Why Louisiana Grill Auger Not Working + How To Fix [Solved]

There is a wide range of potential issues of why your Louisiana grill auger not working. Your grill auger may have failed to run well because of the auger being jammed with pellets, a faulty auger motor or a shaft, or the malfunction of the control board.

ouisiana grill auger not working

Whatever and however the issues are, you can simply fix the auger troubles by using the fresh pellet and clearing the grill’s hopper regularly. And we can bet, after going through the article, you will be able to fix the auger problems by yourself. So, let’s dive into the facts.

Louisiana Grill Auger Not Working [5 Easy Solutions]

Here, we will point out why your Louisiana grill auger is not turning on and guide you on how to fix it. So, read between the lines to solve your grill auger’s troubles.

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1. Jammed Auger

An auger jammed with pellets is one of the most common issues if your Louisiana grill auger is not rotating well. In fact, the auger pushes the wood pellets to the firepot and the motor that turns the auger.

Your grill’s auger may have failed when the auger or tube is simply clogged by dust and debris. Eventually, it swells up to clog the mechanism.

Besides, auger issues may happen due to humidity, rain getting into the auger, or the use of old or wet/dammed pellets. Again, your auger may be damaged or bent because of misuse, which is also a main responsible for the auger’s trouble.

Similarly, if you leave the grill for one or two weeks after usage, hardwood pellets may stick heavily on the bottom of it. And it results in a jammed and motionless auger. That prevents the auger from turning well. Whatever the problem, follow the tips to solve it easily.


  • First, before starting the process, turn the grill off. Let it cool down completely.
  • Unscrew the back cover of the grill.
  • Once the auger is out of the shaft, use a flat tool to start clearing jammed pellets and debris from the hopper. 
  • Have a set of pliers to clean out the stored old pellets or pellet chute jams from the hopper properly.
  • Check the burner pot to ensure there are no obstructions and it is getting enough airflow.
  • After finding any blockage, use a shop vacuum to remove the debris from the firepot and the hopper.
  • Make sure there are no leftover pellets in the hopper.
  • To keep the hopper from becoming clogged with dust, coat it lightly with oil.
  • Don’t let the pellets get wet because they turn into sawdust and eventually stick to the bottom.
  • Use high-quality, dry, and fresh pellets.
  • Watch the below video on how to clean the pellets of your grill after every use. Now, the auger of your grill will run smoothly.
  • Even if the auger doesn’t work till now, open the auger mechanism to inspect whether it has been damaged or bent, anyway. Finally, if it is broken or damaged, you need to replace or change it with a new one.

2. Issues With The Auger Motor and Shaft

Again, a defective auger motor and shaft are also mostly responsible for not running the auger smoothly. An auger shaft is a kind of lengthy hoop that works like a worm driver to feed the wood pellets from the wood storage to the fire pot. So, the auger motor won’t spin if the auger is jammed by pellets. Again, it may be maltreated because the motor having problems with the switch.

On the other hand, when the auger shaft is moving, but the auger is not turning in the grill, as usual, then it may be an auger motor issue. It is being jammed or burned out. Keep in mind, that a defective motor will produce a “burned plastic’ smell and show discoloration around the auger motor.

Plus, when the auger shaft is not rotating, it gets stuck or jammed by left pellets. As a result, it will prevent the auger from working well. Now, follow some effective steps to fix the issue.


  • Open the grill and examine the auger motor and shaft if they have been twisted or jammed in any way.
  •  Unscrew the auger motor screws, holding the motor in place.
  • Unplug the auger motor cable. Identify the cables at level MOT that power the auger motor. After investigating any disconnection, the motor needs wiring and should have solid connections.
  • Use a millimeter to test whether the motor wiring and switching functions are performing properly.
  • Make sure there are no ash or food particles near the motor.
  • To ensure a longer life for the motor, lubricate it as usual. Now, Plug the grill to start grilling. I Hope, it will perform as usual.
  •  But if the auger motor is bent or damaged, it is impossible to repair, and it must be replaced. Call your Louisiana Grill customer care to diagnose and they will take the necessary action to solve the issue.

How To Fix Auger Shaft Problems

  • Now to free the stuck auger shaft, clear out the jam from the twist of the shaft and remove the pellet chute from the shaft to rotate it freely. Plus, brush up the auger shaft gently. 
  • To make sure the shaft is in the right place, inspect the shaft by pushing it in and out slightly. If it gets tighter, then remove it and clear out the jammed pellets from the shaft.
  • However, if the auger shaft is too blocked up, it may need to be forced by turning the screw to pull the auger rod free. Finally, the shaft and the auger motor will run smoothly.
  • You can watch the below video on how to replace the Louisiana grill’s auger motor.

3. Malfunctioning Control Board

Your Louisiana grill auger may have failed because of improper wire connections to the control panel. Because the control board has a good connection to the auger motor and the shaft.

Even you can’t set the proper temp for your grilling if the control board is faulty. Of course, this may be a mechanical issue. However, follow the tips to fix it. 


  •  First, after having problems with the control board, you should know how to adjust the control board.
  • Remove the screws from the top and bottom of the control panel, and feed the control board to the hopper until the auger is fine.
  • Plus, inspect if the wire connections to the control board with the white and yellow wire connections are tightened up properly. Tighten those up if they get loose.

 Yet, if it is not possible to maintain, call a certified technician to change the control panel or board.

4. Problems With Inducer Fans

You will see the fans at the end of the auger. In fact, the fan provides the flame oxygen to get ambient heat. But the blades of the fan also won’t move freely if the auger fan is obstructed by food particles, oil, rust buildup, or wet pellets in the auger tube.

Again, your grill’s fan won’t move freely if the wire connection between the fan and the control knob gets obstructed, damaged, or loose. So, the fan can’t produce sufficient airflow to burn. Let’s follow the steps to fix the problems.


  • First, check the fan’s blade for a clog with grease stuck on it. If the fan is clogged by dirt and debris after 4-5 cooks, clean it with a degreaser and warm or soapy water. Also, do not forget to check the burner pot for sure that it is blockage free as well as if it is getting enough air. 
  • Make sure the wire connections to the control board are fine. If the connection gets loosened, tighten up the white and yellow wire connections. After having it disconnected, you will need to wire the fan’s connection.
  • Lastly, if you find the blade has been damaged or broken and the tips don’t work at all, then changing the entire part would be a better option for your grill. For this purpose, call the Louisiana Pellet Grill customer service provider to replace it with a new one.

5. Louisiana Grill Auger Maintenance

There may be potential issues with the Louisiana grill auger not rotating as usual. Whatever the problems, you can keep fitting your Louisiana grill’s auger season after season to maintain by following the below tips.

  • Check your power source.
  • See if the auger motor pin is in the right place.
  • Check the auger motor regularly for damage.
  • Don’t set your grill in the rain and cold weather.
  • Clear out the jammed pellets and debris from the grill’s hopper after 4-5 grillings.
  • Make sure you are using fresh and dry pellets.
  • Don’t leave the pellets in the hopper for more than 1 week.


How do you replace/clean the auger on your Louisiana Grill?

First, open your hopper and clip the zip ties holding the wires together. Then remove the auger screw from the motor and disconnect it from the white and yellow wires. Now you can replace or maintain it.

How does Louisiana Grill’s auger work?

The Louisiana grill’s auger acts as a worm drive to move the pellets from the hopper through a feed tube to the fire pot. And pellets fell down into the combustion from the top of the auger.

Where is the auger motor located on my Louisiana grill?

Your Louisiana grill’s auger motor is attached to the end of the auger shaft. It rotates very slowly to push the pellets into the firepot. When it is struck by pellets, it won’t move at all.

What is an auger shaft?

An auger shaft is a spiral metal shaft that works as an operator to move the wood pellets slowly from the hopper to the fire pot. The blades of the auger shaft help to feed pellets as required.

How can I select and test a fresh wood pellet?

You can easily test or select a fresh pellet by yourself. First, take a piece of pellet and break it with your two fingers. If it sounds like ’snap’, then it is a dry and fresh one. 


Hopefully, we could figure out common reasons behind your Louisiana auger grill not working well and their simple solutions. So, whenever you find your grill auger not working fine or gets jammed, simply follow our guide and fix it by yourself. 

Finally, if you have any more queries, you can let us know in the box. It would be our pleasure to help you.

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