Modine Heater Fan Not Coming On [5 Easy Solutions]

If you switch on the garage heater a few times and notice that the heater fan is not working, then you are possibly in for a ride.

The Modine heater fan not coming on is often a result of a faulty motor, which honestly can be fixed with a small and quick motor repair or replacement.

Loose wiring and dirty fan are one of the major reasons why the Modine heater fan won’t work.

modine heater fan not coming on

But the best part is that solving these problems is easy and your heater fan will come back to life within a few minutes. So, go on reading to know more about the causes and how to fix the fan in detail!

Why Modine Heater Fan Not Coming On [5 Easy Solutions]

Here, we will discuss the issues why the Modine heater fan doesn’t work and their solution to ensure that your heater starts working perfectly once again.

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1. Faulty Motor

When you turn on the heater a few times and notice that the fan isn’t working, the first thing you should check is the Modine heater fan motor.

The reason behind this is that a faulty motor is the most common issue behind the Modine heater fan not working.

The faulty motor will not be able to securely pass the connection from the power source to the fan. This will create a gap in the circuit loop which will result in a failure, causing the fan to stop working.


Check out the fan motor properly and identify the fault. Once you identified the fault, you can simply repair the motor or replace it as needed.

However, since it is a delicate part of the system, we usually advise owners or users to seek professional help if they cannot fix it on their own. 

2. Loose Wiring

The next reason we will talk about is loose wiring in the heater. We all are aware of the importance of proper and secure wiring in a heater or any appliance, but there are often times when the wiring gets loose.

This loosening of the wire causes a disruption in the flow of electricity which prevents the Modine heater fan from working properly.


Well, you do not need much to fix this problem and it is free of cost as well. Check all the wires connected to the fan or its motor and make sure that there are no loose ends.

Identify the loose wire and connect it properly in its place to establish the proper electricity flow again.

Tip: Make sure to disconnect the heater from the power source before checking the wires or else there is a risk of an electric shock.

3. Dirty Fan Blades

Over time, the blades of the fan get dirty and stick due to the accumulation of dirt, debris, dust, and other impurities in the air.

This accumulation of dirt causes the blades to get sticky and stuck in place. Thus, the Modine heater fan doesn’t work even though the motor is powering the fan.


Turn off the main connection of the heater and open the fan. Take a cleaning solution and gently scrub the blades with a non-abrasive brush or sponge to get rid of all the dirt, debris, and so on.

Wipe the blades with a wet rag or towel to remove all the dirt and cleaning solution, and allow the blades to air dry.

However, make sure that the cleaning solution does not get into the motor of the fan, otherwise, there could be problems with the motor.

4. Disrupted Airflow

Now, here are basically two reasons that cause a disruption in the airflow of the Modine garage heater.

One is dirty air filters which are a result of dirt and dust accumulation and the other is furniture, boxes, etc. blocking the airflow of the heater. 

When the air filters get clogged due to dirt, dust, and so on, the connection between the fan and the filters cannot be established properly, which causes the fan to not work.

Similarly to that, the airflow blockage increases the temperature within the restricted space which sends a signal to the fan to stop working in order to keep the temperature under control. 


Clean the air filters regularly and scrub off all the dirt, debris, etc. out of the filter in order to ensure proper airflow. To ensure a clear flow of air from the heater, make sure that you remove any furniture that blocks the heater or its airflow. 

5. Thermostat Issue

There are often instances when the temperature of the room is higher compared to the temperature set on the thermostat. This difference in temperature causes the Modine heater fan to not work in order to meet the thermostat requirements.

Not only that, but a broken thermostat will also disrupt the function of the fan as it will not be able to ensure the temperature requirements. 


Regularly check the thermostat and make sure that there are no defects or faults. Adjust the thermostat settings accordingly to ensure that the temperature set on the thermostat matches the temperature inside the garage.  


How To Maintain A Modine Garage Heater Fan?

Clean the fan blades regularly, especially when the heater is being used more. Regularly check the wiring and the motor fan to identify defects and problems.

Can You Replace A Modine Heater Fan Motor At Home?

You can replace the Modine heater fan motor on your own if you have expertise in the area and access to the right tools. You can take help from the Modine heater manual as well. 

Do I Need To Replace The Fan Motor?

Replacement is necessary if the fan doesn’t work even after repairing the faulty motor. However, it is available at an affordable price and is easy to replace.

Can I Use A Modine Garage Heater At Home?

The Modine garage heater is not typically suitable for use inside our home. However, you can install it inside the home for big rooms with poor insulation. 


Now you know the solutions to each and every possible issue for which your Modine heater fan not coming on. So, whenever you find your heater is working but the fan isn’t, just find out the reasons and solve it on your own with the help of our guide.

If you have any more queries, feel free to leave a comment below. We will get back to you soon with possible solutions. 

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