Why Camp Chef Smoker Keeps Shutting Off + How To Fix [Solved]

Your Camp Chef smoker keeps shutting off because of the loss of power, blown fuse, insufficient pellets in the hopper, bad pellets, dirty temperature probe, ash accumulated in the firepot, long cooks on low temperature, controller failure, and leak between the firepot and blower.

Keep scrolling to know all you need to and fix your smoker ASAP. 

Camp Chef Smoker Keeps Shutting Off And How To Fix

In this section, we’ll take an in-depth look at the reasons behind your smoker malfunctioning and their solutions.

1. Loss of Power

It could just be that the power to your unit is lost. 


All you need to do is restore the power to fix your smoker. Check whether the power plug has come undone. In case of a power outage, you can get a backup generator.

2. Blown Fuse

The fuse of your smoker can trip due to electrical overload. This is another cause behind your smoker shutting off. 


You need to replace the blown fuse. Here’s how you do it-

  • Unplug the smoker.
  • Locate and remove the blown fuse.
  • Clean the space with a small brush.
  • Put in the new fuse.
  • Plug the smoker back in. 
  • Turn on the power.

Your smoker should run properly now.  

3. Insufficient Pellets In The Hopper

Your smoker runs on pellets. Without enough pellets in the hopper, your smoker will be out of fuel.


Check to see whether the hopper is empty. Refill it with pellets. Sometimes the hopper may have pellets but position to the sides. The pellets can’t enter the auger because of this. As a result, there is no flame. To fix this situation, you can pile up the pellets on top of the auger. There won’t be an issue in feeding the auger that way.

4. Bad Pellets

Moist pellets are another reason why your Camp Chef smoker won’t smoke and keeps shutting off frequently.


The main reason your pellets can go bad is improper storage. To check if your pellets have moisture trapped in them, press them between your fingers. If the pellets crumble in your fingers, it means, they’re damp.

It is a bad idea to store pellets in your hopper. As the outside environment will affect your pellets. You can store the pellets in a bucket with an airtight lid. It will protect the pellets from moisture. Here knowing how to use pellets in your smoker like an expert will also help you to fix the issue and get a better-smoked result.

5. Dirty Temperature Probe

Your temperature probe can have accumulated carbon build-up causing it to make incorrect temperature readings. This can lead your electric smoker to shut off or feed an unnecessarily high number of pellets to the auger.


Just a little bit of carbon residue won’t cause your temperature probe to malfunction. But to prevent build-up, it is good practice to wipe the temperature probe with some vinegar after every use.

Also, ensure that the temperature probe isn’t bent in any place or touching the side of the grill.  

6. Ash Accumulated In Firepot

Ash accumulation in the firepot can lead to your smoker shutting off and other malfunctions like-

  • Temperature swings
  • Burns back into the hopper


You need to clean the firepot. According to the Camp Chef smoker manual, cleaning the firepot after every cook is optimal. A fresh burn cup for every cook is ideal.

Fortunately for Camp Chef smoker users, it is a breeze to clean the firepot. These smokers have this awesome feature of easy firepot cleaning. All you need to do is pull at the Ash Cleanout lever, then detach the ash cup from the grill’s bottom. Empty the ash cup and replace it. 

7. Long Cooks On Low Temperature

Cooking at a low temperature for a long time requires a lot of fuel. Your smoker may have run out of pellets causing it to shut down.


You should try to avoid running your smoker in a low-temperature setting for long durations.

8. Controller Failure

Controller failure is another reason that can result in your Camp Chef not smoking.


You’ll need to replace the controller with a new one to fix this issue. You can take a look at your Camp Chef Gen 2 controller manual or watch the video to learn how to install a new controller.

9. Leak Between The Firepot And Blower

Leakage between the firepot and blower can be causing your smoker to malfunction and keep shutting off.


Check for leakage anywhere in the air channel that’s between the firepot and the blower. Fix any leak that is there immediately.


Why is my Camp Chef getting too hot?

The most common reasons for your smoker getting too hot are ash accumulation in the firepot, improperly placing internal parts, incorrect startup, hot weather, and bad wood pellets.

How do you cool down a smoker?

You can keep closing the bottom vents by 1/2 an inch after every few minutes to gradually decrease the temperature. If you’d like to cool your smoker down more, you can adjust the top vents as well. 

Should I leave the vent open on my smoker?

While smoking your meat, you should keep the vent fully open. To reduce the airflow and flame, you can close the vent gradually.

Should there always be smoke coming out of smokers?

It is normal for wisps of smoke to come out of smokers’ grills. Too little or too much smoke can mean there is a problem with your smoker. Smoke shouldn’t be coming out of the smoker’s side either.

What is the best temperature to smoke chicken at?

250° F is the best temperature to smoke chicken at.


Now that you know all the possible reasons why your Camp Chef smoker keeps shutting off and how to fix these issues, hopefully, your smoker will be running as usual in no time.

We’d love to answer any queries you may have. Leave a comment below and you’ll hear from us soon.

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2 thoughts on “Why Camp Chef Smoker Keeps Shutting Off + How To Fix [Solved]”

  1. My Camp Chef is blowing fuses even after I installed a new controller. Anyone know what components I should check on next ? Thx

    • Hi Farrell

      There are some reasons for which your smoker may blow fusees like-

      1. When the electric supply is higher than needed for your unit.

      2. A faulty ignitor that may use more electricity.

      3. A defective auger motor that may consume more electricity than needed.

      4. Tripped circuit breaker

      5. A problematic draft fan may pull more electricity than the amount that is required.


      1. Hire an electrician to examine the main power supply system & fix it if you get any fault.

      2. Replace the defective ignitor.

      3. Change the auger motor with a new one.

      4. Fix the tripped circuit breaker if you get it.

      5. Replace the faulty draft fan.

      First, check all the issues, try to find out the main culprit behind the blown fuse problem & then fix it accordingly.

      Hopefully, you will be able to detect & solve your problem.

      Wish you all the best.


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