Mr Heater Buddy Not Getting Propane [Reasons+ Solutions]

When your Mr Heater Buddy is not getting propane, we bet either the thermocouple is defective or the heater gas valve is clogged.

Because a faulty thermocouple fails to signal the gas valve to stay open. And your heater won’t receive enough gas supply to stay lit.

mr heater buddy not getting propane

So, clean the thermocouple and the gas valve to ensure your Mr. Heater’s gas supply and keep it working fine.

But, when this cleaning effort won’t work, then be sure one of the following factors is the culprit:

  • Incorrect installation.
  • Wrong tank connection.
  • A malfunctioning sensor.
  • And dirty pilot tube.

Whatever the reason, keep on reading our ultimate guide to find out the villain behind why your Mr Heater Buddy is not receiving propane and how to fix it by yourself. 

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Mr Heater Buddy Not Getting Propane [7 Easy Solutions]

In this part, we will explore the most common reasons why your Mr. Heater buddy is not getting propane and show you the solutions to each problem.

This troubleshooting guide will help you get your heater updated and running again. So, let’s get started!

Note: You can also read our guide on why Mr heater won’t stay lit and how to fix it.

1. Faulty Installation

A faulty installation is a primary reason for your Mr. Heater not receiving propane properly.

faulty installation

You can’t expect optimal performance from your Buddy Heater without installing the heater’s cylinder, hose, and filter in the right position.


Faultless installation is the key to getting the best performance from your heater. The heater must expose to flammable liquids during lighting.

installation diagram

Let’s follow the below steps to set up the heater perfectly.

  • Ensure complete combustion and enough fresh air supply to the room or place where it is installed.
  • Set it to the ground level so that the cylinder consumes adequate oxygen.
  • Install the heater and the cylinder in an upright position while operating. Keep the gas control knob in the pilot position.
  • Screw all the hoses or fuel connectors at the end of the hose into the LP gas tank valve. Recheck all hose connections for leaks with soapy water.
  • Screw the regulator and LP gas supply cylinder together. Then, if you aren’t good at installing your heater properly, you can call a qualified plumber to install your heater. 
  • Once you install the heater properly, but if your heater doesn’t get the propane, there might be issues with an inefficient tank.

2. Empty Or Inefficient Tank

An empty tank is one of the major causes for not having propane in your Mr Heater. Because a heater’s performance can’t be imagined without a tank of fuel. 

empty or inefficient tank

In this case, a faulty tank connection doesn’t permit a proper supply of propane to the heater.

Plus, your Buddy heater may have a spark but won’t light if the gas remains empty or insufficient.


Before exploring any other reason, check out if you have a run short of LP  to run the heater smoothly. Oversure fuel efficiency.

Because, without having a proper fuel source, the heater will shut down automatically.

As this is simple to fix, to avoid such a crisis, refill or change a portable propane tank immediately.

Then check for gas leakage. If the gas goes out continuously, the heater will run short of enough fuel.

So, check to be sure, the tank connection is secure to supply the propane. If you find any clogging with the gas valve,  clean it using a needle.

Finally, inspect whether your heater is getting propane randomly.

3. Clogged Gas Flow Valve

The gas valve clogging is the next reason that doesn’t permit the flow valve to supply propane.

clogged gas flow valve

The flow valve is located just before the pilot light, which measures the flow of propane or natural gas to run the heater. 

Therefore, it is essential to set the valve up correctly for enough propane or gas flow, depending on your device.

However, this portion may sometimes become clogged up with the passage of time.

On the other hand, the pilot will light, but the flame goes out even when releases the control knob. This may happen if:

  • The gas supply turned off or the shut-off valve closed.
  • Air in the gas line when installed.
  • The control knob is not fully pressed when pressing.
  • The regulator setting isn’t correct.


For safety first, switch off the flow of the fuel. Then you should carefully remove the valve and clean it up with compressed air or a needle/pin. If needed, you can replace the valve once for longevity.

Second, turn on the flow valves fully. Next, turn on the control knob to the pilot position. Then, hold and press the control knob for ignition operation until entrapped air is removed.

Finally, even if needed, replace the gas regulator to fix the problem. Even after following the tips if the problem isn’t fixed, be sure that the thermocouple has been defective.

4. Malfunctioning Thermocouple

A thermocouple plays a vital role in getting propane properly to Mr. Buddy Heater. It also works as a heat-sensitive safety device to protect the gas leakage.

malfunctioning thermocouple

When Mr. Heater’s thermocouple is heating up, it sends a signal to keep the gas valve open. But, if the thermocouple is bad or displaced, it can’t detect the heat from the flame.

As a result, it cuts off the fuel supply for safety precautions and prevents gas leakage. Sometimes, the thermocouple may have a buildup of carbon which prevents it from working efficiently.


  • First, check out the thermos for building up any carbon. If so, to allow your thermocouple to keep well, use sandpaper to remove the carbon buildup from the thermocouple’s tip.
  • If the heater’s thermocouple is displaced or defective, shut down your heater and let it cool down completely. 
  • Place it in its original position as if a little closer to the flame. If you don’t get your issues fixed because of the worn-out of your thermos, replace the thermocouple to upgrade your Mr. Heater.

5. Clogged With Residuals

Your Buddy heater won’t supply propane if there’s a residual problem with the regulator. The regulator and the control valve of your heater may get clogged because of the high PSI from the propane tank.

 clogged regulator

If any parts of it get clogged anyway, the heater won’t get propane sufficiently. Besides, when heated vapors from polish, wax, and carpet cleaners turn into white powder residuals, they hinder the propane supply line.

And then the heater won’t receive propane to run as usual. Here are the simple solutions to fix the issue.


To unclog the valve and the regulator, turn off the power supply of the tank and allow the fuel to burn completely. If the tip doesn’t work, use an extra gas line filter to prevent this clogging. 

After every 2-3 uses, clear out the clogged residuals. You can watch the below video on how to unclog your heater’s fuel line.

6. Issued With Pilot & Sensor

A dirty sensor and a pilot light are the next reasons behind the propane issue for Mr. Heater. A sensor is a small device attached to a heater that acts as a safety feature.

pilot light issue

It cuts out the fuel supply and kills the flame if it can detect any issue with the heater. Particularly, the sensor reacts if it gets the lowest or highest flame, which means you should clear out the sensor.

flame issue

Besides, Mr. Heater’s pilot light should be fit for the best performance. Unfortunately, the pilot light won’t light if it doesn’t get propane because of getting dirty or moving its position.

If the pilot looks orange, it means that it has become weak. Whatever the reason, you can solve the issue by following the below tips.


  • If the heater fails to get a (fuel) propane supply and the pilot light of Mr heater won’t light, then you need to try cleaning the sensor with sandpaper and rub off any excess of carbon that may clog the sensor in course of time.
  • After clearing out the sensor, you will notice the flame covers half of the sensor. If you can’t make the sensor active again, replace it ASAP.
  • Make sure that the pilot light position hasn’t changed at all. If displaced, replace it in the right position.
  • Next, try to clear out with rubbing alcohol if there is any dirt and debris on it.
  • After all, you might seek the solution to why the pilot light didn’t get propane. Here is a tutorial video on how to fix the problem of having no propane for the pilot.
  • Hopefully, you won’t face the propane issues with your Mr Heater.

7. Leakage With Hose

If there is no problem with the flow valve, regulator, sensor, or thermocouple performance, then the issue lies with the leakage into the hose or burner of the heater.

leakage with hose

If you are using a hose to connect a tank, the propane may get stuck in some parts of the hose that clog the fuel supply line.

Leaking hoses show the chemical reaction between the rubber and gas (fuel). As a result, it produces an oily residue and jumps the fuel supply line.

Again, if your heater’s hose doesn’t adjust with your propane supplier, you will smell a gassy odor around the heater during combustion.

And this unexpected fact may occur if the control release valve becomes defective.


  • Before turning on your heater, make sure the hose is all the way into the tank or heater.
  • Recheck any leakage with soapy water to the hose connections. If you find any leaks, correct them all.
  • Keep a slight distance from the heater and see if the fuel comes out of the hose. To solve the problem, you have to replace the hose with a new one that includes a pressure-minimizing regulator. The steps will help you inspect whether the problem is your heater.
  • If it is urgent, use a small canister of propane. Make sure, the propane is not coming out of the hose. Finally, you must change the hose if it is damaged.

Maintenance Of The Mr. Heater Buddy

Periodic cleaning and proper maintenance keep your heater in working order season after season. Therefore, follow some of the below effective maintenance tips to keep your heater healthy:

mr heater buddy
  • Try to keep your heater area clear of any combustible materials, gassy liquids, or other flammable vapors.
  • You should set your heater in a comfortable zone.
  • The pilot’s light should be blue. If it shows yellow, it may be repaired.
  • Periodically check the burner orifice if it gets clogged by bird nests or spider webs.
  • Remove the cylinder or gas supply after completing your task.
  • To clean it both externally and internally, avoid using abrasive materials.
  • Even in the off-season, turn off the propane or LP gas for a considerable period. Now, take timely maintenance and enjoy the excellency of your Mr Heater for a long time. 


What are the common problems with Mr. Heater?

The most common problems with Mr. Heater Buddy include pilot light malfunction, clogged regulator, busted thermocouple, restricted control valve, noisy, leaking hoses, fuel inefficiency, and so on.

What are the signs of a defective thermocouple?

There are the symptoms of a faulty thermocouple, such as the pilot light won’t stay on consistently as it cannot send the release of gas pressure. Besides, the discoloration of the pilot flame also indicates the thermocouple has been damaged.

Why does my Mr. Little Buddy turn off?

Your little Buddy has an oxygen depletion sensor, which means a safety shutoff system. The pilot will remain shut off if there is no fresh air supply. Install it in the right place to turn it on.

Can I use the little Buddy Heater for indoor and outdoor purposes?

Yes. You can use your portable Little Buddy Heater both indoors and outdoors. Place your heater in a comfortable place where it can get enough airflow.

How many areas can Mr. Heater heat up?

Mr. Heater heats 225 square feet, which is enough for a large wall or campaigning tent. So, it is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.


Now, all the reasons are clear to you why Mr. Heater Buddy is not getting propane and how you can solve this problem. Because we have already explored all the most common reasons and told you their simple solutions.

Hopefully, you won’t face any more propane supply issues with your Mr. Heater. So, enjoy your water heater’s better performance and feel more comfortable than before. 

Yet, if you have any more questions to know about the propane issue, don’t hesitate to leave a comment for us. We will reach out to you ASAP.

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