Duraflame Heater Fan Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

Duraflame heater fan not working because of the heater’s cool-down cycle running, dirty filters, heater being unable to reach the set temperature, broken switch, bad fan motor, defective temperature gauge, and loose wiring.

To fix your heater’s non-working fan, first, try cleaning the dirty air filter. If it doesn’t work, then check if the fan motor is faulty or not. If the motor is faulty, replace it. Yet, if you find the issue is still, then continue reading the article to find out what to do next to fix your fan ASAP

Duraflame Heater Fan Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

In this section, we’ll break down different solutions to fix your Duraflame heater not blowing hot air issue. These solutions will apply to your heater if the reason behind the fan not working fits your specific situation. Try the relevant solutions and your heater will be blowing out hot hair in no time.

1. Bad Fan Motor

A bad fan motor could cause Duraflame infrared heater fan not working properly. 


You’ll need to call in a professional to fix the heater blower or install a new blower in place of the old one.

2. Dirty Filters

The filter can get clogged up to the point where no air can pass through it. It may seem the fan isn’t running but closer inspection will tell you that the fan is fine. But the dirt isn’t allowing hot air to be blown out.

When this happens, your heater will turn very hot. You’ll likely get the heater overheated error code. Shutting off the heater and restarting it won’t help as the hater will overheat again. 


You’ll need to clean the filter so hot air can pass. It is best practice to keep the filter clean as much as possible. Depending on the rate of dirt build-up in your household, cleaning the filter 2 to 3 times a year should be fine.

Turn off the heater and locate the filter. Make sure your filter has a plastic frame, which means it is reusable, before washing it with a garden hose. You don’t need any special cleaning products. The water is good enough. Before putting the filter back in, dry it out completely.

3. Heater Not Reaching Set Temperature

When the heater can’t reach the set temperature in the thermostat, it may stop blowing out hot air. One reason behind your heater being unable to warm up your house sufficiently is that the heater isn’t powerful enough.

If your room is too big for the heater, it will simply stop blowing out hot air when its maximum capacity is reached.


The first thing that you should try when this happens is to master reset your Duraflame infrared heater. Here’s the Duraflame master reset procedure explained step-by-step for you-

  • Turn off the heater and unplug it.
  • There’s a main power button on the unit. Hold it down while also replugging the unit simultaneously. You may need help doing this.
  • Don’t release the button until 5 seconds have passed after replugging the unit.
  • After releasing the button, turn the heater back on. You’ll know it worked if the display shows 72° F temperature before showing the ambient room temperature.

If you are still facing the same issue, this may mean your heater is too small for your house. You can use it as a secondary heating source and get another primary heating system. Your thermostat can also be the culprit here. Make sure it is wired properly and not broken.

4. Broken Switch

A broken blower switch can be behind your fan heater not blowing hot air. Check to see if the switch has melted at any spot or not.


Replace the switch if your blower fan model’s switch replacement is available in the market.

5. Cool-Down Cycle

This is a normal function of your heater. When the cool-down cycle is running your heater will blow out cold air instead of hot. It can continue for up to several minutes depending on the temperature setting. This function protects your unit from overheating and adds years to your heater.


There isn’t an issue here to solve. Your fan will go back to working as usual after the cool-down cycle is over. All you need to do is wait.

6. Defective Temperature Gauge

The temperature gauge displays the heater’s internal temperature. When there’s something wrong with it, you’ll get the wrong temperature reading. This could be causing your blower to malfunction.


To fix a defective temperature gauge, you may need to replace the heater thermostat or temperature sensor. Call in a licensed electrician to have a look if you aren’t confident working with electrical appliances. This process can be complex. It’s much better to stay safe than sorry.

7. Loose Wiring

If the wiring to your blower is loose, that will cause issues with the fan.


Remove the furnace cover and take a look inside. Check the wire connections to the blower. Tighten everything up if needed. Close the cover back up.


Do infrared heaters need fans?

Typically, an infrared heater is not supposed to have fans as they transmit heat through infrared radiation. But some models do have them.

What does E3 mean on the Duraflame heater?

Your heater flashes this error code when it needs to be manually reset. We’ve already discussed how to reset a Duraflame heater in the “Reason 3: Heater Not Reaching Set Temperature” section.

Why does my electric heater keep shutting off?

Your electric fireplace may be shutting off due to-

  • The heater overheating
  • A defective thermostat
  • Blown fuse
  • Dirt build-up in the heating element

For a solution, you can read how to troubleshoot your heater shutting off repeatedly

Do fan heaters turn off automatically?

Yes, most heater fans will turn off and on cyclicly as they have thermostatic control. Once the room reaches the desired temperature set on the thermostat, the fan will turn off automatically. It’ll restart once the room’s temperature drops again or a higher temperature is set on the thermostat.

Why does the heater make my nose stuffy?

Your heater can produce heat but not humidity. This dry hot air damages your mucosal membranes by entering your sinuses. When this happens, bacteria can easily colonize your sinuses and make your nose stuffy. 


Now that you know all you need to about troubleshooting a Duraflame heater fan not working, hopefully, your heater fan is fixed in no time.

Enjoy warm air all winter! If you have any questions, we’d love to help you out. Comment below and we’ll get back to you soon.

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