve the blackened glass problem, you need to adjust the heat, air, and fuel setting to the medium and high range.

Then, increase the fuel supply to release minor by-products, and the king pellet stove’s glass remains clean. 


What Does Error 2 Mean on My King Pellet Stove?

According to the manual, Error code #2 on the King pellet stove means an empty hopper, fire is burning slowly because of the low fuel quality, jam, or failure in auger output, etc. 

What Does Error 11 Mean on a King Pellet Stove?

If you see a flashing “A” on the 5500 king pellet stove’s digital display, there is a complete shutdown in your glass door. Your king pellet stove is probably suffering from the vacuum issue, and it indicates Error 11.

How Do I Start My King Pellet Stove for the First Time?

The control panel of the king pellet stove consists of the “ON” button; press on it. After pressing the ON button, the start-up sequence will begin for the heater. The feed system will get the feed from the fuel through the drill. And approximately after 5 minutes, it will start to ignite. 

Why Does My King Pellet Stove Keep Overflowing?

Various factors are responsible for the overflowing of the King pellet stove, including poor quality pellet, ash builds up, etc. Again, if the new shell fails to burn correctly because of the unburnt ammunition, it could cause overflowing.


Hopefully, you could get the solution and fix your heater issue after reading our King pellet stove troubleshooting guide.

Yet, if you are struggling with any other problem, you can let us know in the comment box. We will help you ASAP. 

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  1. We bought our first pellet stove several years ago Haven’t used all that much each winter but yesterday it was working fine (but our pellets bags are 2 years old now) for several hours. I clean the chamber really well after each use. Then it shut down, gave Er 2 message. I shut it off and the pot kept burning down. Smoke started coming out of the Air Intake at the back of the unit. Filled the barn room with lots of SMOKE! I took pictures of the back of it!

    What in the world does that mean? It was scary. Thank you for your help. Nancy

  2. I can’t get my king pellet stove model 5500m to come on. I tried pushing the up and down auxiliary buttons but nothing happened,

  3. Cleaned out my king 5502M pellet stove and started it up, it ran normal for about 12 hours or so then I came home and th hopper was over filled and smoldering. The glass was all black. I shut it back down and let it all cool off. The next day I cleaned out the chimney and inside the stove. The hopper is full and turned it back on and it won’t load pellets now or do anything. I am not sure where to go from here, please help.

    • Hi Alison

      Your pellet stove stops feeding pellets due to one or more issues like an empty hopper, a bad thermocouple, a jammed auger, a failed auger motor, restricted airflow in the pellet stove, a faulty high limit sensor, and fuel in the hopper.

      As your stove’s hopper is full, check the other issues and fix them by following our guide on Pellet Stove Auger Stops Feeding Pellets .

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.


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