Why My Life Smart Heater Won’t Turn On + How To Fix [Solved]

Your Life Smart heater won’t turn on because of a faulty power cord or electric outlet, defective main fuse box, and dead battery. Whatever the issue behind your Life Smart infrared heater not turning on, you can solve it by yourself.

life smart heater won’t turn on

Only you need to read our comprehensive troubleshooting guide till the end. So, go on reading, fix your heater issue and thus save your pocket. 

Why Does My Life Smart Heater Won’t Turn On [Fix Now]

Discover why your space heater is malfunctioning and know what steps you should follow to fix the issue. 

1. You Mayn’t Plug the Power Cord Into the Outlet

Any electric appliance, whether it may be your washing machine or your fridge, you can’t turn it on if you don’t plug it into an electric outlet.

The same thing will happen to your LifeSmart Heater. You fail to turn on your heater if you don’t plug its power cord into an outlet. 

How To Fix:

Plugging the power cord into an electric outlet will be an easy fix for this issue. Also, don’t forget to inspect the power cord or the outlet for damage. If they get defective, change them with a new ones. 

2. Main Fuse Box May Get Faulty

Your LifeSmart Heater won’t turn on if there is no electricity at the main fuse box. In other words, you will get no electric power if the main fuse box is defective.

An overloaded circuit or many appliances running at once can cause the main fuse box to blow out. 

How To Fix:

To solve the issue, locate the fuse box first and raise its cover. Ensure all the trip switches are on. If any of the switches are off, set it to the on position. On the other hand, call a certified electrician if the entire fuse box gets faulty. 

3. Battery Is Gone

If the battery in the remote control of your electric heater is dead, you can’t turn it on. You can figure out whether the battery in the remote control does run out or not by turning the heater on manually.

If the heater functions correctly by using the manual switch, we bet the battery is dead. 

How To Fix:

Just replace the remote batteries with new ones to let your remote control function properly. We recommend you change the battery every six months. Here you can learn how to replace the battery from remote control instructions.

4. You May Set The Thermostat Lower Than Room Temperature

Most homeowners often overlook this problem when their electric heater doesn’t function or fails to turn on. If your room temperature is more than the temperature you set on the thermostat, your heater just sucks. 

How to Fix:

Access the thermostat of your heater. You should remove the cover of the heater with a screwdriver. Then, set the thermostat temperature more than your room temperature or according to your desired level. 

5. Defective Thermostat

And last, but not least- is to inspect the thermostat of your space heater. The thermostat is responsible for controlling or adjusting the temperature of your electric heater.

If it doesn’t function properly, you can’t turn on your LifeSmart heater. And if you can turn it on sometimes, somehow, the heater will keep shutting off a few times later.

How To Fix:

If there is a problem with the thermostat, you should replace the thermostat with a new one. We recommend you call the LifeSmart Support Team for help. 

2 More Life Smart Heater Problems and Solutions

Apart from those issues, you may also experience the following problem with your LifeSmart heater. 

1. Lifesmart Heater E1 Error Code

Your heater will display the error code E1 for several reasons. For example, insufficient power to the unit will cause your heater to malfunction.

Turns out, if the heater gets overheated, your heater will display the error code E1. Therefore, a clogged air filter and insufficient airflow to the heater are also responsible for displaying the E1. 


To solve this issue, plug the power cord into a dedicated 3-prong outlet without attaching it with an extension cord. On the other hand, unplug your LifeSmart heater from the outlet and wait until it cools. 

If the air filter gets clogged, locate it on the back of the unit and clean it by removing the dirt & debris. And lastly, move your heater at least 3ft from the wall if your heater doesn’t get sufficient airflow. 

2. Lifesmart Infrared Heater E2 Code

If the temperature sensor of your heater doesn’t function properly, you can see the error code E2 on its display.


It would be best to call LifeSmart customer service to fix this problem. 


How do you reset a Life Smart heater?

Turn off your heater first and unplug it from the electric outlet for 5 minutes. Then, turn on your electric heater as you normally do. It will help to reset your heater automatically. 

How do you turn on the Life Smart heater?

First off, plug the power cord into a standard electric outlet. Hold the Master Power switch on the rear of your heater.

Then, press the power button that you can find on the front control panel of your unit. Or, you can press the power button on your remote control to turn on your heater.

How long can infrared heaters be left on?

Fortunately, you can leave your infrared heaters to turn on overnight. However, it will be better to turn off the heater when you are going to sleep or leave your home. 


Don’t be fret if you find your Life Smart heater won’t turn on. Stay calm and follow the troubleshooting steps we mentioned above. We hope they will help you to fix the heater issues you go through.

If you fail to solve the problem following the guideline we provided, call LifeSmart customer service. They will fix just any issues for you. 

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