3 Englander Pellet Stove Control Board Problems [Easy Fix]

Guessing something is wrong with your Englander pellet stove control board? Let us help you examine the issue. In this article, you will learn 3 most common Englander pellet stove control board problems and their easy solutions. Plus you will learn to reset your Englander pellet stove control board as well.

And by the end, you will get to know about 4 more pellet stove problems that can take place due to a faulty control board. So, let’s get started.

3 Englander Pellet Stove Control Board Problems With Solutions

When you find your Englander pellet stove control board is not working, the possible problems are the faulty wiring, blown fuse, and misleading connection between D7 and D9. Fixing these issues will solve your control board problem. 

However, there can be issues that you don’t know about. Such conditions can be easily tackled just by resetting the control board. This is why we recommend you reset the control board before taking other measures. If resetting solves the issue, you won’t need to do anything else.

Englander Pellet Stove Control Board Reset

Here’s how to easily reset your Englander pellet stove control board:

Step 1: Turn the Englander pellet stove on first.

Step 2: Select the “Low Fuel” option.

Step 3: Select the “6” option (blower speed)

Step 4: Now select the “4” option (low air burn)

Step 5: Finally, select the “1” option (air on temperature)

And your Englander pellet stove control board will be reset just like this, and you won’t probably need to take any further action. But if it doesn’t change anything these here’s what the problems probably are:

Problem 1: Faulty Control Board Wiring

The most common Englander pellet stove control board problem you are likely to face is the wiring. The Pellet stove control board sends signals to the main system through wires. So you can realize what will happen if these wires are damaged in any way. 

There is a method of ensuring whether this wiring is bad. Just unscrew the cover of the control board. Removing this cover will expose the internal wiring. Take a look at the wire. Use a tester to detect leakage if everything apparently seems okay.

Solution: If you notice any damaged wire or discover leakage, you can try doing the following,

  • Locate the faulty wire
  • Pull out the wire using a piler
  • Install a new wire in its position
  • Make sure the wire is perfectly placed

In case you need to change all the wires, consult the user manual to see the position of each component.

Problem 2: Control Board Blown Fuse

The control board maintains the work of sending and receiving the electrical signal with the help of a fuse. If this fuse somehow blows in the pellet stove control board, the whole system will stop working. The most obvious sign of a blown fuse is that your pellet stove won’t receive any electric supply.

Solution: The only solution to this problem is to replace the blown fuse. Fortunately, this is a very simple task. Here’s what to do,

  • Disconnect the electricity supply of the pellet stove
  • Remove the cover of your pellet stove control board
  • Locate the blown fuse near the white wire and black wire
  • Use a screwdriver to disconnect the pellet stove for the circuit board
  • Take piler to pull the blown fuse out
  • Install a new fuse with the similar amps

And now your Englander pellet stove control board is good again.

Problem 3: Control Board Misleading Connection 

The diodes in the control board help to maintain the connection of the whole system. However, these connections can get damaged and mislead the signals. As a result, your pellet stove control board can stop working.

Fortunately, this is not a complicated situation as it sounds like. Just swapping between the diode connection will get you rid of this issue. 

Solution: Here’s how to secure the connection in the control board panel,

  • Shut off the electricity supply of the pellet stove
  • Remove the D7 and D9 diode of the pellet stove
  • Place D7 in the position of D9 and vise-versa
  • Now turn the pellet stove on after re-establishing all the connection
  • If the pellet stove doesn’t go to SU mode (start-up mode), then swap between other diode connections

Repeat this process till the pellet stove system starts up.

These are the most common problems you are likely to face with your Englander pellet stove control board. However, if these were not your issue, then check out more problems and solutions below.

4 Common Englander Pellet Stove Problems [Related To Faulty Control Board]

Your control board is related to all the functionality of the pellet stove. So a faulty control board can give rise to certain problems. The most common of these issues are the bad auger motor, bad blower motor, feeding too many pellets, and frequent shut-down.

Let’s get deeper into these problems and discuss the possible solutions.

Problem 1: Englander Pellet Stove Auger Motor Not Working

The auger motor does the work of delivering pellets to your stove’s burner. If your Englander pellet stove control board fails to send a perfect signal to your auger motor, it will just stop. An inconsistent supply of signals can cause this as well. But whatever the reason may be, if your auger motor doesn’t work, your pellet stove won’t produce fire as well.

Solution: We recommend checking the auger motor first. If you find anything jammed there, clean it. However, a clean auger motor not working can indicate to control board issue. Here’s how to fix it:

  • On the control board, find the wires leading to the auger motors
  • There are three wires leading to the upper auger motor (1 yellow wire) and lower auger motor (2 purple wires)
  • Locate these wires in the 3rd, 5th, and 6th position in the wire panel
  • Make sure these wires are perfectly secured and are reaching the auger motor properly
  • Remove the faulty wire and install a new one

Now your Englander pellet stove auger motor will start working again.

Problem 2: Faulty Englander Pellet Stove Blower Motor

Your pellet stove needs air to keep burning. This air enters the stove system through the bowler motor. It goes without saying that if this blower motor stops working, the fire will stop burning as well. 

It is easy to identify faulty pellet stove blower motor. Just stand near the blower motor and try to listen up. If you hear it making, “ra ra ra ra ra” noise, it means the blower is receiving an inconsistent power supply. If you don’t get any sound, it means that the blower motor has completely stopped working.

Solution: Dirty blower motor can show these symptoms as well. So, similar to the auger motor, check the blower motor for dirt first. Check the control board if you find the blower motor neat and clean. Here’s what to do:

  • Remove the control board panel and locate the blower motor wire connection
  • The 1st and 2nd wires (red wires) are the wirings of the blower motor
  • Check the wire with the tester
  • Replace the faulty wire with a new one
  • Install the new wire in the perfect position

You will have your pellet stove blower motor running again after this.

Problem 3: Englander Pellet Stove Using Too Many Pellets 

Your Englander pellet stove using too many pellets mean that the auger motor is delivering excessive fuel. This can happen due to a fault of the control board as the control panel determines the number of pellets to use.

Solution: You can easily solve this issue by adjusting the auger motor speed. Here’s how to do it,

  • Firstly, turn your pellet stove on
  • Now press “ON” again on the control panel
  • Press the heat range and the auxiliary simultaneously
  • Now the display will show the current amount of pellets the auger carry
  • Press the “Down” button on the control panel

And from now on, your pellet stove will use the perfect amount of pellets. 

Pro Tip: In the case of Englander pellet stove not feeding enough pellets, follow all these steps except for the last one. Instead of pressing the “Down” button, choose the “Up” option to increase the Englander pellet stove feed rate.

Problem 4: Englander Pellet Stove Keeps Shutting Off

Numerous things can cause your Englander pellet stove to shut off. Just so you know, most of these reasons shut your pellet stove off by damaging other components. However, if no stove part is damaged, yet the pellet stove is shutting off, the problem is probably in the control board.

Solution: This problem is a bit serious. Though you can easily repair the Englander pellet stove control board, that won’t be a worthy solution. Your control board will stop working again. This is why replace your Englander pellet stove control board following these easy steps:

  • Turn the pellet stove off and unplug all the connections
  • Wait for 30 minutes to let the stove cool down
  • Locate the screw holding the control board in the stove
  • Unscrew the pellet stove control board using a wrench
  • Detach all the wiring and connections one by one
  • Now place the new control board in its place
  • Install all the wirings and connections according to this diagram
  • Screw the control board tightly in its place

Now power on your pellet stove. It should work perfectly. Yet, it doesn’t work, you can read our ultimate solution guide to pellet stove keep shutting off.

If you know about these 4 problems and their solutions, you will not face further issues. So keep these in mind.


How do you test a pellet stove control board?

Notice if the power supply is okay with a tester. If it’s working, then your control board is fine.

Why does my Englander pellet stove keep going out?

The most common reason why your Englander pellet stove is going out is bad pellets, bad auger motor, and dirty stove.

Do pellet stoves have fuses?

Yes, pellet stoves have fuses.

What is the best setting for a pellet stove?

It is best to run a pellet stove at a low heat setting (2 or 3).

Can you plug a pellet stove into a surge protector?

Yes, it is a good idea to plug your pellet stove into a surge protector during a storm.


If you know the right way, you can deal with pretty much any issue of your pellet stove. This article discussed these specific methods. If you follow our verdicts, you are sure to succeed while dealing with any kind of Englander pellet stove control board problems. So just give it a proper read.

If you still have any confusion left, let us know in the comment below.

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  1. my englander stove has E 1 even with the bypass plug in place on the back of the control board and the vacume switch bypassed

  2. Hello William

    I have a 25 EPI insert and am now going on my second control board. The problem I am having is the stove stops feeding enough pellets. The first board ran for almost 7 years without issue. Then the stove would not feed enough pellets to keep anything more than a flicker, like it was stuck set on auger speed 1. I thoroughly cleaned everything, replaced auger motor, combustion blower, did not solve. Finally replaced board and it ran fine for 2 years. Now I am getting the same issue with last board I installed. It always starts out working ok and then not. I alwasy keep the stove serviced properly and it is on a high quality surge protector. I’m baffled at this point and do not want to spend $300.00 every 2 years on control boards.

    • Hello Cris
      It’s really shocking. Did you try to fix the control board as I discussed in my article? If not, first reset the board, then try other solutions. You may get a solution.
      Wish you all the best.


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