5 Masterbuilt Smoker Error Codes [Easy Solutions]

There are only 5 Masterbuilt smoker error codes in total. Read our guide to know the easy fixes to these error codes. Our solution will also work for Masterbuilt 560 error codes which is by far the most popular smoker in the current market.

To give you a basic understanding, error code 1 indicates the temperature probe is not plugged in fully. Error code 2 means the meat probe is malfunctioning. Error code 3, 4, and 5 stand for overheated grill, charcoal not igniting, and meat probe temperature above 300° F respectively. 

5 Masterbuilt Smoker Error Codes [Easy Solutions]

In this section, we’ll take a deeper look at each error code and discuss their solutions. You can get your smoker running in no time by following our guidelines. However, if you are getting error codes too frequently, you should contact the Masterbuilt customer support team. Dial this toll-free number and you’ll get the help you need: 1-800-489-1581.

Masterbuilt Smoker Error Code 1

When the temperature probe isn’t fully plugged in, your smoker display will flash this error code. 

Solution 1: Check whether the connection is fully seated. Plus, learning how to use a meat probe in your Masterbuilt smoker precisely will help you to fix any issue when arises and get the exact internal temperature of your cooked meat .

Solution 2: After trying the first solution if the smoker is still not fixed, you can try-

  1. Unplug the controller
  2. Wait for at least 10 seconds
  3. Reconnect the controller

Hopefully, the display will stop flashing the error code and your smoker is back on track. 

Masterbuilt Smoker Error Code 2

When your smoker is displaying this error code, it means the meat probe is malfunctioning. The most probable reason is the connectors to the heating element disintegrated. Without fixing the meat probe, this error code can’t be removed.

Solution: Here’s how you fix this issue:

  1. Look at the back panel of your smoker.
  2. There are 6 screws and a thin rubber gasket that can be peeled off. You’ll find two insulated wires. 
  3. If they look charred and some pieces crumble away when touched, this is the problem.
  4. Clean off the paddle to the heating element with a small wire brush.
  5. Crimple on new paddle connectors and slip on some shrink-wrap that will cover the wires and extend down past the end of the paddle to cover the heating element contacts. 
  6. Heat the shrink-wrap with a mini-torch. Insulate and weatherproof the connections that way. 

If there’s nothing wrong with your wire connections, then we recommend you contact customer service to find out what the issue is. Masterbuilt is very good at fixing up issues even when your warranty is up. Their service is definitely top-notch. 

Masterbuilt Error Code 3

This error code indicates an over-heated grill. Figuring out the cause of overheating is important as this error could come back again if the underlying problem is left unchecked.

Solution: Follow these instructions to get rid of Err 3 and get your smoker running ASAP-

Turn off the grill.

Investigate the cause of overheating. Usually, it is caused by grease fire and smoker fan malfunction. If the issue is caused by a grease fire, try throwing in some baking soda to smother the fire. Baking soda will release carbon dioxide and the fire will be extinguished. 

You can also try spreading salt on your grill. Salt will absorb the heat. Then clean the smoker perfectly to make it for your next cook. Here you can learn how to clean a smoker after grease fire like a pro.

As for the fan not working, you could get an aftermarket fan to replace it. The problem may also be in the switch. Check the switch for signs of melting. It could be your switch that needs a replacement. After you’ve fixed the issue, turn the grill back on. Your smoker is good to go again.

Masterbuilt Smoker Error Code 4

The charcoal that is in your smoker has failed to ignite if this error code is flashing on your display.

Solution: Try doing these things to fix Masterbuilt 560 error code 4-

  1. Make sure that the shutdown slides are removed.
  2. Check to see if the hopper lid and the ash door are completely closed.
  3. Ensure that the charcoal isn’t empty.
  4. Old ash from previous use can block the charcoal grate. Make sure that isn’t the case. Just shake the grate to remove all the old charcoal ash. It will simply fall through
  5. Restart grill.

Masterbuilt Error Code 5

The meat probe temperature shouldn’t be too high. When the temperature exceeds 300° F, error code 5 is displayed. 

Solution: Here’s an easy fix to this error code:

  1. You need to remove the meat probe from the grill. Make sure to wear protective gloves or you’ll surely burn your hands.
  2. Unplug the meat probe from the controller.
  3. Let it cool down.
  4. Plug the meat probe back into the controller.
  5. Replace the meat probe on the grill.

There you have it! Your smoker should work as well as new.


How do I reset my Masterbuilt electric smoker?

Ans: There is a clear button on the Masterbuilt control panel. Press it for 5 seconds straight and that should reset your Masterbuilt electric smoker.

Why am I not getting smoke from my electric smoker?

If you aren’t getting enough smoke, check your heating element. If it’s working properly and the temperature is between 225-285° F, you should be getting smoke from wet wood chips.

Why does my smoker keep turning off?

This happens when the probe isn’t connected properly. Ensure a proper connection.

How open should vent be on electric smoker?

It is best to leave the vent fully open. By keeping the vent open completely while smoking your meat, you prevent creosote from building on your meat

What does the damper do on an electric smoker?

It maintains airflow. It allows oxygen to flow into the fire. Also, gases and smoke that’s produced leaves through the damper. When your smoker is in use, it is best to leave the damper open, at least part ways.


Now you know everything about how to get rid of Masterbuilt smoker error codes. Sometimes, your smoker might not be working because of a weak WiFi connection. Pointing the antenna towards the ground should fix the issue.

We’d love to answer any queries that you may have. Comment below for our help!

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