Kitchenaid Grill Igniter Not Clicking [5 Easy Solutions]

The KitchenAid grill igniter not clicking mainly because of a damaged or dead battery, dirty or malfunctioning electrodes, loose connection between wire and electrodes, wet weather, and the igniter’s worn-out spark module.

Kitchenaid grill igniter not clicking

If you experience that suddenly your grill igniter stops working or clicking, be sure that one or more above factors cause this issue.

However, keep reading. Our troubleshooting guide will definitely help you to fix your igniter issue by yourself.

Kitchenaid Grill Igniter Not Clicking [5 Easy Solutions]

The Kitchenaid grill igniter can stop working for the following five reasons. Let’s discuss the problem’s details and their associated solutions. 

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1. Corroded or Dead Battery

The dead or corroded battery is one of the main reasons why the Kitchenaid grill igniter stops working. Your Kitchenaid grill battery may corrode for the following reasons:

  • Electrolyte leakage
  • Copper clamps chemical reaction
  • Battery overfilling
  • Overcharging
  • Incorrectly installed battery


Replacing the corroded or dead battery is the only solution to this issue. However, you can replace the battery yourself.

Counterclockwise turn the igniter button’s cover and remove the old battery. Then insert the new battery in and again try to ignite it.

Again, to avoid corrosion, you should avoid overusing or overfilling it. And install the igniter battery properly.

2. Dirty or Corroded Electrodes

Cooking fumes, food particles, and grease cause grime accumulation on electrodes. However, the dirt creates a barrier to the electrode’s proper functioning. As a result, the grill’s igniter stops clicking.

If the electrode remains in touch with moisture for a long time, it can erode. The corroded electrode fails to generate sparks. As a result, the igniter fails to click.


Fixing the dirty electrodes issues is easy. Use soft cotton and a little rubbing alcohol to clean the electrode. Gently rub the soft cotton on the electrode’s metal tip. Wait for a few minutes to dry it.

Once it is dry, you can attempt to ignite the grill. However, the electrode’s total cleaning requires several cleaning attempts. Again make sure that the electrodes are not in touch with moisture.

3. Wire and Electrode’s Loose Connections

The Kitchenaid gas grill’s sparking depends on its wire connections and right electrode placement.

The igniter can stop clicking because of loose wire connections, wrong electrode placement, or loose connections between the wire and electrode.


To check whether there is any loose wire and electrode connection or not, you should do the following:

  • Make sure that the grill’s gas is Off
  • Inspect two components, including the electrodes and wires
  • Ensure the electrode’s good shape, and there are no breaks or cracks in the metal tips
  • Inspect the faulty wires. Due to adverse bad weather and moisture, the wires can fray
  • Once you confirm that the electrode and wire are in good shape, then you need to check the wire connection
  • Ensure no loose connections exist in disconnecting and reconnecting the wires from electrodes.

4. Worn-out Spark Module

Failed or worn-out spark module is another cause for which the igniter stops clicking. The worn-out spark module causes the ignition coil failure.

Due to this issue, the ignition coil is bound to start functioning at a much higher output. The forced higher output results in coil malfunction, and the igniter fails to click.

The worn-out or faulty spark module significantly affects the ignition timing. In addition, it could affect the engine so much that it starts to run rough and causes misfires. All these issues combinedly hamper the ignition process.


Try to ensure the optimum condition for your spark plugs. And it will significantly reduce ignition coil failure chance.

In addition, you can save huge repair or replacement costs in the long run by following several simple and easy regular maintenance rules.

5. Wet Weather

The igniter becomes wet when it’s raining or snowing outside. As a result, the wet igniter stops functioning.

Thus it is another important reason why the igniter stops clicking. However, the gas could still flow even in wet weather, but the igniter will not work.


In wet weather, if the igniter fails to click, its solution is easy. There is still gas flow in your Kitchenaid grill, you could manually light it.

But you need to do it carefully. Use a gas barbecue lighter or match to light it carefully. Eventually, the igniter will dry because of the grill’s heat.


How do you test a grill igniter?

To test the grill igniter, you need to hold the control panel’s igniter button. Then, see the igniter in the mirror. Generating a spark at each attempt signifies that it is operating correctly. You may require to replace the grill’s igniter if you don’t see any spark.

Does a gas grill igniter need to be grounded?

No grounding, wiring, or splicing is required for the gas grill igniter. Your gas grill igniter will function properly by sliding its six connectors into the six igniters. You don’t need any other thing or grounding at all.

Why is my gas grill clicking continuously?

When the gas grill’s burner cap is out of alignment, it causes the stove’s continuous click even after it is ignited. After completely cooling the cooktop, access the cap by removing the burner gate on it. Then, fix the burner’s cap tightly.


Now you know all the reasons why your KitchenAid grill igniter not clicking. If you face the same issue with your grill igniter, hopefully, you will be able to fix it by yourself in no time.

However, if you experience your igniter clicking issue being different from the above problems, comment on it. We will draw solutions for you.

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  1. My kitchen aid drop in grill igniter cannot be pushers in. When I replaced the battery and tighten the CSO there is no room to push in to invite.

  2. no clicking sound on igniter. replaced the battery. replaced the module. still not working.
    Original igniter module has a flat ring type of connecter. will that be an issue? what does that connect to? I have 730-0745 4 burners with side burner model. Thanks for your help.


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