Lasko Heater Beeps But Doesn’t Turn On [5 Easy Solutions]

Your lasko heater beeps but doesn’t turn on because of dirty filter, thermal overload, temperature problem, cracked heat tube and faulty circuit breaker. 

However, the first thing you should check is the filter. Lasko ceramic heaters won’t work with a dirty filter. 

Now you know why your lasko heater doesn’t work. But do you know how to fix that? In this article, we will discuss the reasons why your lasko ceramic heater won’t turn on and provide detailed solutions. So grab a cup of coffee and keep reading the article till the end.

Lasko Heater Beeps But Doesn’t Turn On [ 5 Easy Solutions]

Don’t think that a single reason is responsible for your lasko heater to shut off by itself.  There could be different reasons completely unrelated to each other. If you want to troubleshoot your heater properly, check all of the reasons and solutions provided below.

Reason 1: Jammed Filter

Most of the time the filter on the back of the lasko heater is the one responsible for this issue. Regular usage of the heater makes the filter dirty. You need to clean the filter regularly to keep the heater working.


Turn the heater off and disconnect it from electricity. Then open the heater and take the filter out. Get a vacuum cleaner and a soft, dry cloth for the cleaning purpose. Use the brush of the vacuum cleaner to pull the dirt and dust from the filter. Use the cloth to clean the outside of the filter. 

Now plug your heater back in and check whether it’s working or not. If you have cleaned the filter properly, it should turn on and work just fine.

Reason 2: Thermal Overload

While used for a long time, the heater can get overloaded in some cases. Lasko ceramic heaters tend to turn off automatically in case of overheating. 


You need to learn how to reset a lasko heater in order to fix it. Unplug your heater and let it cool down for at least 10 minutes. This should reset the heater and get back to normal temperature. Connect the heater with electricity and turn it on to see whether it works or not. 

Reason 3: Temperature Issue

Lasko ceramic heaters include a thermostat with them. If the thermostat shows that the room temperature is the same or more than the preset, the heater will not turn on. Remember, the heater’s task is to keep the temperature of the room at a certain degree. It will not keep heating the room if your room is already warm. 


There could be two solutions to this issue. Firstly, you can increase the temperature preset of the heater to get it working again. The heater will turn off again once it reaches the target temperature.

You can also wait for the room to cool down before turning the heater back on. Once your room is cool enough, turn the heater on to warm your room up.

Reason 4: Cracked Quartz Heat Tube

There should be a quartz heat tube in your heater that keeps the heater working. The heat tube can get cracked eventually because of thermal changes. And if it really gets cracked, you can’t expect your lasko heater to turn on.


Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do with a cracked quartz heat tube. You need to replace the tube with a new one to get it working. You can order one by yourself or ask an expert to replace it for you. 

Reason 5: Issue With The Circuit Breaker

There could be an issue with the circuit breaker or fuse that is causing the heater to turn off. Before proceeding, you should check if the circuit breaker is tripped or not. The fuse might be broken as well. 


If the circuit breaker is tripped, you should reset it to get it working. Check the fuse and if it’s broken, replace it. Turn the heater on again to see whether it’s working or not.


Is there a fuse in a Lasko heater?

Yes, there is a fuse in a lasko heater. The fuse works as a safety precaution for the heater. Without a fuse, the heater will not be able to work properly. 

Why is my ceramic heater not working?

The filter of the heater can be jammed, the fuse can be blown, or there could be something else causing the heater not to work. It needs proper troubleshooting to know which reasons are responsible for the heater to stop working.

How do I reset my space heater?

First of all, turn the space heater and the thermostat off. For an electric heater, unplug it from the power source as well. Let the heater rest for 10-15 minutes. The heater has been reset at this time. Turn the heater back on to check whether it’s working or not. 

How do you turn the heat up on a Lasko heater?

Turn the heater on and move the power knob to number two. Then move the thermostat dialer to the right. Keep the settings at the plus (+) sign and let the heater run. Wait until the room has been warm enough for you. Then you can turn the temperature down if you want.

What does the A with a circle around it mean on a Lasko heater?

Some lasko heaters have a digital display that shows the temperature and some other information. If you see an A with a circle around it on the digital display, it means that the heater is in auto mode. 


Lasko heater beeps but doesn’t turn on? That’s not a problem for you anymore. After reading the article, you know why it happens and what you should do to fix it.

Let us know whether those solutions worked for you or not. Make sure to keep your room warm this winter with lasko heaters. Good luck.

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