5 Englander Pellet Stove Error Codes [Easy Solution]

If your Englander pellet stove shows error codes, then it is not a good sign. Though some codes don’t indicate any danger, most of the codes signal different problems.

But you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. In this article, we will discuss 5 Englander pellet stove error codes and their solution. By the end, you will be able to solve your Englander pellet stove problems all by yourself. So start reading.

5 Englander Pellet Stove Error Codes And Their Solution

There are 5 error codes in total. However, only 4 of them point out different problems with the pellet stove. These situations are vacuum loss, star-up failure, over-heating, and temperature drop. 

The other one (Error code-0) indicates the sound condition of the Englander pellet stove. 

Let’s get deep into these error codes.

Error Code-0

If the pellet stove panel shows code “E-0,” it means that there is no problem. Thus no action is required.

Error Code-1: 

Englander pellet stove error code E1 indicates the vacuum Loss of the pellet stove system. It occurs when the exhaust flow fails to keep the “flue blockage” switch close.

Faulty exhaust blower blocked flue pipe, cracked vacuum hose, and faulty wiring connection is also the reason behind Error code-1 in Englander pellet stove.

Solution: Here’s how to deal with this error code in a simple way,

  • Clean the firepot, baffle plate, and heat exchangers regularly
  • Clear out the debris and clogged dirt of the exhaust and air intake pipe
  • Keep the exhaust pipes short and wide (at least 4” in diameter)
  • Make sure that the air intake pipe is at least 3” wide in diameter
  • Fix or replace the exhaust blower.

Error Code-2: 

Error code-2 means that the system has failed to start. A clogged ignitor, faulty ignitor position, or bad fire sensor can be the reason behind this error code.

However, a bad exhaust blower or damp pellets can be the reason why your pellet stove is not starting up as well.

Solution: Here’s how to fix e2 code on pellet stove: 

  • Check the cartridge heater and make sure it is burning perfectly
  • Clean the burn area regularly to make sure there are no cloggings
  • Make sure that the fire sensor connection is perfectly secured
  • Clear out the dirt clogged in the ignitor
  • Reposition the ignitor in accordance with the manual
  • Check if the blower motor is working properly
  • Use well-processed pellets 

Error Code-3: 

Overheating is a common problem of the pellet stove. It is signaled by Error code 3 in the Englander pellet stove.  

A dirty stove clogged exhaust fan and air-intake fan, or burning anything other than pellets can cause the system to overheat and eventually show Error code 3.

Solution: Ensure to the following things to deal with error code 3 of your Englander pellet stove,

  • Clear out the ash buildup in the unit
  • Make sure the fan is perfectly working
  • Avoid burning anything else other than pellets such as grains, corns, or cherry pits
  • Keep the exhaust air path clean

Error Code-4

Error code 4 in Englander pellet stove indicates a sudden temperature drop of the whole unit. Your pellet stove temperature level can drastically drop when the system fails to burn the pellets. Now there can be two reasons behind this failure. Either your pellets aren’t reaching the combustion chamber due to a faulty auger motor, or the fuels are not good at all, or the pellets are wet.

Solution: When you face Error code 4 in the Englander pellet stove, you will notice that there is no fire in the system. The whole unit can be filled with smoke as well.

Here’s what you can do about it:

  • Check the auger motor first to see if there is anything stuck
  • Closely examine the wiring of the auger motor as well
  • Make sure that the pellets are dry as and in proportionate size. Otherwise the stove will do problem and you need to fixt your pellet stove.
  • Don’t keep the pellet feeding speed too low.

These were the 5 Englander pellet stove error codes you should be aware of.

What Is Englander Pellet Stove Error Code 5 U: Should You Be Worried? 

Well, technically, this is not an error code. 5 U is actually the S U mode. It means “Start-Up”. Due to the display system, “S U”  seems like “5 U”.  And many uses take this as an error code.

So to sum things up, if you notice this sign on your pallet stove, then there is no reason to be alarmed. It just means your Englander pellet stove is in start-up mode. And this is all there is to know about Englander pellet stove error codes.


How do I reset my Englander pellet stove?

You can reset the Englander pellet stove by letting the pellets burn out.

Why does my Englander pellet stove keep shutting off?

The most common reason why Englander pellet stove keeps shutting off is the faulty blower motor.

What causes a lazy flame in a pellet stove?

In pellet stoves, lazy flame occurs mainly because of inconsistent air supply, ash buildup, or damp pellets.

Why does the glass on my pellet stove get dirty so fast?

The pellet stove gets dirty mainly because of a lack of airflow. 

What does the pressure switch do on a pellet stove?

The pressure switch of a pellet stove shuts down the auger motor if the stove door is not properly closed.


It is okay to be confused about the system of your appliance. But you should always do your research to learn about them as soon as you can. This article is about just that. The 5 Englander pellet stove error codes discussed here will definitely help you understand your pellet stove problems and solve them as well. 

And in case you have any confusion left, let us know in the comment below.

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