Pellet Stove Auger Stops Feeding Pellets [7 Easy Solutions]

The reasons your pellet stove auger stops feeding pellets are an empty hopper, a bad thermocouple, a jammed auger, a failed auger motor, restricted airflow in the pellet stove, a faulty high limit sensor, and fuel in the hopper.

In this article, we will show you how to fix all the above issues by yourself. So, let’s begin…

Pellet Stove Auger Stops Feeding Pellets [7 Easy Solutions]

Here we have covered 7 reasons and easy solutions to each. So keep reading to know the details.

1. An Empty Auger

Sometimes the hopper in a pellet stove may not have sufficient pellets. As a result, there are no pellets to be fed to the fire, causing your pellet stove not to work.


You should make sure to keep the pellets topped up frequently. After topping up, let some minutes for the pellet stove to auger the pellets onto the burn pot. This will solve the problem.

2. A Bad Thermocouple

The thermocouple serves as evidence of fire, which signifies it feels the heat from the fire in the firepot. You might yet view a fire, but the thermocouple will not feel it. If the thermocouple does not feel heat fifteen minutes after the stove turns on, then it will prevent the auger from feeding pellets. 

The thermocouple will also stop the pellet stove for security reasons. It is caused because the thermocouple is bad.


In this case, replace the thermocouple to solve the issue.

3. A Jammed Auger

If dust keeps accumulating in the hopper and auger, then excessive dust will build up and it will cause the pellet stove auger to jam. Also, there could be an obstruction that could be stopping the auger from turning. As a result, the pellet stove auger won’t feed pellets.


To solve this problem, clean out the hopper and auger every so often. When you view obstruction in the auger, you need to mildly rock the auger motor and gearbox to release the auger. It will clear the stoppage and solve the problem. 

4. A Failed Auger Motor

For a failed auger motor, the auger won’t rotate. As a result, the pellets cannot be fed and your pellet stove will not work.


When you find your pellet stove auger not working, you have to replace the auger motor to solve the problem.

5. Restricted Airflow In The Pellet Stove

There is a pressure switch in the pellet stove to sense if there is enough combustion airflow. Generally, first, the convection fan begins functioning. After that, the pressure switch will close sending power to the auger motor, which begins feeding pellets. 

If there is restricted airflow, the pressure switch won’t close and it will cause the auger motor to not function when installed in the pellet stove. Dirty combustion or exhaust blower can also cause restricted airflow in the pellet stove. Restricted airflow in the pellet stove will cause the pellet stove auger to stop feeding pellets.


To solve this problem, clean the stove entirely and eliminate any dust building up from the burn grate, heat exchangers, ash pan, air routes, and exhaust venting. In addition, check the gaskets for a stiff seal around the doors and ash pan. Also clean the combustion or exhaust blower and the pressure switch to solve the problem.

6. A Faulty High Limit Sensor

The pellet stove auger might not feed pellets if the high limit sensor has fallen. If the high limit sensor has fallen and is trapped open, it will cut power to your pellet stove. It will also stop your pellet stove from working.


To fix a faulty high limit sensor, you have to change the high limit sensor.

6. Fuel In The Hopper

If there is fuel in the hopper, there might be a constraint in the hopper or feeder. It will cause the pellet stove auger not feeding pellets and the pellet stove will not work. 


To solve this problem, shut down and unplug the stove After it is cool, eradicate every fuel and check. If any obstruction is found, clear it.


How to test auger motor in pellet stove?

To test the auger motor in a pellet stove, firstly, take away the auger motor from the stove. Then, test power to the auger motor using a surge protector and power cord. Adapters might be needed to attach the power cord. The output shaft needs to rotate at a low revolution per minute.

How do you fix a auger that won’t turn on a pellet stove?

If the auger has stopped turning, possibilities are that it’s encountering a motor failure, pressure switch failure, or that it’s blocked with pellets and dirt. The best stuff you can do is to unplug the stove and open up the unit to examine the auger motor. Then, clean it out entirely. Also lubricate the elements and bushings in the auger motor to stop it from locking up in the future.

How do you reset a pellet stove?

To reset a pellet stove, firstly, shut off the mode selector. Then load the hopper with pellets. Now, you need to turn the feed adjuster to a mid-range setting, such as four. After that, turn the temperature dial to a position. Next, turn the mode selector to either “Room Temperature” or “Stove Temperature”. This way, the pellet stove will reset.

What is the life of a pellet stove?

A correctly installed and maintained pellet stove should last a minimum of ten years. Though, it can vary from a couple of years of lifespan for inexpensively constructed pellet stoves used often to more than ten years for well-constructed and well-maintained pellet stoves that are used periodically.

How much does it cost to service a pellet stove?

Generally, the average cost to service a pellet stove is between 300 dollars and 500 dollars, with most people paying around 400 dollars for full cleaning and replacement of the exhaust fan. However, relying on the complication of the issue and the cost of any replacement parts, pellet stove repair can cost between 130 dollars to 800 dollars.


It is a painful problem when the pellet stove auger stops feeding pellets and your pellet stove also doesn’t work. But there are solutions to every problem and this problem also has solutions. We have discussed 7 reasons and solutions to this problem in this article. 

We are hopeful that now after knowing these reasons and solutions to this problem, you can solve this problem very easily and effectively. Still, if this problem has not been solved or any more help is needed, then do let us know in the comment box. We will be very happy to help you and solve your problem as soon as possible.

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