Masterbuilt Smoker Bluetooth Problems [4 Easy Solutions]

Masterbuilt smoker users commonly face issues with Bluetooth. Not every device is compatible with the bluetooth feature and that could be why your smoker’s Bluetooth isn’t working. 

Before jumping to that conclusion though, read our step-by-step troubleshooting guide to fix your Masterbuilt smoker Bluetooth problems.

You need to check your device’s configuration, check Wi-Fi, get the smoker out of  ‘monitor only’ mode, and when none of these steps work, contact customer service for help. 

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Masterbuilt Smoker Bluetooth Problems [4 Easy Steps]

In this section, we’ll take an in-depth look at the easy steps to solve the Masterbuilt smoker Bluetooth problem.

1. Check Your Device’s Specs

When you can’t connect to Masterbuilt smoker through your phone, this is the first thing to check. Your device needs to meet specific configurational requirements for this app to work. 

If you are an iOS user, iOS 11.0 or higher is required. You also need to use iPhone 6 or higher and it must support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Here you can download the Masterbuilt classic app from the apps store.   

Android users need a device with Android 6 or higher which also must support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Android users can download the app from Play Store.

In case your phone meets these prerequisites, you can move on to the next step. Otherwise, contact Masterbuilt customer service to get confirmation from them. Click here to get to their ‘Contact Us’ page.

2. Inspect Wi-Fi

Here are some tips to set up the Masterbuilt smoker Bluetooth app. 

  • Set up Wi-Fi on the grill using a 2.4GHz (not 5GHz) network with a good signal.
  • It’s not a good idea to create temporary hotspots.
  • Changes to the modem/router settings may result in the grill losing Wi-Fi connectivity, necessitating re-setup.

How To Connect Bluetooth Masterbuilt Smoker App To Your Smoker?

Step 1: Press the “Add New Masterbuilt Smoker” button. Plug your Masterbuilt Smoker into an available outlet and press the “ON/OFF” button to power it on.

The green power light will be lit and the display will be on. Press the “Continue” button.

Step 2: Again, hold down the SET TEMP button on your Masterbuilt smoker until you hear the long beep. Press the “Continue” button. If you wait too long to press the continue button you may have to repeat this step.

Step 3: Once your device has successfully paired with the smoker you will need to give it a nickname Click in the box and give your smoker a nickname. Press the “Continue” button.

Step 4: Your device is now paired with your new Masterbuilt smoker. Click on your smoker in the list and enjoy.

3. Remove ‘Monitor Only’ Mode

On the grill’s controller, the connection icon is blinking. When the grill lid is opened, mobile devices lose the ability to control the grill and are placed in “monitor only” mode until the lid is closed and the “connect” button is pressed to restore full functionality.

As a safety measure, you will need to press the connect button every time the lid is opened to receive mobile device control.

4. Contact Masterbuilt Customer Service

After you’ve tried out the above steps and your Bluetooth controller is still not working, your best next step is to contact the manufacturers.

There may be some additional things you could try to get the connection to work. But in case there is anything wrong with your smoker’s parts, they’ll help you out with that. 


How to reset a masterbuilt smoker?

You can use the reset functionality by pushing the clear button on the Masterbuilt panel for around 5 seconds in any instance when it is required. This will return your Masterbuilt unit to its factory settings.

Should I use a water pan in my electric smoker?

Water can be used to assist control the temperature of a smoker. The water in the pan helps to keep the surface of the meat from drying out by adding humidity to the smoke chamber.

How often should I add wood chips to my Masterbuilt electric smoker?

1 cup of wood chips will usually last 4 to 5 hours. Without opening the smoker door, continue to monitor your smoke levels. Every 4 hours or so, add a handful of wood chips till the cooking time is up.

Why does my masterbuilt 560 say open?

The cooker’s display would indicate “OPEN” even when it wasn’t turned on. Because the switch was not working properly, this error happened. The contact points inside the switch might get moist or blocked with grease or other debris, according to Masterbuilt, causing the problem.

Do you leave the vent open on an electric smoker?

It should be maintained open throughout the initial stages of preheating so that the maximum amount of oxygen can enter the smoker to act on the fuel. When the temperature rises, close the lower vent while leaving the top vent open.


Hopefully, you now know how to troubleshoot Masterbuilt smoker Bluetooth issues now. Enjoy the meat!

Leave us a comment below in case you have any questions. We’d love to help you out. 

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