Mr Heater Buddy Not Getting Propane [Reasons+ Solutions]

While operating, you may notice that your Mr Heater Buddy not getting propane properly. This mainly happens  due to any of the following reasons:

  • Empty propane tank
  • Insufficient gas pressure
  • Clogged gas valve/regulator
  • Leakage in the gas hose
  • Dirty pilot tube

When there is an interrupted flow of propane to the heater, first inspect the fuel tank to verify the propane amount. Also, check for obstruction in the gas hose, regulator, or control valve. Clean the clogged parts. You may need to clean the pilot tube as well to let your heater receive gas flow freely. 

mr heater buddy not getting propane

Let’s deep dive into your comprehensive guide to identify the root reasons behind this issue and the effective steps to fix them.

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Mr Heater Buddy Not Getting Propane [Reasons+ Solutions]

In this part, you will come to know the details of why your Mr. Heater isn’t receiving propane and how to troubleshoot the issues. Hope this guide will help you to run your heater again. So, let’s get started!

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1. Empty/Inefficient Tank

An empty tank is one of the major culprits if your Mr. Buddy portable heater is not getting propane as it should. It is most likely a common phenomenon to the users that they are noticing a spark but the pilot fails to light. Plus, at times, the heater shuts down automatically.

empty or inefficient tank

All those terms are related to a weak propane supply to your heater.  The best chances are there is not sufficient fuel in the tank or empty at all. Besides this, a faulty tank connection also doesn’t permit a proper supply of propane to the heater.


Before exploring any other reason, check out whether you have a run short of LP to run the heater smoothly. If this occurs, it is simple to fix. 

Inspect your propane and refill it to an adequate amount. Or, you would change the tank immediately to ensure an adequate gas supply.  Also, check to be sure, the tank connection is secure to supply the propane.

After installing a new propane tank, wait for 45-60 seconds. And then press down the Redstart valve. This trick will help your heater gas supply to reach the pilot tube.

If the above efforts don’t work, then be sure there is a problem with the gas pressure. Proceed to the below section to get the details. 

2. Inadequate Gas Pressure

You have refilled or replaced your gas tank but still, the unit is not getting propane. Relax!! We bet low or insufficient gas pressure is the next culprit to blame for this issue.

When there will be insufficient or too low gas pressure to your heater, you will expect a tiny amount of gas is flowing to your unit which certainly isn’t enough to light the pilot.

This mainly occurs when there is a restriction in the gas regulator. Here the regulator may be clogged by dirt and dust. You will find a built-in gas regulator in your heater attached to the tank that is used to control the gas flow to your Mr. Heater. 

When the regulator gets clogged, it fails to pass through the gas to the heater as it needs. Due to this, you can even fail to light the burner of your heater as well. 


In this troubleshooting step, you need to inspect and clean out the gas regulator. Don’t get in trouble if you are new to this! Here are some pro tips to apply to clean the regulator of your propane tank:

  • First off, shut off the valve on your propane tank and disconnect the regulator and hose from the connection.
  • To clean the regulator, you can dip it into soapy water for some time. This will quickly dissolve the stuck deposits and debris from the regulator.
  • Now take a brush and scrub it all the way. 
  • When done, let it dry and reattach it. 

After cleaning, you need to reset the regulator. If the overall process doesn’t bring you luck, chances are you have a faulty regulator that needs replacement. 

Call a professional to inspect the regulator and replace it if needed.  

3. Clogged Gas Flow Restrictor Valve Regulator Issues

When you inspect the gas assembly, you will find a small gas flow restrictor valve just before the pilot light. It mainly controls the gas flow pressure to your heater. 

mr heater clogged gas regulator

But this will effectively work only if it is set correctly. A wrong adjustment will cause a great reduction in the gas flow to the heater.

Apart from this, this portion may sometimes become clogged up over time by dirt and debris. When this happens,  the pilot will light, but the flame goes out. The simple solution is cleaning the valve to ensure fluent gas flow to the heater. 


For safety first, switch off the flow of the fuel. Then you should carefully remove the valve and clean it up with compressed air or a needle/pin. 

After cleaning, turn on the flow valves fully. If you find it defective, we recommend you replace it ASAP.

4. Leakage In The Gas Hose

If there is no problem with the flow valve supply & regulator, I bet you have a leakage in the gas hose that you are using to connect the heater to the tank. 

mr heater leakage with hose

If so, you will smell a gassy odor around the heater when you are turning on the gas. When this happens, we recommend you shut off the gas right then as it can be dangerous and life-threatening. Inspect the gas hose and other connections for leakage. 


You can check the leakage using the soapy water method. Take soapy water in a spray bottle and spray it over the entire hose assembly. Also, apply it to the tank’s valve and regulator.

If you find bubbles where you put the water, be sure there is a leak. Replace the defective hose as soon as you can. If you find it difficult, you can call a professional one for your assistance. 

5. Pilot Tube Issue

When your heater isn’t receiving proper gas, even after fixing the gas pressure issue, be sure the problem lies inside the heater. It would be the pilot tube that has been clogged.

mr heater pilot light issue

Typically, unlike other propane heaters, Mr. Buddy has a built-in pilot tube that provides a small flame, needed to light the gas coming out of the main burner. But after long use, it is also blocked by dirt or insect-like spiders that make nets around the area.

At times, the pilot tube bents or moves from its position which also prevents the easy functioning of this device.

mr heater flame issue

However, there is an effective way to check out the functionality of the pilot tube. For instance, take a look at your heater’s pilot flame through a  small viewing window. 

If the pilot looks orange or it flicks, signs you that the pilot tube is dirty or at fault. 


Turn off your heater and remove the front access panel to access the pilot tube. Locate the pilot tube and unscrew it from the connection for better cleaning.

Take compressed air and blow out the dirt from the tube. Then, use a needle to dislodge the stuck debris from it, 

If needed,  you can take sandpaper and rub the tube softly with it. While doing so, make sure you aren’t giving excessive pressure that would bend it. 

When done, reattach the tube to its position. Reassemble the heater and turn on the gas. Your heater should get propane now. 

How To Maintain Your Mr Heater Buddy

Periodic cleaning and proper maintenance keep your heater in working order season after season. Therefore, follow the below effective maintenance tips to keep your heater healthy:

maintenance of the Mr. heater buddy
  • Try to keep your heater area clear of any combustible materials, gassy liquids, or other flammable vapors. For instance, you should set your heater in a comfortable zone. 
  • Always inspect the pilot’s light to check its condition. It should be blue. 
  • Periodically check the burner orifice as well. If it gets clogged by bird nests or spider webs, clean it.
  • While cleaning, make sure you are not damaging any parts. Also, avoid using abrasive materials to clean the heater elements. 
  • Always try to shut off the gas supply or remove the cylinder completing your task.
  • Even in the off-season, turn off the propane or LP gas for a considerable period. 

So, take timely maintenance and enjoy the excellency of your Mr. Heater for a long time. 


What are the common problems with Mr. Heater?

The most common problems with Mr. Heater Buddy include pilot light malfunction, clogged regulator, busted thermocouple, restricted control valve, noisy, leaking hoses, fuel inefficiency, and so on.

Why does my Mr. Buddy Heater turn off?

Your buddy heater remains shut off due to a bad thermopile, a defective thermocouple, and a dirty pilot tube. Plus, an empty fuel tank or insufficient gas pressure is also responsible for the hits.

What is the sign of a defective thermocouple?

When you notice there is a discoloration flame and the pilot light won’t stay lit means that the thermocouple has been damaged.

Can I use the little Buddy Heater for indoor and outdoor purposes?

Yes. You can use your portable Little Buddy Heater both indoors and outdoors. Place your heater in a comfortable place where it can get enough airflow.

How many areas can Mr. Heater heat up?

Mr. Heater heats 225 square feet, which is enough for a large wall or campaigning tent. So, it is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.


Now, all the reasons are clear to you why Mr. Heater Buddy is not getting propane and how you can solve this problem. Because we have already explored all the causes and provided their simple solutions.

Hopefully, you won’t face any more propane supply issues with your Mr. Heater. So, enjoy your water heater’s better performance and feel more comfortable than before. 

Yet, if you have any more questions to know about the propane issue, don’t hesitate to leave a comment for us. We will reach out to you ASAP.

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