Why Konwin Infrared Heater Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

Various factors, including an overheated circuit, warm or damaged cord, low airflow in the heater, clogged air filters, etc, are responsible for Konwin infrared heater not working.

Konwin infrared heater not working

This article is all about the Konwin infrared heater troubleshooting tips. Let’s start by discussing the most common problems and their solutions.

Konwin Infrared Heater Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

Konwin infrared heaters may stop working because of the following reasons. This article consists of 7 troubleshooting ways to quickly detect and fix the problem.

1. The Heater Stops Turning On

Improper working of the power source may be the leading cause for which Konwin radiant infrared heater stops turning on. The reasons of your infrared heater failing to turn off for the following reasons:

konwin infrared heater stops turning on
  • The power source is not working
  • The unit is not plugged in
  • Damaged cord
  • Sufficient air is not reaching the unit
  • The control switch or the thermostat is not running properly


Suppose your heater stops turning on, check the cord and plug-in unit as well as the electrical socket. Check the working condition of the circuit breaker and socket by plugging these into an active appliance.

Also, make sure that sufficient air reaches the infrared heater unit and check the power source. 

2. Blown Fuses

Blown fuses are the most common cause for which the Konwin infrared heater may stop working. Konwin infrared heater blown fuses may cause by several reasons, including:

blown fuse
  • Overheating circuit
  • Overloaded circuit
  • Shutting off the space heater
  • Extension cord of the heater


First, check the house’s fuse box and then unplug the device. In case of blown fuses, you can replace or reset them if required. You can reset the circuit breakers for better safety purposes.

After resetting the circuit breaker, plug the appliances in and press the On button. Check whether there is still a blown fuse problem or not.

3. Damaged Circuit Breaker

Konwin infrared heater’s damaged circuit breaker is another cause of the heater’s failure to work correctly. The reasons behind this problem are the following:

damaged circuit breaker
  • Worn out the circuit breaker
  • Outdated electric cord
  • The socket and unit plugs lose connection


If your circuit breaker becomes damaged, immediately you should replace it. For solving the warm cord and circuit breaker problem, do the following:

  • Install a new cable and replace the old one
  • Make the socket and plug’s connection secure
  • Replace the tripped or blown circuit breaker

4. Konwin Infrared Heater Overheating

The heater’s overheating may cause by shutting off the thermostat, which causes unbearable heat in the environment.

konwin infrared heater overheating


The best solution for preventing the infrared heater from overheating is to set the maximum heat in the thermostat. Once you’re satisfied with your temperature setting, reduce the high temperature slowly till it switches off.

5. Infrared Heater’s Warm Cord

The warm cord can be another cause for the Konwin infrared heater to stop working. However, the reasons behind the heater’s warm cord are the following:

 infrared heater's warm cord
  • The loose fit of the socket and plug
  • The eventual buildup of heat and resistant
  • The worn-out or old outlet


Tight-fitting of the plug and socket is the most crucial factor for preventing the infrared heater’s warm cord problems.

Tight plug-in and fitting of the socket in the circuit board will prevent the building up of heat and resistance. Ultimately it will save the cord from warming up. Again, resolve the warm cord problem by replacing the old outlet.

6. Displays An Error Code “E1”

You can encounter the issue of the Konwin infrared heater displaying error code “E1” for the following reasons:

displays an error code "E1"
  • Infrared heater Overheating
  • The unit fails to get sufficient power
  • Clogged in the air filter
  • Inadequate airflow supply in a radiant infrared heater


If you see the error code “E1” on the display of your radiant infrared heater, at first, you should cut the power off or unplug the heater from the outlet.

Then wait for a few seconds and after that plug the heater electric cord in the circuit. Finally, plug the heater’s unit into the dedicated 3-prong outlet without using any extension cord.

Often clean the heater’s air filter and keep the heater away from the wall by 3 feet.

7. Konwin Heater Keeps Shutting Off

The common reasons behind your infrared heater keeps shutting off are:

 konwin heater keeps shutting off
  • Low or inadequate airflow
  • Higher room temperature and lower thermostat setting
  • Heaters auto safety features
  • Dirty air filters
  • Insufficient or irregular power supply


Prevent the constant shutting down of the heater by settings the thermostat at a higher level. Ensure sufficient airflow supply to the infrared heater and frequently clean the air filter.

Check whether the heater has an issue with the heater’s power supply or not.


How to Reset the Konwin Infrared heater?

 First, turn off the wall socket, then disconnect and unplug the heater unit from the socket. Then press the unit’s power button and hold it down for some time. Allow 10-15 minutes to cool it and plug the team back in. Your Konwin infrared heater will get reset.

What are the disadvantages of the Konwin Infrared Heater?

Konwin Infrared Heater causes the following disadvantages for the users, and those are:

  • It is expensive as it requires massive electricity for running
  • Different foreign objects, dust, dirt, and debris, can create obstruct in it
  • Relatively cold air due to infrared

Can Konwin Infrared Heater Run All the Time?

Yes! A Konwin infrared heater can run all the time, and it can ensure you have an efficient heating system. Set your infrared heater in the best way, and it will efficiently run all the time. It can provide heat all the time, and it is a great option to heat your comfortable space.

Does Konwin Infrared Heater Cause Fire?

No! Konwin infrared heater doesn’t cause fire as it uses electricity for running. Propane, kerosene, or other fossil fuels items can cause fire as these products cause the emission of carbon monoxide. No such products are used in Konwin Infrared Heater. Therefore, it is safe from any explosions or fire.


Hopefully, now you know all the reasons why your Konwin Infrared Heater is not working or malfunctioning. We have discussed the seven best troubleshooting ways in the above article. 

So, from now, following our guide, you can easily solve your heater-related problems. If any of the signs you experience, try to discover the causes and implement the associated solutions.

Even if you fail to figure out the original problem of your heater, you can contact your nearest support team.

If you experience any other malfunctioning problems except the above 7, let us know through the comment. We will provide the necessary guidance regarding how to solve your problem.

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