Traeger Grill Smoker Temperature Too High [4 Easy Solutions]

Traeger Grill Smoker is an excellent grill to smoke meat and food. But you may encounter some issues from time to time just like you do when using other appliances. “Traeger Grill Smoker Temperature Too High” is one of them. 

A bad controller, dirty grill components, and a faulty hot rod are some reasons that cause the temperature of your Traeger to go too high.

traeger grill smoker temperature too high

And in this grill temperature problem guide, we will provide simple solutions to those issues. So, stay in tune with us till the end. 

Why Traeger Grill Smoker Temperature Too High & Solutions

Sometimes, you may find your Traeger burning hotter than the set temperature.

traeger burning hotter than the set temperature

Below, we will break down some common reasons that are responsible for your Traeger overheating for which your Traeger not smoking food perfectly

1. Bad Controller

A faulty controller is a culprit behind the Traeger grill temperature problem. Due to a defective controller, the temperature may swing over 500 degrees Fahrenheit than the recommended cooking temp.

traeger controller

The auger is also related to this problem. If you fail to slow it down or go into pause mode, the temperature will continually rise. 


The easy fix for this Traeger grill high temp issue is- just to purchase a new controller and install it.

We hope you can enjoy your grilling session with your Traeger as you did before. If you don’t know how to change the controller, check out this tutorial from Traeger. 

2. A Defective Hot Rod

A faulty hot rod is also responsible for raising the cooking temperature high. You can find a fuse on the backside of your controller (you need to take out the controller).

traeger defective hot rod

If the fuse gets blown out, understand you could have a defective hot rod that swings the grill temperature too high. 


Changing the hot rod will be a simple fix to this issue. Just take the controller out from your grill and replace the old hot red with a new one.

You can watch this tutorial if you don’t know how to replace a Traeger hot rod. 

However, we recommend hiring a technician to do this task for you as it’s a challenging workflow. 

3. Grill Components Get Dirty

If the temperature of your Traeger grill smoker goes high, understand your smoker demands a thorough clean from you.

traeger grill components get dirty

Too much dirt and deposits can cause a lot of issues including a swing in temperature. If the internal components like a drip tray, firepot, or cooking grate get dirty, the cooking temperature may rise. 


First off, use soapy water to wash away the residue and food remnants from the cooking grate and drip tray. Then, tidy up the firepot by sucking away ashes or wood pellets.

Remove residue and dirt deposits from the inside of your grill. Clean the outside of the grill as well using a damp cloth. A properly maintained grill will give the best cooking results. 

Note: Before starting your cleaning workflow, make sure you unplug the unit and let it cool. 

4. Hot Weather

Cooking in hot temperature conditions may also encourage the temperature of your Traeger to go up.

cooking in hot weather may raise traeger temperature

If you use your grill in unreasonably hot weather like in the middle of summer, the temperature of your Traeger grill smoker will rise.


You don’t need to burn a lot of wood and straw to handle this issue. Just keep your grill smoker away from direct sunlight.

Also, you can re-adjust the P-setting (if your grill has one) to cook in hot temperatures. 


How do I lower the temperature on my Traeger?

If you struggle to lower the temperature of your Traeger, we recommend you adjust the P-setting. To do so, come to your controller. Locate the button name Call Service. Then, set its position from P2 to P3. It will help to lower the temperature on your Traeger. 

How do you get rid of high temp errors on Traeger?

You can see the High Temp Errors when the temperature on your Traeger reaches 550F or more within a difference of a couple of minutes. Remove the deposits or residue from the firepot. Next, place 5-6 wood pellets into the firepot. Finally, restart your grill.  

How hot should my Traeger get on high?

Traeger sets its highest temperature setting at 450F. However, temperatures between 350F-450 are considered as high on Traeger. 

Does Traeger still smoke at 225?

Generally, Traeger Grill Smoker allows you to cook at lower temperatures between 165 degrees to 225 degrees. It means you can smoke the meat or food at 225. 

Why does Traeger keep shutting off?

Your Traeger may keep shutting off for several reasons. If your Traeger grill loses heat or it’s too cold outside, it may shut down. On the other hand, errors read like LEr or HEr can also cause your Traeger to shut off. 

How often should you clean out your Traeger?

Clean your Traeger once for every five times you use it. It will keep your grill functional for years to come and service you for a long time. 

Should Traeger smoke all the time?

How much time you should keep the Traeger at the smoke position will depend on what you are smoking. To smoke a large brisket, you should smoke for a few hours. On the other hand, you need to smoke for only a few minutes if you smoke a fillet of salmon. 


Throughout this guide, we broke down what causes your Traeger Grill Smoker temperatures to go high. Also, we have mentioned how to fix those Traeger overheating issues simply and effortlessly.

We hope now you can easily fix the Traeger high-temperature problems following the guide. However, you can call the Traeger Support team if any of them

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6 thoughts on “Traeger Grill Smoker Temperature Too High [4 Easy Solutions]”

  1. My grill seems to be 75 to 100 degrees higher than what I set it at this happened the first time I used it and now it is doing it again I cleaned the ashes out after the first use any suggestions?

    • Hi Tom

      It’s normal to swing the temperature. It can rise above & fall below the set temperature throughout your cooking. But the average temperature will be your set temperature.

      So, no need to be worried about it.

      Wish you happy grilling!

  2. I have replaced the fuse, then the controller and heat rod along with the pot where the pellets burn. Reassembled everything each time and still have the temp go over 500. Should I replace the fan?

    • Hi Genie

      Have you cleaned your grill? If not, clean it first, then try again.

      If it doesn’t work, contact the Traeger customer support center to inspect your grill to find out the culprit behind the issue.

      Best of luck!


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