Majestic Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting [7 Easy Solutions]

Defective Ignitor, the burner won’t light, strange smell, fail to create a pilot flame, gas leak are the crucial reasons for which you may need the majestic gas fireplace troubleshooting guide. However, irrespective of your type of Majestic Gas Fireplace, you may often encounter various problems. Therefore, this article will provide a thorough guide by whom you can solve the problem all by yourself.

Majestic Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting [ 7 Easy Solutions]

A majestic gas fireplace is a practical option for warming your particular room or comfort place. The most common issues and solutions for this fireplace are the following:

1. Defective Ignitor

Majestic gas fireplace defective Ignitor is a significant problem for which the stove may not start properly. The causes of this problem are the following:

  • Ignitor fail to create a spark
  • Outdated or expire battery in Ignitor module
  • Defects in Ignitor entire module box


Push the control knob by setting it at the “Pilot” position. Hold the control knob there for some time and check whether the Ignitor created a spark or not. If the ignitor module becomes expired or outdated, replace it.

2. Burner Won’t light

A majestic gas fireplace burner won’t light even if the stove pilot lights appropriately. The reasons for which the burner fails to ignite correctly are the following:

  • Clogged burner orifice
  • Dust, dirt, or debris buildup in the burner orifice
  • Too small burner orifice diameter
  • Too low inlet gas pressure


Dust, dirt, or debris buildup causes clog in the burner orifice, thus clean the debris by inserting a pipe cleaner in the orifice. Check the burner orifice diameter; replace it if it is too small because it prevents proper functioning or working of the burner. Again, check the gas connection and confirm the inlet gas pressure at the appropriate level.

3. Strange Smell

While your majestic gas fireplace operates, it may emit a strange smell. The unpleasant odors of the stove occur for the following reasons:

  • Manufacturing process burn-off residue
  • Burning vapors from hairspray, paint, air fresheners, or glue
  • Inadequate room ventilation
  • Gas leak


Whenever a strange smell comes from your majestic gas fireplace, open the room’s window and turn on the stove until the lousy odor disappears. Some of the essential steps you need to follow are:

  • Avoid burning vapors from household items, including paint, hair spray, glue, etc.
  • Ensure adequate room ventilation
  • When the fireplace is operating, avoid using odor-producing products
  • Check the gas leak and immediately contact the local gas company

4. Fail to Create the Pilot Flame

The majestic gas fireplace fails to create the pilot flame for various reasons. The reasons are:

  • Misaligned or defective pilots electrode
  • Defective spark Ignitor of the stove
  • Improper setting of control knob in “Pilot” position
  • Extreme gap between the Pilot and the electrode


Before lighting the pilot flame, do the following:

  • Replace the misaligned or faulty electrode
  • Remove the glass door
  • Set the control knob at proper pilot position
  • Verify the 1/8 inch gap between Pilot and electrode

5. Blowing Out Pilot Light

Majestic gas fireplace pilot light blowing out for the following reasons:

  • Malfunction in thermocouple
  • Gas line blockage
  • Too little or too much air near the burner


To solve the pilot light blowing-out problem of the majestic gas fireplace, you need to follow the correct procedure. And the solutions are:

  • Proper gas control placement in “Pilot” position
  • Hold the thermocouple button for a long time to heat up
  • Clean and remove the gas line blockage 
  • Ensure adequate air supply around the burner

6. Gas Log Fireplace Not Turning On

The majestic gas fireplace adds warmth to your comfort zone. But if it is not turning on, it could be an unwelcome surprise for the users. However, the reasons behind this problem are:

  • The fireplace’s gas supply turned off
  • Pilot light problem
  • Lower thermostat setting and higher room temperature


The easy solutions to this problem are the following:

  • Ensure adequate gas supply/ turn on the gas supply
  • Check the pilot light
  • Adjust the thermostat set at a higher level

7.  Thermocouple Problems

The faulty thermocouple is one of the causes for which the majestic gas fireplace pilot won’t stay on. The reasons for this problem are the following: 

  • Enough heat is not reaching the thermocouple
  • Faulty one
  • The location difference with the Pilot is too long


You can minimize the difference and adjust the position to solve the problem by reaching near the burner or under it. But, first, make sure that enough heat is getting to it. 


How to Light the Pilot Light on the Majestic Gas Fireplace?

If your Majestic gas fireplace Pilot is emitting the gas but still not lighting, the potential problem may be in the spark igniter. So first, clear the debris and dust buildup between the thermocouple and the pilot light igniter.

Does the Gas of Majestic Gas Fireplace Turn Off When Pilot Goes Out?

The pilot lights and their associated modern gas appliances include the fail-safe device. For example, if the majestic gas fireplace pilot goes out, the fail-safe device automatically closes off the appliance’s gas. The valves get automatically closed, and it prevents the gas from leaking.

How to Manually Turn On the Majestic Gas Fireplace?

To manually turn on your gas fireplace, follow the steps below:

  • The magnificent gas fireplace includes the user manual, have a look at it
  • Remove the outer cover of the fireplace
  • On the gas valve knob of the majestic gas fireplace, put the key
  • Ignite the burner using a long lighter
  • Turn on the key

Do All the Majestic Gas Fireplaces Have a Pilot Light?

Yes! Most of the majestic gas fireplace consists of a standing pilot light. The pilot light consists of a small flame that burns all the time, even if you are not using it. Sometimes the pilot light and its valve is not visible as it locates behind the fireplace.

How to Clean the Inside of Majestic Gas Fireplace?

Gently clean the inside of the Majestic gas fireplace using the fireplace brush or small brush. For cleaning inside, follow the steps below:

  • Turn the gas off or switch off the valve
  • Use a vacuum to remove dust, dirt, chips, debris, or foreign objects
  • Wipe down the fireplace’s logs
  • Clean the doors and screens of the majestic gas fireplace
  • Finally, replace the old logs


Going through the above majestic gas fireplace troubleshooting guide, you probably now know what problems you can face and what the solutions are. We tried to cover the most common problem and their solutions in this article. Even if you are confused about a new situation and not getting the answer, you can let us know. Comment on the comment box regarding which type of problem you face, and we will guide you. 

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