Camp Chef Smoker Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

The most common Camp Chef pellet grill problems are:

  • The smoker keeps shutting off.
  • The grill won’t ignite.
  • The fan stops working.
  • The smoker stops smoking.
  • And the smoker getting too hot, and other temperature problems.
camp chef smoker troubleshooting guide

If your Camp Chef smoker suddenly stops working, maybe one or more above problems are the culprits. Then you need to go on reading our comprehensive Camp Chef smoker troubleshooting guide to fix that issue.

Camp Chef Smoker Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Camp Chef pellet smoker’s problems and their solutions are the following:

1. Smoker Keeps Shutting Off

Camp Chef smoker keeps shutting off is the most common problem for which the users suffer the most.

camp chef smoker keeps shutting off

The main culprits behind this issue are the following:

  • Blown fuse 
  • Power loss
  • Firepot’s too much ash
  • Wet or low-quality pellets
  • Pellets running out
  • Dirty RTD Sensor Probe


If your Camp Chef smoker abruptly shuts off, you should correctly restart it. The solutions to fix this issue are the following: 

  • Inspect and replace the blown fuse
  • Plugged the Camp Chef smoker into a reliable power source
  • After 2-3 cooking sessions, clean the firepot’s ash
  • Keep the wood pellets and hopper away from the water and moisture
  • Check the hopper and ensure that it has pellets
  • Clean the RTD sensor

2. Smoker Won’t Light/Ignite

After turning on the smoker, it starts to blow, but you may face that your Camp Chef smoker won’t light.

camp chef smoker won't light

Even if your smoker’s auger and the firebox are also running correctly, the smoker fails to ignite. The factors that cause this issue are the following: 

  • Smoker fails to burn all the fuel
  • Low airflow adjustment 
  • Dirty nozzle from where the oil comes out
  • Dirty firepot
  • The hot rod fails to produce heat


Remove the smoker’s deflector shield and drip pan and see whether its auger is running or not. Also, try to feel whether it’s producing warmth or not. The other solutions are the following: 

  • Ensure that the smoker is burning all the fuel
  • Follow the manual and adjust the airflow
  • Properly clean the dirty firepit and nozzle
  • Make sure the hot rod is producing warmth

3. Fan Not Working

The fan is a crucial smoker’s part. And it’s mainly used in heating and burning.

camp chef smoker fan not working

The Camp Chef smoker fan is not working for the following reasons: 

  • Smoker’s overuse
  • Fail to maintain the smoker properly
  • Grease builds up in the fan because of continuous usage
  • Broken fan 


Any of the above issues can hinder the smoker fan’s proper functioning. However, you should follow the solutions below for fixing this issue.

  • Avoid the smoker’s overuse or frequent use
  • Properly maintain and clean the smoker
  • Wipe the fan’s blades for cleaning the accumulated grease and debris
  • Take out the smoker’s fan and wash it properly
  • Replace the broken fan

4. Smoker Not Smoking

If you see that your Camp Chef smoker is producing hardly or no smoke at all, you should look for the exact causes of it.

camp chef smoker not smoking

The following factors are responsible for this cause. 

  • Too high temperature
  • Cheap and old pellets or pellets absorbed moisture
  • Jammed auger
  • Dirty firepot or full of ash on it
  • Poor ventilation
  • Fan stops working


At lower temperature, the Camp Chef smoker produce more smoke. Thus, make sure that your smoke setting is in perfect condition. The other solutions are the following: 

  • Use relatively fresh, dry, and high-quality pellets
  • Once completing the cooking take out the unused pellets from the hopper
  • Use the pellets correct size
  • Clean the firepot’s ashes 
  • Ensure pellets are getting enough oxygen to ignite
  • Check the broken fan and replace it if required

5. Flame Issues

The Camp Chef smoker’s flame issues include the flame error code, smoker probe error, and flame keep going out.

camp chef smoker flame issues

When the fire falls below a specific temperature level or the flame frequently goes out, the smoker shows the flame error code. The causes of flame issues are the following: 

  • Defective controller
  • Jammed auger
  • The smoker fails to recognize the temperature drop
  • Cheap and low-quality pellets
  • Leak between the fan and firepot


The Camp Chef smoker’s flame error means extinguished fire. You can fix the issue in the following ways:

  • Inspect the controller issue and replace the defective one if required
  • Use the right size pellet to avoid the auger jam
  • Contact a technician to solve the temperature probe issue
  • Use high-quality and dry pellets
  • Check and fix the firepot and fan leak

6. Smoker Getting Too Hot

Cooking at an average temperature is okay for the Camp Chef smoker. The smoker’s inbuilt function can automatically deal with the temperature fluctuations issue.

camp chef smoker getting too hot 

But still, continuous smoking at 25 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit affects the smoker, and it gets hot. The other causes are the following: 

  • Dirty firepot
  • Smoker’s incorrect startup
  • Grill’s internal parts malfunctioned
  • Too moist or low-quality wood pellets


If you see that your smoker is getting too hot frequently, you should immediately contact the smoker’s customer service provider. The other fixing ways are the following: 

  • Properly clean the firepot
  • Correctly start up the grill
  • Contact a technician and replace the defective internal parts 
  • Use high-quality and dry wood pellets

7. Other Temperature Issues

The Camp Chef smoker’s common temperature problems include the smoker not heating up or losing heat and low or high smoke temperature.

camp chef temperature issues

For the reasons below, you may encounter this issue from time to time. 

  • Jammed auger
  • Ash build-up
  • Dirty temperature sensor
  • Faulty hot rod igniter
  • Improperly stored pellets


When the smoker’s temperature fluctuates or fails to heat up, you should do the following: 

  • Clean the firepot’s debris and ash build-up
  • Properly clean the temperature sensor
  • Replace the faulty hot rod igniter
  • Store pellets correctly


Why is my Camp Chef smoker not holding the temperature?

The bad controller is the prime reason why the Camp Chef smoker fails to hold the temperature. Dirty ash pot is also responsible for this issue. If the firepot has too much ash on it, it will stop the grill’s heating up.  

How long does it take for Camp Chef to heat up?

The Camp Chef’s pellet ignition startup process takes 8 minutes. And hopefully, you will get the desired temperature within 10-20 minutes from the start time. Usually, the longer time depends on how hot the temperature is. 

Can you grill burgers on a Camp Chef pellet grill?

Yes, you can grill burgers with the Camp chef. A significant way of adding flavor to the burger is by smoking it. Set the desired temperature, and then smoke the burger. Continuously smoke it until it’s 10-15 degrees more than the set temperature. 

Will Traeger pellets work in a Camp Chef Smoker?

Yes! Traeger pellets will work in the Camp Chef smoker. The Traeger pellet is a hardwood grilling pellet, and it would work in any pellet grill type. The major grilling brands are Traeger, Rec Tec, Camp Chef, Pit Boss, Masterbuilt, etc. 

Can you use any brand of pellets in a Camp Chef pellet grill?

Irrespective of the pellets brand type, the Camp Chef smoker efficiently works. However, some grill companies intend to use their produced pellets only in their grill. But you can use any pellet brand in Camp Chef. 


Now, you know all the reasons why you require the Camp Chef smoker troubleshooting guide.

Hopefully, you will be able to fix all your smoker’s issues by yourself in no time. Still, if you have any queries, leave a comment below. We will come back to you with a solution very soon. 

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20 thoughts on “Camp Chef Smoker Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]”

  1. Auger feeds pellets but feeding right through it and filling ash can, fan is working and I get a little heat?

  2. I turn on my grill and nothing happens. It’s like there is no electricity to it. No light on or anything. I cleaned everything and checked the fuse. All looks good. Do you have any ideas on why nothing happens?

    • Hi Wendy

      Your smoker may need a physical check-up. It would be wise to contact the Camp Chef customer service center or your local Camp Chef dealer.

      Wish you all the best.

  3. Induction fan works on startup but then stops. Bought a new fan and it does the same thing. Can it be the controller?

    • Hi Daniel

      As you have a new induction fan & it’s not working, then check the controller & wire connections from the fan to the controller & fix it if you get it faulty.

      Plus, it would be helpful to read this solution guide on pellet smoker fan not working.

      Hopefully, you will get the solution.

      Wish you all the best.

  4. I have a new smoker only used it 3 times even after the first time used i could not get the clean out rod to come out having to use a vacuum to clean out fire pit..any ideas lol…

    • Tap the clean out rod inward with the palm of your hand a couple of times then try to pull it outward. If it still doesn’t slide open clean out all ashes then tap downward on the inside bottom of the fire pot then try to slide the clean out rod

  5. Starts and warms up with the lid open. Close the lid, set the temperature to 1260, and the temperature keeps rising, up over 200 sometimes. Then is starts to cool and goes down to below 100. Called Camp Chef and they sent me a new controller and temperature sensor. I changed them both out and it did the exact same thing when I started it up. Brand new smoker, only used once, and that was not a pleasant experience. Very disappointed so far…

    • Hi Bill
      Usually, a Camp Chef smoker not heating up due to one or more reasons like a jammed auger, ash build-up, dirty temperature sensor, faulty hot rod igniter, or improperly stored pellets.

      In this case, the solution is as follows-

      1. Clean the firepot’s debris and ash build-up

      2. Properly clean the temperature sensor

      3. Replace the faulty hot rod igniter

      4. Store pellets correctly

      Plus, to get more information, you can read our easy solution guide on Camp Chef pellet grill not heating up.

      However, as your smoker is a new one, now it would be wise to contact your local Camp Chef smoker dealer to inspect your smoker visually & fix the issue.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Best of luck!

  6. I have had my dlx24 approx 4 yrs love it ! first issue temp gauge wrong use extra thermometer was coming up to temp !, Now I can’t get it to go higher than 300 degrees ?, I cleaned very well still won’t get any hotter!?

    • Hi Rick

      As you have cleaned your smoker, now to fix the issue, again clean the temperature sensor (probe) by scrubbing it to clean the carbon.

      Plus, visually inspect that the probe is not bent over & it doesn’t touch the side of your smoker.

      Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

      Wish you all the best!

    • Hi Federico

      Generally, this type of issue happens may be due to a faulty element or electrical wiring issue.

      Well, to fix this issue, you can hire an electrician or Camp Chef customer support center.

      Wish you all the best!

    • Hi Joe

      To fix the temperature issue, first, clean the firepot. Plus, make sure the smoker’s internal parts are okay & you use quality pellets.

      If it doesn’t work, contact the Camp Chef customer support center.

      Wish you all the best!

  7. Camp Chef smoker goes to Start up and after a few minutes shuts down for a second or two and then turns back on and is back in Start up mode again?

    • Hi Jon

      To fix the smoker issue, first, ensure the outlet where you plug the smoker is okay. Plus, check the wires for any loose connections & fix them if needed. Also, clean the smoker thoroughly & ensure you are using quality pellets.

      Hopefully, your smoker problem will be solved.

      Wish you all the best!

  8. My Pursuit starts up fine and heats and smokes but as it is coming up to temp, the display and the blower fan starts to flicker/stutter and shuts down. In shutdown mode the fan fires back up and it runs until the unit is cooled sufficinctly. I opened the back up and the only thing I can find is the blower motor seems quite hot. Much hotter than the fan on teh auger.
    Does the blower fan have a overheat shutdown safety switch? does this mean the motor needs replacing?



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