Why Mr Buddy Heater Knob Won’t Turn [Solved]

Mr Buddy heater knob won’t turn? Initiate by rotating your valve counterclockwise. This should do the trick.

Then to make it off, begin twisting it in a clockwise motion. Finally, if the knob is still stuck, you may try sliding it counterclockwise one more time. 

The valve should now be open, and your knob should no longer be stuck. Otherwise, there may be several causes, including ignition issues, Jammed pilot systems, insects in the pilot, adjustment issues in the knob, etc. 

This article is written to help you troubleshoot your buddy heater when it turns off. Here are some common Mr Heater problems, their causes, and solutions for fixing them:

Why Mr Buddy Heater Knob Won’t Turn [Reasons + Solutions ]

Our unawareness sometimes creates problems. If we know the causes, we can solve them whenever the buddy heater knob stops turning on. Here are the most common problems and their solution that you are likely to face when using your Mr Heater:

1. Ignition Issue

Mr Buddy heater knob is not turning because the ignitor’s electrode is incorrectly positioned. Sometimes the ignitor’s electrode gets disconnected from the ignitor.

Check the ignitor cable. May it has been pinched or damp. There are some cases where the ignitor cable is broken. Last but not least, low battery power may lead you to the ignition problem.


Repositioning the electrode may fix your buddy heater igniter problem. Therefore:

  • Replace the electrode.
  • Reattach the ignitor cord. 
  • If any metal or tubing constricts the ignitor cable, it must be freed. 
  • Maintain the ignitor cable’s dryness. 
  • Replace the ignition cable. 
  • The control valve should be replaced.
  • The battery should be replaced.

2. Jammed Pilot System

Turn off the gas supply or close the equipment shutdown valve. While pushing the ignition button, the control knob is not completely pushed because of a jammed pilot system. When the gas line is fitted, there is air in it.

Whether the control knob is not in the pilot position or the pilot flame is not in contact with the thermocouple, allowing the thermocouple to cool and extinguish the pilot flame. All may cause your Mr Buddy heater knob won’t turn.


Turn on the gas supply. Close or switch off the equipment cutoff valve. While pushing the ignition button, fully engage the control knob.

Maintain your grip on the control knob. Repeat the igniting process until all of the air has been evacuated. The pilot/clean ODS gas regulator should be replaced. Set the control knob to the pilot position.

3. Insects In The Knob

It is one of the many reasons we overlook. Sometimes your heater knob may get clogged if something like a spider or cockroach gets stuck in there.

Neither you can use oil nor any liquids because it will damage the seals. Then what should you do? How will you get rid of that spider? Let’s check it out below.


If the spider or cockroach creates problems with your heater knob, you have to call a technician and replace the parts. It’s the safest and inexpensive solution as it will cost you only 15 dollars.

4. Adjustment Issue In The Knob

It may sound silly, but it’s a frequent reason the heater knob doesn’t get turned. It won’t get started if the knob is in the off position.

It’s a tiny little thing that we miss sometimes. Heater knobs are usually designed as an ‘On-pilot-off’ position. It swirls counterclockwise to the pilot position. 


Before starting the heater, make sure it is in the on position. Don’t attempt to force the knob after using it. And don’t do experiments with the gas line.

5. Dirt In The Knob 

If you don’t use your heater knob for a long while, it gets jammed—the accumulation of dirt and dust cause it to clog.

If you do something with the mechanism, it may create more problems. So, how to clean a knob? Let’s take a look. 


Pull the knob out and clean. If possible, use some liquid. You can spray WD-40 all over it to clean the rust. While cleaning, grab it by the pillars and remove the peg when it loosens up.

6. Trapped Gas

Turn off the tank first if you’re using the heater with a 20lb propane tank and extra hoses. And run the heater until all fuel in the line is burned. If the heater knob is merely turned off, 100 PSI of propane will be trapped in the auxiliary hose.

When high-pressure propane is allowed to dwell in a rubber tube for an extended period, it will chemically react with the rubber, releasing a light oil. 

Oil will accumulate and quickly push into the heater, clogging both the regulator and the control valve.


Yes, the gas may get trapped. As a result, the valve lines become clogged, preventing it from spinning. To get rid of this problem, heat it a little, let the gas/oil/fuel out, and examine the lines. 

A gas line filter is also a must-have. If you forget to follow the measures above, this will catch oily residue and protect the heater’s combustion components. 


How long does a buddy heater run?

A: It should last up to 7 hours on a low setting. It should last around 5.6 hours, according to the manufacturer. If you use an adjustable model, the 1lb propane tank can last for about 3 hours on high. 

Can I light a buddy heater with a lighter?

A: Yes, you can. Turn the Buddy Heater on the pilot, hold the valve button-down, and ignite the pilot with a stick lighter. You don’t have to use the piezo lighter because it’s too noisy. 

Why does my buddy heater shut off?

A: The pilot can go out and shut down the propane heater if the thermocouple is too far away from the flame. You can correct this by repositioning the thermocouple closer to the blaze. 

If your propane heater ignites but does not light, it is possible that the gas cylinder supplying it is empty or that the gas has been turned off. 

Why does my heater make a whistling noise?

A: The pilot gas tube is at the bottom of the heater. As a result, any oil that gets past the filter migrates to the orifice and is forced through, creating a whistling gurgling noise. Check to see if the TANK is still in place. 

Can I run a Mr Buddy heater indoors?

It’s vital to remember that Buddy Heaters should only be used in conjunction with sufficient ventilation and a carbon monoxide detector. 

Although Buddy Heaters are advertised as “indoor-safe,” they should not be used without adequate ventilation and a functioning alarm. 

Can I use the Mr. Buddy heater in the garage?

Mr. Heater is a portable garage heater used in enclosed spaces like garages and workshops. Other places like storage buildings, barns, sheds, construction sites, and tents are also safe. 

It works best indoors rather than outside, and it must be maintained away from flammable or combustible things. 


One of the main things of Mr Buddy Heater is its maintenance. If you take care of it, at least keep an eye, it won’t stop working. But still, if your Mr Buddy Heater Knob won’t turn, we hope you’ll approach the way we suggested. If you’re going through different problems we didn’t touch, let us know in our comment box.

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  1. Dial wasn’t working properly for some reason wouldn’t light on low as usually does. After lit on medium heat surprised it actually lit on that setting…turned it back to lie but was barely working acting like it was going out lower than normal low. Put back on medium heat. It will not turn back to low after that. Completely stuck the wrong direction an cannot light at all.

    Almost acts like the dial moved out of place but been stored carefully an not had a problem till now.


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