Why Masterbuilt 560 Fan Not Working [Reasons + Solutions]

The common reasons behind your Masterbuilt 560 fan not working are:

  • The fan is stuck by charcoal.
  • The temperature might go out of the setting.
  • The ash door or hopper lid is open.
  • The defective controller.
  • And the smoker overheating.

Go on reading to know all the valid reasons why your Masterbuilt Gravity series fan not working and learn the easy solution to solve the problem. 

masterbuilt 560

Why My Masterbuilt 560 Fan Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

All the switches of your Masterbuilt 560 may work well but suddenly the fan stops working. You may also hear the sound when you turn it on.

masterbuilt 560 fan not working

So, let’s explore the detail for which the Masterbuilt 560 fan stopped working and how to fix it.

1. Charcoal Pieces Get Stuck

Your Masterbuilt 560 fan will not come up if the charcoal pieces get stuck in it. If it gets stuck in the fan, it will fail to run. The reasons for this trouble are the following: 

  • Shutdown slides remain in the fan
  • Fully open ash door and hopper lid
  • Empty charcoal
  • Blocked ash gate


If the charcoal pieces get stuck in your Masterbuilt 560 fan, you should pull the fan’s mountain screws.

Make sure that a tiny little charcoal piece from your Masterbuilt 560 fan fell out. After falling out the charcoal from the fan, mount it again, and it will ideally start again. The other solutions are: 

  • Ensure proper removal of shutdown slides
  • Ensure the complete closing of the ash door and hopper lid
  • Don’t keep the charcoal empty
  • Remove the blockage from the ash grate

2. Cabinet Temperature Reached The Set Temperature

Masterbuilt 560 fans will stop working once the cabinet temperature of the fan reaches the set temperature.


If the cabinet temperature of the Masterbuilt 560 fan reached above the set temperature, you should do the following to start the fan. The solutions are the following:

  • Ensure that the fan’s set temperature is higher than the cabinet temperature, and the fan will work again
  • Ensure that automatically the fan is adjusting itself to the set temperature
  • Maintain the fan set temperature to restart it again

3. Ash Door Open

Open ash door is another cause that may stop the easy operation of the Masterbuilt 560 fan. The other reasons responsible for the fan not working, are the following:

  • Less engaged fan switches hinder the fan’s normal operation
  • Irregular running of fan


The solutions to this issue are the following:

  • Engage the fan switches by closing the ash door
  • Ensure continuous regular operation of the fan

4. Controller Issue

If the controller of your Masterbuilt fan becomes defective, it will not work correctly. The following factors can create controller issues: 

  • The fan and controller are disconnected
  • Controller’s power off
  • Not plugged in
  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Defective controller


Your fan will start working once you solve all your controller issues. The solutions related to this problem are the following: 

  • Check the fan and controllers connection and ensure that it’s fully seated
  • Press the controller’s power button
  • Use the power supply to plug in the controller and plug the power supply in-wall outlet
  • Check the tripped circuit breaker and replace it
  • Contact the technician or manufacturer to solve the controller malfunctioning

5. Open Hopper Lid

The open hopper lid is another cause of the Masterbuilt fan stopping working. The open door of the hopper lid prevents fire.

The hopper equipment is essential in producing fire in your Masterbuilt. If the door remains open, the switches of the hopper become less engaging, and it prevents the fan’s smooth working. 


For safety, several shut-off switches are available on the hopper, and all these switches ensure the fan’s regular operation.

Whenever the hopper lid switch gets disconnected, it becomes a problem. The solutions are: 

  • Make sure the hopper lid switch’s proper connection
  • Check the fan and hopper lids fully seated connection
  • Ensure appropriate closing of the lids door to engage the switch

6. Overheated Grill

Once the Masterbuilt grill is overheated, it hinders the fan’s regular operation and starts working correctly. However, the grill gets overheated for various reasons, including: 

  • Grill remains turned on for hours
  • Grease fire
  • Malfunctioning grill


You can quickly solve your overheated grill problem by following the solutions below. The solutions are: 

7. Defective Temperature Sensor

A defective temperature sensor will not let your Masterbuilt fan operate smoothly, and the fan will be unable to turn on.

An inaccurate temperature sensor in the controller causes the fan not to run properly. The other reasons for this problem are: 

  • Improper or partial plugged in of the temperature sensor probe
  • Dirty temperature probe


The accurate temperature sensor is essential for the smooth running of your Masterbuilt 560 fan. Contact a technician to check whether there is an issue with the temperature sensor or not. The other general solutions are: 

  • Ensure the temperature probe’s proper plug-in
  • Ensure fully seated accurate controller temperature connection
  • Clean and remove the dirt from the temperature probe


How to reset the Masterbuilt 560 fan?

To reset your Masterbuilt 560 fan, do the following power off and unplug it from the wall. Then, plug the cooking device back into the wall but wait for 5 minutes before doing it. In this way, you can reset the controller.

Why does the Masterbuilt 560 Fan read “Open”?

Even if your Masterbuilt 560 Fan is not open randomly, the Masterbuilt cooker’s display may read open. Improper functioning of the switch may cause this error—this malfunction is caused by clogged, wet, or another buildup in the controller.

Is the Masterbuilt 560 fan worth It?

The Masterbuilt 560 will provide you with an excellent experience. This fan smokes slow and low, uses high heat to grill, and everything is perfect in it. Conveniently it controls the pellet grills pit temperature yet burns briquette charcoal.

Is the Masterbuilt 560 fan waterproof?

No! Unfortunately, it’s not waterproof. The kettle lid doesn’t close behind the fan; instead closes on the top. As a result, rainwater can efficiently run into the Masterbuilt 560 kettle. Entering rainwater into the kettle can cause malfunction of it.

Can you use wood chunks in Masterbuilt 560 Fan?

In Masterbuilt 560 Fan, you can use briquettes or lump charcoal. Moreover, this fan allows you to mix the wood chunks with charcoal in the hopper. But you are permitted to combine these both as long as the mixture doesn’t exceed 1.5 pounds.


Several factors play an essential role in Masterbuilt 560 fan not working problem. This troubleshooting guide focused on all those factors causing improper working of the Masterbuilt 560 fan.

After reading the article, comment and let us know if you could fix your faulty fan or not.

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3 thoughts on “Why Masterbuilt 560 Fan Not Working [Reasons + Solutions]”

  1. the last 2 times ive used my 560 the fan will come on until the desired temp has been reached. after that it wont come on at all. ive used it only 2 times before. ive read troubleshooting issues but havent found or read any issues like mine. help!

    • Hi Tim

      As you have only used your unit 2 times, you must cover your warranty period. To solve the issue, it would be wise to take help from the Masterbuilt customer service center.

      Wish you all the best.

  2. I plugged in the power supply to my 560, set the temp and the fan does not come on! I’ve checked the following:
    * please note there are No Errors being displayed on the screen.
    – unplugged all wire connections and plugged back in with no change
    – replaced the fan with a new one, no change.
    I’ve had it for 2.5 years and I’ve tried everything, yet it still won’t call up the fan to do its job!
    Last time I used it flawlessly 3/11/2023 for my 50th Party here at the house, 26lbs of smoked pulled pork, with zero issues. I stopped using it because I bought the LSS firebox mod. That’s when she was a no go 6/25/2023.
    Everything else with the control unit works fine. Says the temp is 93 and then goes to the timer and back to the temp. No clue on what to do?!


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